Black Bullet Episode 6&7- Kamijou Touma Edition: YOU’RE NOT LIVING YOUR LIFE CORRECTLY

Huh, look at that. A happy ending to an arc when just a few episodes ago Rentaro mercy killed a little girl. I just knew that bespectacled son of a bitch would do something evil, they always do. I was going to post this thing early in the morning but then I got dragged to a parad for Memorial Day. See? I have an excuse

Either way, we got singular episode reviews coming so stay tuned. So for now, Black Bullets Episode 6-7 with more loli abuse


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Things get complicated when Tina begins to appreciate Rentaro’s hospitality. Both are unsuspecting enemies of eachother as the sniper from the events before was her and he was the guy who stopped her assassination attempt. Tina leaves after Rentaro treats her for food and she is given the order to eliminate Kisara. Speaking of the devil, Kisara is having yet another quarrel with Miori. Why one would ever be nuisance to an arms benefactor is beyond me. Miori pulls Rentaro in and informs him that the bullet that Enju deflected last night was from an absurdly skilled sniper and warns him that the enemy’s skill level is beyond the royal guard.

Black Bullet- Doc

We get an idea of Rentaro’s power level when Muroto gives background on the project that made Rentaro. Since Hiruko was the product of one of the 4 prodigous researchers, Rentaro is pretty high up in the ladder when it concerns his ability. On the other side of town, Tina tracks down Kisara and the two have a brief struggle before Tina starts strangling Kisara and Rentaro flies in. The two have a sad staredown before Kisara breaks the floor and Tina escapes.

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Other than an attempted seduction attempt, Kisara predicts that another attack is certain and hopes that Rentaro and Enju will be successful. Kisara’s worries prove right when Seitenshi is put into danger once again in another escorting mission. Rentaro and Enju are able to safely get her car into a garage and Enju runs off to beat up Tina (who is a few good miles away on a large building mind you). Seitenshi knows the name Tina Sprout and says that she’s ranked 97 and Enju will be in serious condition if she plans on taking her alone. Rentaro calls her cellphone but it’s Tina that answers.

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Enju is hospitalized for an estimated 2 days and Seitenshi has one more meeting planned the very next day so Rentaro is left alone. He plans on taking her alone. Rentaro calls for a different route for Seitenshi to take to her meeting while he go confronts Tina. Between 3 buildings, 3 remote drones, and 5 unmanned rifles, Rentaro is able to climb his way up the building to find Tina and take her head on. Rentaro is seemingly beaten when Tina overpowers him but one of the equipment that malfunctioned for Rentaro is activated and blinds Tina. Rentaro goes in for the 1-2 combo to the ribs and punches Tina hard enough to get them down at least 5 floors down. Tina is spared however, and as Rentaro brings her out the scumbag guard from before shoots her. Before anything gets messy, Seitenshi walks in and gives Rentaro a massive amount of authority by ranking him up the social ladder.

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All is well as the scumbag is fired and Tina is turned in for interrogation. But it turns out that Kisara hired her into her wing and we finally get a happy ending to an arc.

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