Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders Episode 8- The Cursed Doll on the Bedstand

We trudge along with no skipping thus far. I’m noticing that the subs I use are callign the characters by their english-changed names. They changed the names of Imposter Captain Tenille to Dragon and Devo the Cursed to Soul Sacrifice. I’m never the one to complain about subs since they legit say the names of the characters in the show but if anything, know that the names like Dragon and Soul Sacrifice are just copyright-safe names.

It was an extremely straightfoward episode. Nothing wrong with that though. Polnareff gets the spin on the fight wheel.

Our crew arrive safely at Singapore where they stay at a nice hotel. Since our Crusaders are at an odd number of people, Polnareff is given a room for himself. The Runaway girl is still hanging around but she’s given her own room. Polnareff enters his room and checks every corner for any suspicious activity. As he approaches the balcony, Polnareff calls out the enemy who was hiding inside the fridge, who also forgot to put back all the contents of said fridge elsewhere. Enter Devo the Cursed, who reveals his Stand as Ebony Devil. Before any explanations can take place though, Silver Chariot slices up Devo pretty good.

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Devo falls but immediately gets back up and taunts Polnareff that his grudge will now activate. Devo falls off the balcony and the fight seems to be over. Polnareff suddenly gets his leg cut upon and realizes that the Stand is still active. He calls Joseph and informs the rest that they should meet up so they can counter Devo’s attack. Polnareff orders room service to bandage his leg first. In the other room, Avdol is baffled to hear that Devo is the one that’s after them. Apparently, even before his service to DIO, Devo was a famous hitman who was frequently hired by criminals alike. Jotaro and Kakyoin head down to Joseph’s room as well.

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Polnareff prepares to leave the room and tries to find his room key before heading out. He finds it under the bed and then he hears foot steps. A power chord is throw across his body beneath the bed and Polnareff finds himself tied onto the bottom and is sprayed with shampoo over his eyes. The room service man is brutally killed and Polnareff sees that the strange doll that was on his bedstand is Ebony Devil. Polnareff attempts to retaliate with Silver Chariot but is unable to see what’s happening above the bed.

JJBA Stardust Crusaders- Pol vs Devil

Polnareff has no choice but to keep Ebony Devil busy with his blind sword swipes as if he stop, Ebony Devil can stab him through the bed. It’s harder than it seems as Ebony Devil can still inflict damage to Silver Chariot’s weaker sections of the armor (basically anywhere that isn’t the chest). Ebony Devil gets hit during the onslaught but decides to finish Polnareff off by spraying the cans of beer all over the room. He pulls out a short-circuiting hair dryer with a lighter and prepares to burn Polnareff alive.

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However, during the blind sword slashing, Polnareff had planned to break the mirror in the room to see what’s happening above the bed. With a precise pierce, Ebony Devil is stabbed and then torn apart by Silver Chariot. Devo the Cursed, who was hiding in one of the bathroom stalls is found dead by an employee.

Polnareff makes way to Joseph’s room where they are unaware that Polnareff has defeated Devo. Polnareff is charged with murder of two people but the Speedwagon Foundation apparently has enough influence to sway the police. Joseph decides to investigate what DIO is up to and uses Purple Hermit on the T.V. Instead of getting a picture, the T.V instead forms a sentence out of the jumbled words from different channels. The words however give something unsettling as apparently, Kakyoin is a traitor.

Straight fighting episode. We’ll see more of this as the fights get more strange. It’s good to see the other Crusaders getting their fights in. The next episode preview should already tell you that it’s all about Jotaro vs the “traitor” Kakyoin though. One of my favorite Stand fights of Part 3 is approximately 2 weeks as well. I noticed that they couldn’t get Doraemon or Marlon Brando on the spirit audio T.V thing. Oh well, copyrights are stronger than ever these days.

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