Nisekoi Episode 18&19- Swapping Focus

So if the school swimsuit episode didn’t do enough for you, we get ourselves a full beach episode with more revealing swimsuits. Even in the absence of my internet, it seems I haven’t missed too much regarding Nisekoi in both anime and manga. If anything, the lock is still relevant again but like hell it’s going to stop anytime soon. Other than the beach episode, they actually got to the arc I was thinking they wouldn’t get to. The ending for the anime series basically steps into the bounds where a character outlook changes so if anything, I said too much already.

I’m surprised is all. I don’t have the manga to anime chapter-episode match up at the moment but I damn well remember this part being later. Oh well.

Let’s just cover this.

Gifs are down at the bottom for those who were looking for them

Shu being the best friend of all friends had a friend bail on a trip to the beach. So by inviting the chick magnet, he gets to see a very nice line up of girls for absolutely free. I have a hard time summarizing beach antics because they’re just the usual suntan, jealousy, the perv being abused, and the usual get go.

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Something actually happens when Onodera and Raku stare at the horizon and Onodera finally leads the conversation to where she needs to. Onodera happens to blurt out “the line to end the series” but Raku turns out to be dozing off for the good portion of the conversation where Onodera was too embarassed to hear anything. Chitoge hears this as well but can’t respond to it. Chitoge is distressed by her reaction (or lack thereof) and talks to Onodera about how her “friend’s friend” is reacting to a particular guy. It doesn’t take an expert to know that Chitoge is seriously falling for Raku now.

Distress not pictured
Distress not pictured

Chitoge’s distress is apparent for even Raku with a 20 meter thick skull notices and decides to have her open up. Since he’s the culprit for her emotions, she doesn’t really give in to talking honestly without a few insults here and there. Chitoge asks if Raku thinks that their relationship would seriously work if they weren’t forced into it. Raku finds himself strangely nervous since Chitoge has been a thorn on his side for the entire time.  Raku as a guy who is being faithful to his dream girl route more or less says the right thing but for Chitoge fans, he said the worst thing possible. Chitoge runs off and becomes a despondent when he sees her at school the next day.

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We now enter the school festival arc and the class decides to do play on the timeless classic of Romeo and Juliet. Something works for once and Raku is given the lead role and Onodera is given the coveted role of Juliet. Marika throws a fit but understands Onodera’s position for wanting to keep her role. Raku is very happy with the result but is still bothered by Chitoge’s attitude. He confronts her about it and she talks him off. Onodera also gets her head cleared of a misunderstanding regarding the picture Raku snatched away a few episodes back.

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Rehearsal goes just fine and Raku confronts Chitoge about the matter again and he decides to respond the way she’s been acting. His words get sharp enough to finally evoke a response, a slap across the cheek. The two keep on avoiding eachother until the day of the festival. Raku and Onodera prepare themselves but Onodera gets nervous and goes to check the script. A careless classmate however falls from the ladder and Onodera dives to save her. She sprains her ankle and since Marika is off bedridden, no one is there to fill in for her.

Nisekoi- Restored

Onodera is more sad about her wasting everyone’s efforts on preparing so Raku decides to go off and stop the play from being canceled. He tracks down Chitoge who was off helping another class and begs her to help the class by salvaging the play. She’s still distressed over what Raku said back at the beach but Raku does the right thing by CLEARING THE MISUNDERSTANDING and lo and behold, she agrees to fill in.

Nothing to say, just going through the manga and covering an arc that I didn’t think they would reach. Clap clap.

6 thoughts on “Nisekoi Episode 18&19- Swapping Focus”

  1. Can’t have a het-harem (especially) show without a swimsuit episode or two. Who am I to complain.

      1. Haven’t seen a yaoi harem yet and yuri harems are rare but you made your point.

      2. Because het harems are more prevalent than the homo ones but I see why my comment would confuse you.

  2. Don’t know why everyone is giving up on Raku/Ondedera as Romeo/Juliet – Given Raku’s personality, ya gotta believe he’ll find a way!!!

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