Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Vento Aureo Episode 31: 7 Pages

I think I mentioned before that I had some issues with the voice actors being changed from what I was used to hearing in Jojo All Star Battle. I had no issues with Sugiyama Buccellati, Akabane Mista, Sanpei Narancia, Kusunoki Abbacchio, or Hisafumi Fugo. This week I was reminded that Ono’s Giorno is indeed superior to Namikawa’s with the legendary 7-page Muda barrage was delivered with a vengeance. I always had a problem with Namikawa’s Muda’s especially but Ono’s Mudas were on point since Episode 2 and his WRYYYYYYYY is probably the best it will ever be.

Bruno engages Secco and quickly finds out that Secco’s stand is an incredibly powerful combatant when he’s not exclusively sinking objects for Green Day to dispatch. Secco himself is incredibly concerned at how Bruno is definitely not affected by Green Day’s stand. Meanwhile Giorno and Mista approach Cioccolata’s chopper being held to a building thanks to the Mista’s bullets being enhanced with Gold Experience. The duo get ontop of the building and Mista fires into the helicopter’s cockpit but they see nobody inside. Sex Pistols scout around the rest of the chopper but Number 2 and 3 get sliced up during their investigation. The damage is severe enough to put Mista out of the fight as Number 6 and 7 are damaged and Giorno decides to take the fight head on to Cioccolata. Giorno climbs up the tree to the chopper and strenghtens his abilities by letting the grow taller into the vehicle but he still is unable to sense Cioccolata’s whereabouts but he is certain that the mad doctor is still inside. Giorno finds Number 1’s damaged body but Number 5 warns him that it’s a trap and Cioccolata reveals himself from behind the seats to strike at Giorno’s neck. Giorno counters back first but the recoil of the strike reveals that Cioccolata has cut his body up into sections to attack from different angles simultaneously.

Giorno is blindsided by one such attack that lands square in his chest and Cioccolata explains that because of his encyclopedic knowledge of anatomy, he is able to cut himself up and patch himself back with Green Day’s mold to continue moving his body. The arm that punched Giorno follows through and carries Giorno outside of the helicopter’s windshield, lowering his altitude and allowing the mold to grow on Giorno’s head. Cioccolata declares that he truly felt despair when his ride was hitched to the building but the welling feeling of overcoming said despair allowed him to grow stronger. Giorno continues his descent but Number 5 launches a bullet through Giorno’s palm, bursting forth another tree that roots itself to the roots holding the chopper, keeping him elevated and with stable footing to regain composure. Giorno makes for Cioccolata but the latter begins to kill off the trees with his mold. Giorno is unable to reach him in time but manages to kick a piece of dying wood up towards the helicopter’s rotors. As the piece of wood no longer had any life, it reverted back to a bullet and was deflected back through Cioccolata’s head, halting the mold’s spread and letting Giorno climb back up the rooftop.

Giorno addresses Cioccolata however and states that he knows that he’s just playing dead and tells him that he himself is not in any condition to be thorough and advises him that Cioccolata will be spared if he stays put but he will not hesitate to kill him if he tries to move and endanger his friends. Giorno makes his way up the tree and Cioccolata lashes out and reveals that he was moving his severed arm all along to move towards Mista and the turtle for him to have leverage over the situation. Giorno of course sees through this immediately as a beetle bursts out of Cioccolata’s head, a remnant of the bullet that got lodged in there. Giorno reveals that he never had any intention of letting Cioccolata go alive and he unleashes his fury in a half a minute long barrage and sends Cioccolata’s body into a garbage truck. Elsewhere, Secco receives a message from Cioccolata instead of a call, cluing him in on his partner’s fate. Buccellati traverses the city to avoid Secco and a familiar figure watches the fight from afar.

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