Music of the Week #396


Got myself a couple months to myself now and I’m going to ahead and finally get this DMC post rolling. Been two months as of now but I still want to get these thoughts out there. Aside from those, I don’t have much else planned aside from maybe a couple FGO posts but we’ll just be going through the season regularly. Jojo’s recap episode gave me a lot of free time to finish my work last week so I’m a bit itchy to get to that DMC talk. I hope to be more active in the coming weeks.

This week’s theme is one of my absolute favorites from the Crossbell entries, standing in as the Crossbell equivalent of Silver Will. Inevitable Struggle first plays during the party’s first fight with Yin, a mysterious assassin employed by the Heiyue and in plenty of other plot-crucial fights which makes this an absolute blast to fight with. In a game with the comparatively least amount of big names involved in with your party, the “inevitable struggle” against much more powerful foes is par for the course for any JRPG hero, especially the Kiseki party. Soon enough, you’ll be wanting to shout fight lines and whisper ENIGMA KUDOU too. Take a listen to one of my all time favorite fight themes in the entire series, and one that’s probably the most played in my playlists from the series as a whole.