Music of the Week #403

Site got a bit revamped.

That Gintama ending made me a bit more conscious of the blogging scene again so I decided that it was time for a change of pace. I pruned the blogroll of many maaany dead links and got use a whole new theme for the occasion.  I even managed to write a bit more for the DMC post but seeing as though the end of the season is rolling up, it might be a bit delayed. We’ll see how that turns out.

This week’s tune is a beautifully named track that has our crew set out to deal with the aftermaths they thought they dealt with after apprehending a certain someone. Things only have just began to the new SSS where it gains two new members, Noel Seeker who was formerly with the Guardian Force and Wazy Hemisphere, the leader of the Testament gang.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Vento Aureo Episode 35: Mother of all Death Flags

Jesus, calm down with the aspirations Narancia.

I realize I failed to discuss the matter of the altered opening and there’s not really much to say other than it’s what I expected and I wasn’t as mesmerized by it since there’s only so much you can do with skipping time and seeing the future. In fact, I thought it would take more distortions then just that one bit near the end.

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The End of Gintama- So Long Silver Soul

So while I was writing up the episode recap for this week’s Jojo and trying to make some headway into the belayed DMC5 post, it finally happened. After nearly 2-3 years from the announcement about Gintama having reached it’s final arc, the 16-year old manga epic has come to a close as of a couple hours before the writing of this introduction. I’m not exactly sure how to describe this feeling I have in me right now.

Now, me talking about Gintama is a bit rare for a couple of reasons. As anyone who is aware of the series would know, it is incredibly long and it’s a special case of longevity when you remember how around half of it is comedic while the other half of it tells an actually serious tale of redemption and the weighted history of its characters. So much so that it could be its own series. It’s because of this divide and constant switch between the two aspects that form the series’ greatest strengths, and its greatest weakness in terms of allowing newer fans to access the highs and lows of the series. I personally can tell you that I have skipped a significant number of arcs and episodes and focused on the comedy just to get to the ones that had some of serious parts regarding the main cast’s past. My experience with the series is admittedly fragmented, yet it is a series that I can say that I immensely enjoyed but avoided talking too much about it due to this incomplete experience I had with it.

This isn’t so much a review, more like some late night/early morning ramblings and getting some stuff off my chest on this series that I’ve been wanting to address.

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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Vento Aureo Episode 34: Let it begin

The final arc enters its first phase as Chariot Requiem rearranges everyone’s souls.

Including the Boss’s own defenses and now everyone has to get in their heads that someone right now has the Boss’s soul inside their bodies. The question is who

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Music of the Week #402


Been overworked these past few days so of course, I’m a bit behind on schedule. Completely forgot about getting pictures for Jojo but we’re all good to go now. DMC5 is still on the backburner due to said overworking but I’ll try to allocate my time between that and the upcoming seasonal reviews, which only has three series I’ll be talking about, maybe just two. I’LL FINISH DMC5’S POST BEFORE THE SUMMER ENDS

Moving straight along, we have another classic tradition of remixed renditions of themes from the preceding game getting a new coat of paint in the new entry. This week’s tune is another version of Scene of a Street Corner as Lloyd and Noel’s trip to Calvard has them return to Crossbell with all of its familiar venues and locations. Plus that car in the image isn’t just for show, revisiting locations now gives you the option to fast travel using the car instead of walking there or using a bus.

Music of the Week #401


I keep trying to write more of DMC5 but it’s been hard trying to find the time between my new schedule and trying to make the most out of my breaks. I’m still half-heartedly trying to S-rank all missions every now and then but boy do I have a specific complaint about how the game’s structure impedes continuous attempts at trying to No Damage certain missions. It’s either that or I try to farm a ridiculous amount of style from Royal Guarding everything.

As the new picture would suggest, the summer time welcomes Ao no Kiseki which is fitting because I managed to play through it last summer. Ao starts off tying up loose ends from the conclusion of Zero as Lloyd and Noel tag along with Arios and Dudley to track down a particular man who went and betrayed the trust of the SSS to as far as Calvard. Opening on a literally strong note, Ao’s regular fight theme is ever so slightly different from Get Over the Barrier and that distinction is noteworthy because most games in the series usually have a downgrade in common battle themes in my opinion, and this is applicable from FC to SC and as we will find out later, from Cold Steel 1 to Cold Steel 2.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Vento Aureo Episode 33: Enter Diavolo

He’s here.

When I first heard his voice in the anime, I thought it was a bit less aggressive than the ASB’s but Konishi’s voice is definitely growing on me now. Of course, it helps that I’m incredibly biased for Konishi but I am liking smooth and aggressive Diavolo than completely angry Diavolo. With his introduction as well as the appearance of Chariot Requiem, the absolute mindfuck half of the final arc begins.

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