Music of the Week #399

Seasons wrapping

Even with all the strides David Productions have made in Part 5, my opinion of it has mostly remained the same and we don’t have much left until the final stretch in the month of June concludes by early July. To be fair, we’re already in Rome so the last stretch is already technically here, it’s just another level of “what” about to drop when we enter the last fight. I should probably start writing up my thoughts early.

We’re also closing in on our Zero spotlight and we have the game’s final dungeon music as our week’s theme. Final dungeons have had itself a wild ride through the games preceding this. FC was pretty poor despite the music, SC was acceptable since it had boss battles in between, but 3rd really knocked it out of the park by involving all your party members. Zero sits between FC and SC since the music adds to the tension but I might have asked for too much since the actual dungeon part of the final dungeon felt like it went on for a bit too long.