Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Vento Aureo Episode 28: Superstition

Ever wonder why the Boss is so fixated on Abbacchio’s abilities?

Remember when Mista was complaining about 4 pieces of cake and Abbacchio took one? That 2nd one was completely David Pro’s works and I praise their decisions, except for one, in making all these small additions to make Part 5 that much more enjoyable. If this episode lets you know one thing, it’s that we’re officially at the part where anyone can potentially die now.

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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Vento Aureo Episode 27: Split Second

Well, they could give Risotto Nero so much.

David Productions have had the good sense to add anime-original content with the benefit of having the hindsight to add after the original manga experience. The Hitman Squad that dominated the first half of Part 5 were definitely the highlights of the part and I’m glad they were given significantly more screentime given that the part’s plot eventually has it so that they end up on the same side in opposing the boss. Too bad no one was alive at that point for that to matter.

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Music of the Week #394


Seasonal sickness kicked my ass a bit too hard and I was distracted for the entirety of the weekend. Jojo is done but it just needs pictures so it’ll be up tomorrow. Aside from that, I just need to get back on track with DMC5 since I’m finally over my Bloody Palace trauma after doing it three times because I tried to style a bit too hard. I have no clue how I’m going to go with V or even finish what I have left of Hell and Hell mode but I really should get my thoughts down before I forget. It’s a busy time for the next two weeks.

This week’s tune is the motif of Zero that you might recognize hearing from the opening. With a title like that, the theme is the quintessence of Lloyd’s personal journey throughout the Crossbell games. The mysterious circumstances with Guy’s death, the fiance he left behind, the unreachable gap between his one-of-a-kind detective skills are all something Lloyd hopes to set right and overcome. The sub-series focuses on Lloyd’s journey to bridge that gap between himself and his brother and is one of the core characteristics that really made him stand out from the other protagonists.

Music of the Week #393


Was bogged down with work this week so this came out a bit late again. In some heartening news, I’m not only watching Jojo this season since I decided to throw a couple more shows into my watching schedule with Senko-san and Bokuben. It’s not too different from what I usually watch but they do liven things up compared to waiting for Friday every week.

So just in case you forgot with all those comfortable pathway tunes, we still play as “police officers” in this game. As the tune’s mood should suggest, this is one of those bits that play during investigations and on-work quests when snooping around as proper members of the police force and not going around town doing oddjobs as totally-not-bracers

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Vento Aureo Episode 26: Crazy they call me

I can probably see people being extremely confused as to what this episode covered.

I don’t remember the instant muscle gain but as I’ve said before, the latter half of Vento Aureo is something that I haven’t reread in a long time. Seems that we’ll stick this particular encounter within 1 or 2 more episodes before the next set of fights move us into the final arc. Risotto Nero finally shows up and I can only expect some minor level of preferential treatment before we fully move on.

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Music of the Week #392


Things are getting busy again unfortunately but I did get Date A Live out which only really leaves weekly jojo and DMC5 to continue working on. That being said, I binged watched Kaguya-sama over the weekend and I don’t really have much to say to warrant a full review, it was entertaining at least but I should probably get on with the manga.

Anyways, this week’s theme is a the tune the plays during the intermission chapter of the game shortly following the wildly fantastic Chapter 3. As the title describes, it involves walking around the town of Crossbell during the rain and it evokes a quiet and serene sense of tranquility. I feel as if Zero’s the strongest start a Trails game has had between FC and Cold Steel 1 and having such a tightly knit and focused group of characters contributes to a lot of that, even if Sky’s journey across the country was a whole other load of satisfying in a different way.

Date A Live S3: An Odd Place To Be

Date A Live used to be one of those series I actually enjoyed, I’ve said it multiple times in the past where it’s “that” series for me where I looked past its shortcomings and kept up with its releases. At this time there are 20 volumes of the light novel out and I’ve only really read up until volume 16 before all of the translations went up on some Facebook group with a bunch of people who can barely speak english, which is strange to think about when you take a minute and read it over. Nonetheless, I stopped at the point where all of the spirits were revealed and the true “antagonist” or rather perpretrator of the series is revealed, to nobody’s surprise” and haven’t really kept up with it since. It’s around the time Kurumi finally gets sealed and the end-game began.

But that doesn’t have to do too much with this post since we’re only going to be talking about the volumes Season 3 covered, specifically volumes 8-12 and part of me strongly feels that we won’t get a Season 4, let that clue you in on what may or not be a quick overview of the rest of this post. Then again, that’s what everyone thought about Season 3’s existence after the mishap of Season 2. It’s definitely been a while since that hasn’t it? Back then my defense for Season 2 was that the volumes covered weren’t the best and the prioritization of the twin’s arc was to the detriment of the more serious and action oriented Miku/Tohka arc. Season 3 suffers right from the get-go to my opinion but I was surprised here and there.

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