Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Vento Aureo Episode 30: The Race to Rome

Picking up from before, let’s not waste any time.

Despite the latter half of Part 5 not being as memorable as the first, I recently remembered the fact that in the earlier drafts of Part 5, Fugo was supposed to return as an enemy. Cioccolata and Green Day here resemble Fugo and his Purple Haze but apparently a real-life betrayal in Araki’s life influenced him so hard that he couldn’t go through with Fugo’s ultimatum against his former crew. Looking at what Green Day does again in color and motion, I definitely see the vestiges of what could have been Fugo’s fight.

The explosion sends the team back to reasonable altitude where Cioccolata’s Green Day does not activate and Buccellati declares that their goal is to make it to Rome and orders for the crew to get to higher ground, obtain a car, and leave the area. Buccellati checks on Narancia’s condition but Giorno says that he’s more or less down for the count for this engagement. Buccellati and Mista walk up some stairs but the former realizes something is amiss when a can of beer falls out of a corpse’s hands and falls to the bottom of the stairs with no sound. He checks again and sure enough, no sound is made and he quickly tells Mista to ascend the steps to get a car but Mista’s attempts at climbing up the stairs are seemingly futile as the entirety of the stairs start sinking to the ground. Mista accidentally touches the ground with his gun in hand for support but the gun is swallowed by the floor and even Sticky Finger’s punch sinks to the ground before it can make proper impact. Mista recalls his Stand which brings back his gun to him and shoots a pole to bend for them to jump on. The two make their way up to the parking lot but Mista catches sight of Secco and they make a break for the cars. Mista decides to make a point and shoots the ground so he can get a shot at the enemy and Secco emerges from the ground and Mista fires. Secco however deflects the bullets away by spitting some rocks at them. Mista predicted the deflection and his bullets curve back against him but Secco submerges into the ground again and goes for Buccellati this time.

Buccellati places the turtle on their chosen car and dives off the edge of the platform and meets Secco head on. To the latter’s surprise, the mold doesn’t grow on Buccellati’s person and Secco gets delivered a beating before he hurriedly retreats inside the walls. Buccellati gets back up with Secco’s retreat and the team drive away from the location. A fearful Secco calls Cioccolata and asks him if Green Day’s abilities would work on something like Notorious B.I.G and Ciocolatta dismisses the question over the fact that Secco isn’t chasing after their targets but does eventually admit that Green Day’s mold only activates on living targets. Secco then shares the conclusion that Buccellati must be dead somehow as Green Day’s mold failed to grow on him. Secco also notifies his partner about their target’s escape. In the crew’s car, Mista takes a breather while Giorno is concerned over Buccellati ignoring Mista’s earlier comments about how Buccellati got away clean from the mold stand. Giorno’s questions are also ignored and the former notices Buccellati’s wound he sustained in the exchange with Secco and checks his pulse. Giorno is horrified to feel Buccellati’s cold body and the latter finally comes to and asks if anything is wrong. Giorno is stunned but his suspicions are revealed to be true when Buccellati himself tells him that he clearly is not “alive” in a traditional sense and that he is only moving thanks to Giorno’s ability and his own will. He surmises he doesn’t have that much time left and asks Giorno to keep this between themselves.

However, a loud noise interrupts this grim conversation as they enter Rome and a body drops on them from above. Cioccolata arrives on a helicopter and Green Day’s mold begins to spread all around as the regular denizens begin to drop like flies. The crew exit their car before it goes downhill and are confronted with their elevated opponent and Mista wastes no time in trying to shoot the vessel down. Secco reveals himself as he deflects the shots and descends to the ground to meet them while Ciocolatta decides to remain airborne. Giorno is disgusted with Ciocolatta’s intent to infect as many people as possible. Mista is distraught at how the helicopter is outside his range but Giorno assists and converts the bullets into tree vines that hold down the helicopter and they make chase while Buccellati remains behind to duel Secco.

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