Fall Anime 2015 Weeks 11

What a week to be alive.

Faith has been restored but what comes after it might prove to either continue the hype train or make it come to a screeching, burning halt. How fitting that the episode I looked forward to the most actually trumped every other episode.

Rakudai (11)

So after the fight last episode, we have a set-up episode but the pacing it goes through with all of its visual effects were extremely overwhelming to me. Plus the fact that all this drama is mostly because MC’s family absolutely abhor him and his efforts. Kind of wished they extended the crying part though, I particularly enjoyed that.

Asterisk (11)


Once again, nothing happens. We get to see some of Claudia and her abilities as well as the red-haired twins but other than that, it was boring to sit through.

Shomin Sample (10)

Kimito Vision

To my knowledge, the second half of this episode is completely original, and you know what? It was absolutely hilarious. The Gets joke is completely absurd but it’s more of the fact that all the girls accept it so blindly that makes it even funnier. Kimito also gets more points for admiring thighs before realizing whose skirt he’s under too. The only gripe I have with this episode is that the entire phonecall scene was supposed to be longer, especially with the gay connotation but the extra Gachimuchi done by the girls was great nonetheless.

Taimadou (10)

Scarred Kyouya 2

They did it, they finally did it. For the first time this entire season, Anti Magic finally trumped the rest of the things I watched this week. The pacing is still admittedly flawed but I can already tell that the three episode formula would have been the best compromise we could have gotten, even if it would lead to an awkward 15 episodes. However, everything I wanted was in this episode, which any reader who stuck with me this season might have figured out who I was looking forward to see. The episode itself was pretty standard but it was the two side characters, Kurogane and Kyouya that made it all for me. You have no idea how much I love those two and I can’t wait for more of them in the coming weeks. The climax of the series, as far as the adaptation goes, is coming and I’m both excited and scared beyond belief.

One Punch Man (11)

A disappointing episode only because I had expected the Boros fight to take place instead of showing EVERYTHING else before it. Understandable since they’d want to save everything for the final episode so it’s just my fault for expecting the fight this week. Hearing Josuke’s voice again was great though.

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