Music of the Week #221

We’ve still got more


Got the first two big pieces off my plate, so big that I completely forgot to post last week’s music post. We’ve got Shomin Sample, Anti Magic, and One Punch Man on the way. I recently restarted Pokemon Platinum after watching a famous Let’s Player start it and I also got Fate Extra CCC from a good friend of mine so I got a full plate for a while. But I still have stuff I want to talk about so I’ll have some fun for the next few days. Look forward to it.

This week’s theme is Longing, the ending song to the “default’ ending that was the only available one for a good duration of the base game’s run. It’s a rather calming song to listen to after the game’s events and tribulations. However, the ending is even more ambiguous than the first game’s decisions. You simply defeat Nashandra, and take to the throne inside the Kiln and you are sealed inside for god knows how long. Only “we” will know what the future will bring. There’s only thing for sure we know that’s going to happen though, that the cycle will continue with us inside the throne. However, that leads to more questions: what exactly did Vendrick take from the giants that made them cross the ocean? That’s something we’ll address in the DLC tracks coming up.