Music of the Week #222

Ever so close


Shomin Sample and One Punch Man are on their way before the week comes to a close. Family comes visit during the weekend so I’m not sure how much I have until then but I’ll try to get One Punch Man up soon because Shomin Sample just needs some pictures to be ready. Other than that, not much happening other than me being preoccupied with games, rare huh.

This week’s theme is of Sinh, the Slumbering Dragon who is the final boss of the Sunken Crown portion of the trio of DLC’s that tell the tale of the three kingdoms lost in time. Sinh is a dragon who was worshiped by the subterranean kingdom that based their entire religion over him and a sect of priestess were assigned to sing to him as to keep him sleeping. Everything was fine and dandy in the kingdom of Shulva until a mysterious bunch of knights known as the Drakebloods, hired a familiar looking crest of a certain kingdom, marched into town and started slaughtering everyone to get to the dragon because apparently, bathing themselves in dragon blood will make them immortal. The resident queen, Elana, who led the priestesses was actually a shard of Manus, but survived the attack. Everything turned to shit when Sir Yorgh, the leader of the Drakebloods pierced the sleeping Sinh with his spear, causing the dragon’s brewing poison in its gullet to spew out and cover the entire kingdom with poisonous rain, killing everything that wasn’t dealt with by the Drakeblood knights. You arrive in the ruins of Shulva with its poison coated soliders still eager to protect their kingdom while a large number of bugs have made homes in the ziggurats. Sinh himself is a formidable fight with an enormous arena to fight in and people complain about this, but he’s a very flighty dragon. Which I don’t see a point in complaining since this gives you time to heal and any dragon with functioning wings would fly.