Music of the Week #219



Liberation day is here but even then, my lethargy is going to continue for at least another week. Not much else to say but I’ll be a bit more talkative in the weekly recaps for the next few weeks. I’ve been busy getting a bunch of games due to my friends insisting we get co-op games, even though are schedules barely match up outside of vacations. Either way, let’s move on.

This week’s theme is the Ancient Dragon, by far, one of the most hated bosses in the ENTIRE FRANCHISE. This is solely because of the fact that nearly all of his moves can one-shot the player and that the attacks cover an enormous area. Thankfully, it’s an optional boss but even then, being optional isn’t an excuse to keep anything with a healthbar alive in any of these games. While a frustrating boss, with a a very low payoff in killing, it’s lore implications are quite staggering. A reminder, dragons are basically extinct by the end of Dark Souls and the only surviving dragon is the Everlasting Dragon at Ash Lake. In Dark Souls II, the wyverns that are encountered are all engineered and created by science. Evidence also suggests that the Ancient Dragon itself is nothing more but a creation and not a true dragon. While its dialogue suggests that it has existed, or rather, perceived countless eons, it drops the soul of a giant. The true Ancient Dragon’s soul is instead found inside of a deceased dragon’s memory. Interesting but apparently, the designers actually intended to give the Ancient Dragon its A-D soul instead of a giant’s but who knows what is actually supposed to be? Another interesting theory will be brought up later so stick around.

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