Fall Anime 2015 Weeks 9

One Punch Man and Shomin Sample take it for this week with tearjerking heroism and more KING ARTHUR.

The Harem Trio still remains decidedly biased but even I know some shoddy things when I see it.

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Music of the Week #217

Hold on to your wallets


More DotA2 in my life and it’s a vacation week so I’ll most likely be working on my assignments along with the usual watching schedule. The end of the season is near and I’ve already downloaded around 3-4 opening/ending songs which is a lot in my case since I usually don’t care that much about songs until recently. Been irked about something I messed up in my Fallout playthrough but at this point, I just want a good save of it on my PC.

One of my personal favorite fights in the base game is an expy of none other than Garl Vinland from DeS and by extension, Paladin Leeroy from Dark Souls. The Undead Crypt looks great like the Shrine of Amana before it but only after it’s lit up, a suggestion that one of its inhabitants strongly urges you not to do. However, it’s disgustingly short and its gimmick is quite annoying involving bells and infinitely respawning wraiths, provided their headstones are not destroyed. Velstadt himself is a challenging boss on his own and his lore is decent until we delve into another boss down the line.

Fall Anime 2015 Weeks 8

We hit a peak and we reach a low, it’s not exactly a contest worth being mentioned but there a few points to be brought to attention. Why did I try to hard to make that last part rhyme? It was a surprisingly full week since I have the most pictures for this week’s batch but not all was great but hey, it gave me a bit to think about. Whether or not that’s good or bad thoughts stirring is up to you to find out.

Let’s roll

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Music of the Week #216



Nothing more but DotA and stopping my Dark Souls playthrough after Anor Londo. Bought Borderlands 2 to play with a couple buddies while I plan on picking my Perfect Good run on New Vegas after I get my bearings on what I needed to do. I had a physical checklist which I misplaced so that’s bringing my blood to a boil since NV is a fuckhuge game and has a lot of factors going into it. Either way, at least I won’t be bored for a while. If I hadn’t mentioned before, Wednesdays are my happy days since both Anti Magic and Shomin Sample come out.

This week’s theme is the Milfanito, the song the titular beings sing in the sunken Shrine of Amana, one of the arguably more annoying levels in the game. You’ve got the stamina eating, combo spamming Archdrakes, the soul arrow sniping casters, and to top it all off, you’ve got critters in the water that cause bleed. The lore in question is actually pretty interesting regarding the area’s location, the archdrake’s relationship to the DLC areas, and the Milfanito themselves. The latter being the focus here since they are related to to Fenito in that they are bound to Nito in easing the dead. Fenito guard the tombs further below while the Milfanito sing to appease the afflicted.

Fall Anime 2015 Weeks 7

It was an alright week. Although, both the series I’ve gotten into didn’t deliver properly on the scenes I wanted to see. But we continue through the halfway point of the season and I admit, I kind of missed doing this every week and I’m enjoying myself a lot more than I thought  I would. Most of that is probably because I got myself in two new series. Anyways, let’s get on our way.

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Music of the Week #215



Nothing much to speak off other than being late, real life has been taxing me greatly. Nothing but DotA2 has been filling my spare time in the game section. Mostly spent my yesterday watching Legacy of the Void’s campaign to see how stupid it was and it didn’t disappoint in fucking itself over. The campaign itself was decent though, it was just the epilogue that turned the idiocy meter but a handful of notches.

This week’s theme is that of the Darklurker, one of the surprisingly many optional bosses in the game and is considered one of the hardest bosses in the base game. One of the reasons being that to access its boss room, you have to give up a Human Effigy and make your way through the Dark Chasm of Old and fight through its own version of phantoms before reaching its lair. It’s honestly one of the more original looking bosses and is one of the few strictly caster bosses that make for a quick paced fight where you get on the offensive, lest you get careless and get hit by a stray projectile. Oh, it can also clone itself but the damage is shared.

Fall Anime 2015 Weeks 6

Rarely has two series drawn me in deeper into their respective rabbit hole but it finally happened.

Which one is it? We’ll take a wild guess.

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