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One Punch Man- Saitama’s Zero Sum Game

Arguably one of the most hyped up series this season comes to a close.

My only question is, what the hell were people expecting?

No seriously, I heard about this series way before the anime was announced by my friends who were talking about it and I gained slight interest in the series, read a few chapters, and the likes. I knew from the moment I heard the title and the concept that this series would be predictable but in a good way, a real cathartic, the bully gets completely blown the fuck out sort of way. What I can’t seem to understand is, what in the world were people expecting this to be?

And why is it so popular?

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Fall Anime 2015 Weeks 11

What a week to be alive.

Faith has been restored but what comes after it might prove to either continue the hype train or make it come to a screeching, burning halt. How fitting that the episode I looked forward to the most actually trumped every other episode.

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Fall Anime 2015 Weeks 10

A week of laughter, a week of sorrow. But a faint glimmer of hope remains, at least I would like to think so.

Practically every series this week had something to show for except for the one I actually really wished would have not adapted filler. It kind of figures it would go that way but even when I had my expectations low, it still offended me.

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Fall Anime 2015 Weeks 7

It was an alright week. Although, both the series I’ve gotten into didn’t deliver properly on the scenes I wanted to see. But we continue through the halfway point of the season and I admit, I kind of missed doing this every week and I’m enjoying myself a lot more than I thought  I would. Most of that is probably because I got myself in two new series. Anyways, let’s get on our way.

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