Music of the Week #226

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There was one particular show I thought about picking up, Gifting, or rather, Kono Subarashi Sekai ni Shufuku Wo but there’s something about the ENTIRE genre of losers dying and then reincarnating that I find absolutely droll. I find them even more droll than magic battle academy harems. Maybe it’s because of the fact that blatantly killing off the main character who may or may not have been a failure at his life and have his entire slate wiped clean and have him retain his knowledge of his previous life to apply to his new one. Maybe it’s because I blatantly hate self-inserting but you can’t get any more wish-fulfillment than that. As many shitty harems as I watch, I only actually enjoy around a handful of them. Actually, the only ones that I can legitimately say I have active interests are around 4, maybe I’ll discuss and mention those at a later time eh?

This week’s theme is that of one of my personal favorite characters in the entire series in terms of lore and presentation. The Burnt Ivory King was a former noble of the warrior nation of Forossa and he was sent North when the ancient force of Chaos (yes, that Chaos from Dark Souls with the tree roots and lava) appeared in their country. The Ivory King set off with his people to the frozen north and established the kingdom of Eleum Loyce, with its high walls made for containing the Chaos instead of keeping others out. The King ruled well, and placed his throne in front of the hole leading down to the Chaos so that he may serve as the first line of defense against the creatures that dwelled there. Some time or another, he gained a queen that is revealed to be another portion of Manus’s soul but she was instead accepted and loved to an extent that she overcame her dark intent and worked to serve under him. A time came when the Ivory King felt his soul weakening and to eternally protect his people, he threw himself into the Chaos along with an army of his knights. The player arrives to the frozen ruins of Eleum Loyce and finds his wife, Alsanna keeping the Chaos at bay and she bids you to find the remaining Loyce Knights to accompany you down to the Chaos and release the Ivory King and his knights from their torment. You venture out into the kingdom ruins to find more Loyce Knights and at the end, 4 of them join you into the descent where you battle an army of Charred Loyce Knights. The 3 that followed you sacrifice themselves to disable the gates that their fallen brethren come from while 1 helps you fight his fallen king and his fight’s presentation is something else entirely.


Winter Anime 2016 Week 3

Had a weekend of playing San Andreas, Pokemon, Blazblue, and PSP emulation, so I was surprised at how fast time flew. I’m late on this but oh well. The “Three Episode Rule” would apply by the time this gets posted and where I stand so far, I think I’ll discuss in the Music Post to come. Given the shit I’m actually watching, I don’t think it’s that unpredictable but who knows right? Still, something in the back of my head is telling me watch more things which is something that can definitely happen.

Anyways, let’s get right to it.

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Music of the Week #225

Late because tiredness


So this season’s selections are pretty much done and I’m either too disappointed or completely pleased, but I don’t want that to sound like I’m hating it. It’s a somewhat fair selection in my opinion but I will say that Spring season is shaping up to be pretty amazing. But either way, we’ll be trucking along.

This week’s theme is undoubtedly one of the favorites by a wide margin. Not exactly a personal favorite of mine but it’s an agreed upon favorite by a good chunk of community. Keep in mind that the community’s opinion on Dark Souls 2 is split but they can both agree that this theme is probably one of the series’ best. Sir Alonne is the eponymous “leader” of the Alonne Knights that are mostly seen in the Iron Keep, a domain of the Old Iron King. The King was assisted by Alonne and two carved out a mighty empire, only for Alonne to leave one day, and the King set out on a forceful quest to know why Alonne left him. If the King’s memories serve to show what happened, the King defeated Alonne but the latter committed suicide and out of a sense of guilt, the King enshrined his old friend’s armor and in his tower. The lore might suggest that Alonne had kept the tiny throne the old King once used before his ascension to power. Either way, Alonne is one of the tougher bosses with a tough gauntlet to pass before you even get to his room and he’s freakishly fast and has delays on his attacks. The floor is magnificent as all hell too.

Winter Anime 2016 Week 2

Oh here we go.

I thought I’d have more of a selection this time around and admittedly, I’m not watching 2 carbon copies of each other but I didn’t end up with some more diverse series but I’m getting busy around this time again so I can’t complain. I’ve got shows I’m going to love to hate, shows I have no idea what to expect, and shows that I can just watch people die in, a nice big package.

But as “diverse” as my plate is, some bad eggs are there and you how much I love to make myself sad. Only one more show was picked up while I completely forgot Gyaruko-chan existed but oh well, no loss there. I was thinking of picking up Kono-sekai but let me be honset with you. I think the died and resurrected to a different, RPG world is a way worse cliche setting than magic battle schools. I’ll talk more about that when the time comes so let’s get this going.

You can already tell what I picked up, I ain’t proud of it but at least I can complain about it.

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Music of the Week #224

Just keep truckin


The rest of the season is coming along smoothly and I haven’t picked up too many shows, but the reasons for that will be covered when the recap comes out. So far, only one more show has been added and you can probably guess which one it is. Here’s a hint, it’s for torturing myself with again. Anyways, there’s still half the week left so I’ll see if anything else gets added.

This week’s theme is not really a favorite per say since I’m somewhat indifferent to the theme itself but it’s the boss behind it that deserves all the praise. The Fume Knight, also known as Raime, is mentioned in the base game while he is the final boss of the Crown of the Old Iron King DLC and he is, by fact, the toughest boss in the entire series. Research was done and data was compiled where it showed 97% instances of people who challenged his boss room did not come out successful. Raime by lore was the 2nd most trusted knight when Vendrick ruled Drangleic but had a falling out with both his king and fellow knight Velstadt when he openly denounced Nashandra’s dark intentions when she became queen. Raime was beaten by Velstadt and the only traces of Raime left in Drangleic is his abandoned shield. Raime leaves the land and happens upon Brume Tower, the now abandoned fortress that once belonged to the Old Iron King. There, he met Nadalia, another piece of Manus’ soul but instead of fighting her, he accepted her and she accepted him as her host, as she came to Brume Tower seeking a kingdom but only found ruin. Nadalia renounces her fleshy form and she manifests through a number of idols around the tower that buffs and heals enemies and you have to utilize enormous chunks of iron to pierce through them. At the bottom of the tower, where Nadalia has 4 idols around it and presumably has her “corpse” wearing the crown, Raime guards the room armed with his straight sword and his new greatsword. Raime is an absolute beast of a boss who is affected by the idols outside and is healed if he gets close to them. Even if the idols are removed, his fight is still mind-numbingly hard as he has the most varied moveset of any boss in the series. His second form has him utilize his greatsword buffed with both fire and dark but is a bit more predictable.


Winter Anime 2016 Week 1

Behold my shallowness.

A new season and a new batch of shows, this definitely doesn’t cover all the new stuff coming this week but I’ll get to those in the recap near the end of this week so look out for those. Now behold my terrible tastes and no-brainer reasons for watching shows.

Overall, it isn’t as “entertaining” as comparing the three shows in the challenge and no big-namers like One Punch Man are up but overall, and with more shows on the way, I guess it isn’t too bad. It’s definitely a bit more light-hearted and less drama filled from what I can tell so here we go, I’ll keep this short.

I’ll say this again, the whole season hasn’t taken off so only a small number of shows made it. More will come at the end of this week’s recap.

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Music of the Week #223

That’s that


The season comes to an end for me and I’m sad to know that I won’t get to torture myself as much this season with very few things to watch. Although I suppose I should branch out more but I would actually need to go look at the chart again. Anyways, last season was entertaining as hell (in a not-enjoyable but criticizing way) so I’m sad to see it go, but life moves on so bring on the new season.

This week’s theme is actually one of my favorites while it’s a sour point on a lot of other players. This is the Worshipers of the Dead, the theme of the boss fight that embodies the absolute worst enemies you could ever face in the Souls series: A gank squad. Gankers in the Soul series are two or more people who deliberately summon invaders or allow themselves to get invaded in order to gang up on the said invader with a group of friends. The boss fight that takes place in the optional Cave of the Dead in the Sunken Crown DLC features 3 particular NPC’s at the end of cave to be its boss encounter. You face the Afflicted Graverobber, Old Hunter Cerrah, and Ancient Soldier Varg in what may be the most hectic boss battle in the series if you face it alone. If you have your own team though, it’s a pretty exciting 3 vs 3.