Mini Sword Art Online II Episode 7- Kirito the Harem Meister

In a single episode do we see two new girls join the cult of Kirito worship while two existing members fawn over him.

Other than more retroactive development for Kirito, we get nothing else.

Oh what you thought that the other dude trying to make a move on Sinon counted? Pfffft, this is SAO, as if any female with a working brain would actually want someone else.

Extremely short review incoming, hell you know what? I’ll change the title.

Kirito gets doted upon by Suguha and Asuna for his rather despondent absent-mindedness. He however does not decide to share any sort of information on the subject matter, seeing as how he wishes to carry the weight of his crimes alone. On the other side of the city, Sinon expresses her anger and annoyance toward Kirito’s actions in-game for masquerading as a girl and also making her surrender. The guy whose name I don’t care to remember as of now comforts her but also decides to actually go for the kill and more or less confess that he’s here for Sinon to face her troubles. Seeing how this is SAO, this doesn’t work at all and Sinon pushes him away.

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Kirito charms his nurse of all people who he confides in about how he has completely forgotten the face and name of the 2 out of 3 people he has killed. The nurse comforts him but apologizes how she cannot empathize with him as much as she wants to.

You know what’s worse, they just decided to add Klein looking semi-cool while legitimately EVERYONE in the party is lusting after Kirito’s cock.

The only thing I’m looking forward to in this series is the final fight between DESSU GAN and Trap Kirito. If it’s anywhere near as smooth as the opening, I’ll give this series a passing grade.


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