Space Dandy 2 Episode 7- Clash at Dandy

Now that was a pretty dandy episode.

It’s always nice to see some friendship going on and we also finally get to see the other side of the galactic war with the Jaicro Empire going against our good ol’ Admiral Dormammu/Inferno Cop. I actually liked the song compared to the musical they attempted in the highschool musical one.

I wish Johnny was a mainstay or was at least hinted in the opening since he’s a good companion with the Dandy crew. I hope we get to see more of him.

But for now, let’s get into this so I can actually be up to schedule.

We’re finally introduced to the Jaicro Empire, the other side of the apparent galactic war going on with the Gogol Empire as well. In the Jaicro Empire, is the young commander and chief Johnny. He is given news from his subordinates about the Gogol Empire’s attempts to run an experiment and that information leakage will be their chance to win their war. Johnny scolds his men, saying that he needs definite proof of the matter for him to make his decision. Johnny then leaves the flagship and it is revealed that deep inside, Johnny wants to be a rockstar.

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Dandy and co. somehow had enough money to be eating at a restaurant and while Dandy does his business in the urinal, his humming attracts Johnny’s attention and the two randomly break out into a fight. However, both notice the other’s lucky charm from a particular shrine and somehow the two hit it off as good friends and begin drinking. Johnny wishes to form a band and invites Dandy’s crew to join him. Dandy applauds and reaches for greater heights, stating that their band belongs at the top of the galaxy.

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Johnny on the guitar, QT on the drums, Meow at bass, and Dandy himself as vocals. Johnny and Dandy however are too busy dreaming of their lofty successes to actually write any songs or practice anything else. The only thing they seem to do is get into fights over what sort of merchandise they can sell once they become famous. At Boobys, the two fight over the band’s name and Honey of all people christens the name Dropkix as Dandy and Johnny seem to love kicking each other. Johnny also gets to taste some commoner food since he is used to high-class meals fitting of his position. Meow and QT think that he was very poor. Meow informs them that they have a gig set up at a small bar and Johnny begins to write a song.

Space Dandy 2- Diplomacy

Writing a song of course is not rad enough and Johnny leaves the fate of the song to inspiration (AKA: Random occurrences) and it takes until the last day for Johnny to get a tune that is completely original. Johnny imposes the new song to Dandy and crew but QT and Meow explain that they’ve been practicing while Dandy has been checking up on Johnny’s inspiration run.

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At their first gig, the Dropkix crew play their sole song and on repeat for 2 hours with only 3 audience members. A complaint in the crowd incites a riot and the band’s performance causing such an uproar helps them get their names to the big leagues and they are eventually contacted by a professional contractor. They’re scheduled for a July 7th concert at the Space Budokan for their big-name debut. However, conflict arises when Johnny is informed that the Gogol Empire’s experiments are taking place and that the Jaicro Army will engage them on July 7th. Choosing duty over his dream, Johnny tells his bandmates that he will not be able to make it. A violent farewell crushes the morale of the crew.

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Come time for the concert, Dandy decides to go in with no regrets and starts singing the acoustic guitar. QT and Meow can only watch with tears in their eyes admiring Dandy’s passion and soul. Up above, Johnny listens to the news of his band while approaching the Gogol Empire’s forces. Johnny however has a change of heart and plummets his battle mech down to the concert stage and makes a grand entrance MEGAS XLR style and the crew play their hearts out. The concert however gets out of hand when Dandy and Johnny catch fire and the entire stadium explodes when the robot gets short circuited as well.

Thus ends the legendary, first and last concert of the band Dropkix. The crew sans Johnny delaying a rather devastating war and keeping peace once again.

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