Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders Episode 20- Sweet Merciful Kakyoin

Kakyoin gets back at the freak of a baby in the best way possible. Thank you David Productions for not cutting that out.

4 Episodes left until we get to Egypt and experience a break until Winter. Knowing how this plays out, looks like the following Stand fights will both be two-parters. Other than that, I give major props to this episode since I really felt the desperation in Kakyoin’s attempts to convince everybody that the Mannish Boy was the stand user. The manga did well but the anime really nailed Kakyoin being singled out from the crew.

Oh sweet vengeance.

Kakyoin’s growing suspicions does not reflect too well as his accusations come off as being short of insane from the viewpoint of Polnareff and Jotaro. Kakyoin sits in silent contemplation until he sees M.B kill a scorpion getting to close to him with his own safety pin and Kakyoin tries to tell everyone. Kakyoin tries to prove his point by finding the corpse of the scorpion but is unable to find it as M.B stuck it inside his mouth to avoid detection. Out of desperation, Kakyoin reveals the carvings on his arm from within the dream to convince everybody but this only amplifies their suspicion that he’s going absolutely insane.

Kakyoin decides to take action into his own hands and calls out Hierophant Green and charges toward the baby. Immediately, he is knocked out by Polnareff and Silver Chariot. Concern becomes a serious problem now that everyone thinks Kakyoin has officially gone insane. They decide to deal with the problem in the morning and pray that Kakyoin returns to his senses the next morning. Now with nobody to stop him, M.B unleashes Death 13.

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The crew minus Kakyoin awake in the nightmare theme park and Polnareff suddenly remembers everything that Death 13 was and did to him and Kakyoin in their last encounter. Polnareff’s attempts to explain the stand’s ability of the dreamworld gets the same response from Joseph as what Polnareff gave Kakyoin the first time. Either way, everyone gets up and prepare themselves. The attack begins when Polnareff’s hair gets even more out of control than it usually is and Polnareff is restrained to a pole. Jotaro’s chains yanks him up and Joseph’s artificial hand grows out of proportion.

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Death 13 gleefully paces himself toward the restrained crew and Jotaro attempts to call out Star Platinum. Polnareff yells that it’s useless but surprisingly enough, Star Platinum is called out but it turns out to be another machination of Death 13’s control over the entire dreamscape. He explains that anything person has on him will be carried over and in their case, their stands must be be active before they fell asleep.

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Hierophant Green decides to pop up near Death 13’s shoulder and the latter pays it no mind until H.G starts strangling him. Kakyoin reveals himself from the teacups ride looking bitchin with his particular color palette swap. Thanks to Polnareff’s knockout unintentionally causing Kakyoin to fall unconscious with H.G still called out. H.G manages to latch on to Death 13’s neck and Kakyoin is nice enough to say that he does not intend to kill Mannish Boy so he advises him not to move around too much to risk breaking his neck.

JJBA Stardust Crusaders- Punishment time

Death 13 then gathers the clouds to form another hand and slices himself and H.G in half with the scythe. Death 13 laughs that the Stand is only the head, arms, and scythe and watches Kakyoin fall down. Only thing is Kakyoin was faking the hit and H.G had already unraveled itself and enters through the hollow Death 13. Promising his safety, Kakyoin tells Mannish Boy to heal his wounds and nothing more.

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Everyone wakes up the next day and surprisingly enough Kaykoin is the first one awake cooking breakfast. Polnareff is still skeptical thanks to the Death 13’s effects but sees that the carvings on Kakyoin’s arm is gone. After finishing breakfast, Kakyoin checks on Mannish Boy and upholds his promise not to kill or injure him. Instead he decides to give ultimate punishment and adds a portion of Mannish Boy’s own shit to the baby food mixture. Kakyoin hands off the bowl to Joseph and Polnareff and the two end up force feeding Mannish Boy his just rewards.

The crew reach the Red Sea and purchase a boat to get across to Egypt, but not before Joseph visits someone important in the middle of the body of water.

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