Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders Episode 11- He’s in the chrome of the steering wheel!

Thus concludes one of my favorite “fights” in Part 3.

From what Enya and Rubber Soul told us, we only have a few more Tarot Stands after the Joestar crew. Looking on the episode count though, I’d say it’s very certain we’ll get one more season full of episodes since by the time we reach Egypt, we still got a few more fights before we reach DIO. Hell, that fight should take arond 2-3 episodes too since it’s two fights in one.

Anyways, let’s get to the Emperor and the Hanged Man Part 2.

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Picking up immediately from last episode, Hol Horse begins to taunt Polnareff’s rash actions. Kakyoin attempts to convince Polarneff to fall back and regroup while Polnareff hesitates in anger. The Hanged Man manifests inside a shop window in front of Polnareff and joins Hol Horse in taunting Polarneff. The HM creeps up toward Polnareff who breaks the window but Hol Horse fires a bullet to end Pol off but Kakyoin steps in a shoots a volley of Emerald Splash at Polnareff to knock him away from the window and nullify the Emperor’s bullet.

Kakyoin at this point was already in the pickup truck and hoists Polnareff to safety. Hol Horse takes aim but realizes that they’re already out of range. He then notices J.Geil is already pursuing the truck. While the chase begins, Jotaro and Joseph find Avdol’s body and prepare to give it burial.

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Polnareff apologizes to Kakyoin for being too hotheaded and steels himself for the fight to come. Kakyoin elbows Polnareff in the face to make sure of his conviction and the two make up. Now the only problem is to figure out a way to destroy the Hanged Man, in which Polnareff knows will be difficult seeing that it involves being inside a mirror. Kakyoin objects saying that while the HM involves mirrors, there exists no such thing as a “mirror world” (Cough cough, Part 5).

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Right as they get some facts down though, Kakyoin notices a shine from the steering wheel and sees the Hanged Man creeping up from behind the pickup. Kakyoin pulls the breaks and the truck goes off the road and crashes. The two crusaders are not severely harmed but Polnareff sees something move between the cracked glasses to the sideview mirror. Polnareff and Kakyoin run behind some rocks and the former realizes that the Hanged Man functions off light. Right as they conclude to not go near reflective surfaces, a young child walks up to them. The two see the Hanged Man from the reflection of the child’s eyes. J.Geil taunts the two of them, saying that they’ll have to hurt the kid if they want to escape alive. Kakyoin panics but Polnareff of all people remains calm and delivers an ultimatum that he’ll avenge the death of his friend and his sister. He kicks sand into the kid’s eye and the Hanged Man is forced to move to Polnareff’s eye. In that instant, Polnareff swings in the general direction in which the Hanged Man reflected to him. HM is cut across the chest and a scream of pain rings from a landmark not far from Kakyoin and Polnareff’s location.

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Polnareff and Kakyoin encounter a man with his chest cut and Polnareff once again delivers a speech before avenging his friend and sister. Kakyoin notices that the man they’re talking to is not J.Geil at all since the injured man doesn’t have two right hands. A dagger is thrown from behind Polnareff and he staggers from the injury. J.Geil emerges and before Kakyoin can make a move with his HG, J.Geil calls upon the crowd and announces that Kakyoin and Polnareff will give them money.

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The two are trapped between a crowd of people haggling them for money and the Hanged Man slowly begins to cut them. Polnareff panics and is in a rage as J.Geil continues to taunt him about his sister. Kakyoin then delivers his version of the ultimatum and brings everyone’s attention to a gold coin. He flips it in the air and Polnareff takes the cue and kicks sand into the current host of HM’s reflection. With nowhere else to go but in the direction of the coin, the HM is cornered and sliced by Silver Chariot. J.Geil runs away but Polnareff finally catches up to him and finally delivers vengeance.

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The two encounter Hol Horse on the way to meet up with the Joestar crew and he begins to shoot the windows and calls out J.Geil to make his move. Polnareff breaks the news which takes Hol Horse a few attempts to realize his partner has bit the dust. Once he realizes, he quickly skedaddles, admitting that he’s no good as a solo act. As he turns to the alleyway, he meets Jotaro and Joseph and is punched to the ground. Polnareff prepares his Chariot only for the girl that Hol Horse charmed in the previous episode to hold Polnareff down while Hol Horse mounts a horse to escape.

The fight is over and Joseph treats the scratch marks on the girl’s arm before they walk away. The blood from the girl however makes a noticable boil on Joseph’s arm.

My only complaint is that Hol Horse’s voice actor isn’t as amazing as the one from ASB. I wouldn’t be complaining right now if he pulled off the “Aye aye sir” line well. Other than that, Hol Horse is acceptable. J.Geil had too much of a cool voice in ASB but since we actually see how he looks like, I guess a scumbag voice fits him now. Other than that, the fight in India isn’t over as we still got one more folks. But there you have it, the Emperor and the Hanged Man. HM is one of the coolest stands in my opinion, too bad he belongs to an asshole.

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