Music of the Week #140

The hype is back


Black Bullet will be bundled. Episode 8 was finished up on Sunday but I thought it was too short. Since by the time I would be putting it up would be the day before Episode 9 aired, I decided to keep it all in one place and release it on Thursday

Work is going fine and my labtop will soon come. I have the entirety of the PS2 gamefiles to run Galaxy Angel II and my hype to get back into League and DotA 2 are at an all time high. Might even end up buying Metal Gear Rising. To add to all of this, I’m playing through Dark Souls II again after Platinuming it last Sunday to prepare for the DLC coming out. The gaming void finally seems to be at its end.

Other than that, season’s nearly over and I’m sad to see Date A Live go, it was getting so good too. Jojo is picking up speed with one of my favorite fights in Part 3 coming up this Friday too.

We’re continuing the Champloo train with Who’s Theme, the 2nd version of the usual ending