Music of the Week #143

One More week

Champloo 5

Allow me to explain why I’m a bit late on things. I went for a trip down to California for educational and family reasons on Saturday. The reasons however aren’t that important since it was small enough to warrant only 2 days. Jojo is written up and only needs pictures, Black Bullet is 13 episodes long so it has one more week left. This leaves us with the Hitsugi no Chaika review coming up. So 3 things to look out for.

Other than that, not much else going on. Actually, I got myself a 3DS on my trip to California so that’s an amazing thing. What’s even better is that I got it for free and it is fully functional. Only thing holding the system back is that I have no games for it and I’m going to lend it to a friend of mine for his own trip to Delaware. For some reason or another, he owns both X and Y and wants to transfer his data to the other so in a week, I’ll finally get to play the 6th Generation. Not that it’s that exciting since I only have four 6th gen pokemon I like.

That’s enough of that though.

Here’s Silver Morning from the ever glorious soundtrack of Champloo.