Music of the Week #141



Work ended late and I took a nap before going out for an extremely late dinner so I completely forgot about this week’s post. So as you can see, it’s a day late.

Black Bullet will be bundled with next week’s episode mostly because it’s an emotion with nothing but emotion going on there’s not much for me to write about that’s worthwhile for posting. There wasn’t a fight, only Rentaro’s sense of justice being heavily shaken. When the fighting inevitably happens next week, the recap will be posted. Date A Live II ends this week and I’ll be giving Episode 10 a post while doing a series review early next week. Jojo will truck through without hesitations.

I picked up Hitsugi no Chaika on Monday and by yesterday I was completely caught up. I’ll be honest: I regret not covering it weekly but oh well, it has a second season airing Fall so that’ll be my chance. I’ll speak more of Chaika once it ends so look foward to that.

Everything nears its end, so prepare for Summer. Speaking of Summer, it was chilly as hell two days ago.

Continuing the Champloo chill-train, here’s the 3rd ending. That opening scene still reminds me why I still cherish this series even with its shortcomings. This is Love Song, the ending for Episode 17.

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