Winter 2014 Week 4-5

Chunnibyou doesn’t really need coverage so I decided to drop it off the coverage but I “guess” I’ll be watching. The thing is, something in my head doesn’t even want to watch it but I guess I will hear something about what it intends to bring up near its end.

Only one more series needs to try to grab my attention. Witch Craft Works is somewhat boring but at least they introduced a new character. It has one more chance or it gets dropped. Magi is being wached but I honestly didn’t keep up with it, it’ll be reviewed once again at the end of the season.

The other three are quite alright.

Space Dandy (4-5): Straight out of a George Romero film, Dandy and his crew more or less bring an infection to a group of individuals, including them. If the zombie apocalypse part wasn’t funny enough, the second half has the narrator chronicling the lives of the zombified crew. “I’m dead baby” got me good. It’s official, I’m addicted to the opening and ending of this as much as I was in love with Jojo’s opening and ending.

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Episode gets its own paragraph since it just happened to be the best thing I’ve watched all year (ohohohoho). It takes a break away from the comedy and just goes for a feels trip that I never expected. Dandy is one hell of a guy to help Adelie out here. More props for giving me some good memories of Galaxy Express with the space train too, the world of Space Dandy is quite a sight. Easily the best episode yet….and by god I need to find the insert song in the montage.

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Witch Craft Works (3-4): Protagonist now deserves to be called by his name Takamiya since he actually attempts to do something with basic magic. Then we get to see more futile attempts of the other witches while we finally learn of Kagari’s insistence on defending Takamiya. He’s sort of a magical battery that gives Karagi near infinite amount of power, and of course, since she legitimately doesn’t do too much, is the most responsible to have such ability. The other witches try to seperate the two but turns out Takamiya’s sister is also in on the witch thing.

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Nisekoi (3-4): The entire mishap now spreads amongst the school and obvious implications of stress take a toll on both Chitoge and Raku. But admist all the chaos, it turns out Chitoge isn’t all that amazing when it comes to making lasting relationships due to Dio that dude with the glasses. A tender moment between a fake relationship. That goes out the window still because Chitoge is still trash compared to Onodera. While both Onodera and Raku’s friends essentially reveal to their respective friends that the other has a thing for them, bro-misunderstanding subordinates however get in between that.

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Mahou Sensou (3-4): Isoshima is cute when she’s angry. Takeshi here seems to have a lot of previous stories with everybody. First off, he accidentally got his jealous brother into a car accident, Isosima’s pretty face legitimately got her some serious trouble with some stalkers, and Ida got his sister saved by some thugs by Takeshi. With that out of the way, there’s a love triangle, and surprise surprise: Mui isn’t annoying. Takeshi and Ida pull a badass combination when apparently Takeshi’s sword is basically a magic gunblade.

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