Music of the Week #123

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Alright so let’s get down to what I have planned.

First off: Witch Craft Works is dropped and recaps shall be done in Episodic Fashion now. So basically no more group recaps for this season.

As of every week, there will be a Recap by the end of the week. Since I caught up last time, I’ll be actually on schedule for once in the new year. Winter Wonfes is this weekend but I do have some stuff due the following few days so while a Figure post is planned, don’t expect that too soon. Galaxy Angel would continue if I wasn’t so hellbent on getting a higher rank on League of Legends and finishing Fallout New Vegas’s perfect ending. In fact, I wanted to do a Gametalk on New Vegas so for now, the 2nd game of Galaxy Angel is put on hold until I achieve what I need to get done in those two games. Hopefully, Dragon Age won’t interfere as much.

But that’s the story for now, I know people don’t care as much but I hate it when I have something left incomplete.

Anyways, moving on to the music. This week’s song is Higashikata Josuke’s theme. With all the synth guitar you could ask for.

Plus you can’t deny the pompadour is balling

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