Music of the Week #124

Rah, so much work


Today was supposed to be rather easygoing day but I lost items basically means I need to do some more work. I’m actually caught up for once and I sort of like the individual post thing. Provided things go smoothly as it is now for a while, I will keep this up. Anyways, nothing much to tell you folks, just working on classwork and needing to organize my stuff a bit more. My faith in League of Legends is restored with the leaked champion being definitely true and completely awesome, so more delays on some Gametalks.

Chalk up one more anime to the backlogs as I need to seriously watch Uchuu Kyodai and Steins;Gate (rather wrap my head around it a bit more). I’ll go into details but let’s just say I’m in want of some Seinen stuff for whatever reason.

Anyways, Jojo’s music run is almost finished because in all honesty out of the 8 Jojo’s, I only like around half their themes. Case in point: Giorno’s theme sucks so here’s Jolyne’s theme that has Hendrix written all over it.