Mahou Sensou Series Review: 7 out of 8 volumes in 12 Episodes

Torturing myself every season yields one of the worst things I’ve ever watched. It’s gonna be tough to top this one off.

Every series that is deemed “bad” usually has something going for it. It can be its animation, it’s distinctive style of said animation, music, fight scenes, and practically anything that can have some merit in watching it. I’m sure the worst of series can at least be salvaged with its saving grace.

THIS, however, has nothing going for it.

I wish I was kidding as being my usual snarky self but the worst part is: I’m not.

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Nisekoi Episode 9-11: If you think we made Progress, we still have 80+ chapters to adapt

For those of you who actually cared about me covering Mahou Sensou (that might number between no one and no one), I basically dropped it. Simple as that. I’m still watching it for the hell of it and await to rip it apart at the season’s end.

Anyways, why the delays? My computer has suffered from near-daily blue screens and since last month, it’s literally been making sounds of a dying animal. I can’t afford to get anything new until May so I have to make do and pray that it doesn’t completely die out. Just so happens that it did and now it’s just a useless piece of crap. Programs are all gone but Library contents still exist so I just need this thing to be safe until I can afford a good labtop

Enough crying though, let’s catch up

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Music of the Week #130

Never understood people saying “welp”

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure- The Heroes Jojo's Bizarre Adventure- Villains

Well with Dandy out of the way and Mahou Sensou to be finished this week I suppose, I’ll at least have one series to critique before the season ends. Jojo starts up immediately next Friday and you don’t even need to worry about me picking up that like a free hundred on the street. But I will deal with Spring when it comes next week.

I got one of my good friends hooked into the Metal Gear series and I legit summarized the plot of the Patriots and I have to say that even now I can’t begin to fathom how such a complex story too place. Speaking of games though, I have a slight issue with Dark Souls 2. I mean I want to beat it but once I Platinum it, I think I won’t play too much of it once I’m finished.  I can’t explain this feeling but I guess I’ll bring it up once I’m actually done with it.

My friend gave me Agarest War 2 so I could get into that but the battle system is a bit repetitive since I basically use most of all its functions every single battle.

But I digress: It’s time for some music while I prep up the Nisekoi recap. This week we conclude with Jojo after a good 30 weeks of it. I’m still playing All Star Battle and of course, the English localization drops on shelves the 29th. While I have some issues with it, I’m sure fans of the series who exactly who everybody is.

This week’s theme is the Credits theme for Jojo at the end of it’s Story mode run. It sure as hell beats the opening but then again, it does somewhat spoil a bit of the fights. Enjoy, we’ll tackle something new next week!

Space Dandy Episode 10-12: In an Alternate Dimension, I would be ahead of Schedule

I decided to tackle Space Dandy before Nisekoi because I’d rather chronicle the adventures of an obsolete robot, a lazy cat, and Josuke in space compared to 2 (later, 3) childhood friends and one reverse trap. Not saying Nisekoi is bad, but it has its manga which I read ahead in while I can never expect what Dandy does next.

Since there’s a lot of ground to cover, I’ll be doing more simplistic (moreso than I usually do) summaries and then straight to my reactions.

I lament the fact that I can’t pull off any creative titles but oh well, I’m going to say them later anyway

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Music of the Week #128-129


Diver Down

So scratch that about my computer getting fixed. It’s still blue screening itself to oblivion and further research reveals that they gave me an even worse video card that the old one. Expect more delays and more recap posts. If anything, I’m glad Dark Souls II is chipping away at my life since the videocard can’t even handle League of Legends at the present moment. I’m hesitant to redownload the games since I’m eventually going to get myself a labtop soon.

Spring break starts after classes tomorrow so if Dark Souls II doesn’t eat up my time, I’ll be trying to catch up with everybody through here. Prepare for a three weeker recap.

Anyways, with Anasui heading this dual weeker, I got two songs to share. But since I don’t like it when I’m delayed, I’m adding one more. This week’s themes are the themes for Lisa Lisa, Anasui, AND Vanilla Ice

Nisekoi and Space Dandy recaps coming up. Which is funny because it’s gonna be Mahou Sensou only. Nisekoi is 20 eps while Space Dandy is confirmed for two cour’d 26

Music of the Week #127


Jojo-Gangstar Dance

So my gaming schedule seems pretty booked with Dark Souls II coming out in less than a week and Chronophantasma on the 25th. Other than that, I’m awaiting Spring with bated breath. The two shows that instantly get on my watch list is of course, Jojo and the 2nd season of Date A Live. Everything else I forget but I will cross that bridge when the snow melts. Warner Anime on Youtube has the Character trailers up for Joseph and Avdol and I dare say they are pretty damn good. Sugita couldn’t pull off the Old Joseph as well as he did Younger Joseph but I feel like the new one is a great rendition. Both Avdols are great, but “judgement” (HAH, REFERENCE!) comes after Avdol gives us “YES I AM” and “HELL2U”. Kakyoin is up next and I have a hard time not imaging him as Koji Yusa. Do me proud.

Mahou Sensou is everything worse that I imagined. I wait. I will compare it later with some series when the season is up. On a happier note, I’m obviously enjoying Space Dandy (well, I liked the first half more in all honesty but I hope they can prove me wrong) and Nisekoi so far. I’m completely caught up with the latter as well.

If you aren’t  following Twitch and Pokemon, we beat Generation 1 a while ago and we’re having a considerably easier time with Gen 2 in my opinion. Because navigation was tricky again and because we didn’t release our starter yet, our Feraligatr is above Level 40 while the rest cower at his power.

Anyways, I forgot to add Diavolo’s theme in the Character theme portion of the JJBA ASB theme marathon so here we are folks.

Space Dandy Episode 9: Little Shop of Dandy

This is how I felt Episode 8 should have been done. However, lack of Dr. Gel and Bea leaves something wanting but I found this episode enjoyable nonetheless.

I’m also hooked to the song they used for the Toonami ending. It’s definitely in the show’s soundtrack so I’m awaiting March 25th with bated breath. Speaking of Toonami’s ending, I just noticed the mech from Episode 1 pull a Terminator 2. Anyways back to Episode 9.

It was also the perfect episode to experience while tripping.

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