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Space Dandy Episode 9: Little Shop of Dandy

This is how I felt Episode 8 should have been done. However, lack of Dr. Gel and Bea leaves something wanting but I found this episode enjoyable nonetheless.

I’m also hooked to the song they used for the Toonami ending. It’s definitely in the show’s soundtrack so I’m awaiting March 25th with bated breath. Speaking of Toonami’s ending, I just noticed the mech from Episode 1 pull a Terminator 2. Anyways back to Episode 9.

It was also the perfect episode to experience while tripping.

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Winter 2014 Week 4-5

Chunnibyou doesn’t really need coverage so I decided to drop it off the coverage but I “guess” I’ll be watching. The thing is, something in my head doesn’t even want to watch it but I guess I will hear something about what it intends to bring up near its end.

Only one more series needs to try to grab my attention. Witch Craft Works is somewhat boring but at least they introduced a new character. It has one more chance or it gets dropped. Magi is being wached but I honestly didn’t keep up with it, it’ll be reviewed once again at the end of the season.

The other three are quite alright.

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