Music of the Week #122

Catching up


It’s official, I’m addicted to Viva Namida and Welcome to the Xth Dimension (Space Dandy’s opening and ending). Speaking of that though, I will be bundling last week and this week’s in the recap due later this week. I have dropped a few series but now I have bias against anything that isn’t Dandy or Nisekoi.

Honestly not much going. I decided to continue my League of Legends venture and landed in Silver II so I guess I still have a long climb. Since I didn’t want the mental burden of playing multiple large RPG’s at once, New Vegas will recieve its perfect ending first while I’ll fiddle around with Dragon Age soon after. But by that point, Dark Souls II would be out.

Nothing to drop you with today other than the near-useless information above and this week’s theme. That’s right, we skipped the best Joestar because I personally didn’t find his theme as catchy and awesome compared to everyone elses. But here we go, the other fan favorite theme of Kujo Jotaro.

Extremely Short Winter 2013-2014 Recaps 1-3

Since I’m somewhat delayed, I decided to ditch the summaries and go straight for my reactions.

Winter season started nearly a month ago and I was unable to keep up with it because of family members. My time got freed up and I was catching up with finalizing the Fall anime stuff. But with those out of the way, we move on to the new year with a new season.

Suffice to say, I honestly did not see too much potential with the series presented this season. Only two so far that I really like.

Here’s the extremely short list of what to expect this season

  1. Space Dandy: I find myself in awe of the music and visuals. The show itself is pretty entertaining considering the style of “journey beats the destination” sort of way since it has no main plot other than the episode’s premise. Watching
  2. Nisekoi: I honestly could read the manga to make watching this obsolete but Hanazawa-san’s voice is too good to pass up. Watching
  3. Mahou Sensou: The light novels are apparently very lengthy so it has be good somewhere. Waiting
  4. Witchcraft Works: I don’t know why I’m watching this but I can drop it as fast as I picked it up. Close
  5. Chunnibyou: Is Touka really worth watching an entire series for? Close
  6. Seitokai: I think my dirty jox gauges have been maxed out at this point….Dropped

There’s a bit more down below but the above should summarize my basic thoughts.

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Music of the Week #121

Still On the Topic


Weeks 1-3 is heavily delayed but it should be up by week’s end. Which means that weeks 4-5 are most likely being bundled together. In all honesty, this season is just a buffer for the Spring. That doesn’t mean the selection is per se bad but I’m just too excited to Spring that it makes it seem nothing is better in comparison.

I’ve basically quit my League of Legends habits in favor of finally getting in Dragon Age Origins and I’m basically booked on that for a bit. It’s legitimately been the fault for my lazy attitude toward this season’s shows (and the fact that not too many of them are amazing). Speaking of games, I just might combine a Game list toward the figure list if I ever get to it, or if the figures are just fluctuating all over, the game list takes priority.

I finally found links to some of the soundtracks of this really old Korean PC game from my younger days. I will do a Gametalk on it but of course, being the stingy person I am, I have to motivate myself to finish Galaxy Angel. Remember those?

Anyways, Funny Valentine up there means there a few more songs from Jojo that still needs to be done. You might have noticed that I haven’t picked any “Jojo” themes and that was basically my ploy. Starting things off with Phantom Blood once more, it’s Jonathan’s theme.

White Album 2 (Anime) Mini-Review

Well wasn’t this just tough.

Understand that this is a mini review for a reason. The story is a drama and is plot-character based so I can’t give away too many things. Yes I did cover it but for this series, I decided to go for the non-spoiler route as it definitely is something one has to watch on their own to like it (or not, depending on how you sway)

I never actually watched, or rather, finished the first White Album anime but my brother’s love for the first game basically gave me enough background info on it. The main difference other than some missing plot points are that the main character makes a final choice in either staying faithful to his girlfriend Yuki or ending his relationship with Yuki and making a new one with Rina. The anime didn’t feature any of those endings. Why am I telling you this? Well, in the first White Album I was horribly biased in favor of Rina. The entire drama would have been probably better if I actually liked Yuki but in the end, it was basically Rina’s rigged game.

White Album 2 from what I’ve heard did a pretty solid job adapting what occured in its Introductory Chapter into the 13 episode format. This feat not being shared by a lot of Visual novel/eroge adaptations. The only one that I can remember off the top of my head being Mashiro Iro Symphony.

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Music of the Week #120


Jojo High

White Album 2 is the only remnant that needs to be dealt with to move on to the Winter Season. I suspect the weekend would be its approximate date of completion, if I’m feeling busy. That being said, every other non-review post will come eventually, classes have started back up and I need to get myself back into the rhythm of things once more.

I realized that Dark Souls II comes out in two months and I plan to buy a game to fill those gaps because I just know League is dying off on me unless they release a new champion. I can either just stick with another Perfect Run of Fallout New Vegas or spend some money on Metal Gear Rising or Grand Theft Auto 5.

In any case, time to go work on White Album 2 so heres this week’s theme. This is President Funny Valentine’s funky gift.

Fanservice Series Fall 2013 Review

You all know why you’re here. Too bad though, looking for good pictures is tiresome and I thought of not doing this post at all but whatever. This is for the 3 fanservice shows and my really quick thoughts on them. If you thought there were going to be pictures, you won’t find too many. This season’s fanservice sucked, and in hindsight, it’s rarely ever good.


The faster this is done, the faster I can get to working on the Winter season.

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Noucome Review

Choices Choices Choices

Noucome gets a seperate talk compared to the other series mostly because I happened to enjoy this style of random comedy. It’s like Zombie and Date A Live only I didn’t hate on anybody. No one will be as annoying as Haruna so it’s pretty hard to top that magnum of annoying characters.

This going to be a short review. If the series is mostly comedy and girls, don’t expect too much analysis or anything wise to say.

Didn’t follow me at all in the recaps? Well Noucome is a simplified version of a title that I don’t feel like typing out. Something about Japan’s light novelist’s craze about making absurdly long titles. I see no benefit other than basically giving the summary right then and there but come on. The title translates to “My Mental Choices are Completely Interfering with my School Romantic Comedy” where the protagonist Amakusa Kanade is afflicted with the most annoying curse ever told. He is forced to make decisions at random points in time or else he’ll suffer an immense amount of pain. Couple that with Japanese school life and comedic divine intervention and that’s basicaly Noucome for you.

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