Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru Series Review


One of the easier series I will be reviewing in the coming days

Oreshura definitely made itself a rather…unique harem when compared to the other harems that previously followed. Instead of the regular character archetypes and tropes, we have a strange gathering of childhood friend with one anomaly in the mix. However, considering it’s a harem, the series can only go so far. So with that, away we go to the critiquing board. The final episode continues directly where the last left with Eita running back to the contest after hearing Mana’s words. Chiwa gets her turn for a confession, Hime gets hers, Fuyuumi watches, and then it’s finally Masuzu’s turn. Masuzu begins to apologize to the crowd because she isn’t really in love with anyone until Eita comes up and gives his confession to her. Eita then kisses her and effectively fools everyone else, but the validity of the kiss’s meaning remains a mystery. Eita wakes up to see Masuzu next to him and she more or less falls for him (after all this time). Eita’s hunt advises him to get away from the harem end and just stick with one person. Eita agrees but his rejections turn out to be stronger confessions and everyone falls for him even more. In Chiwa’s case, she steals a kiss and Masuzu walks in and the two stare each other down. My thoughts on this will follow my thoughts on the characters and finally the series itself

Oreshura 1

  • Eita: Eita reminded me of Shizuku from Kaibutsu with all the grades and ignorance for the opposite sex but at least he has some social contact. He’s also a bit like Yuuta from Chuunibyou with the constant reminder that he was definitely once pretty delusional. That aside, as a protagonist for a harem, Eita was…..unique for around 2 episodes and then he just faded into the back. He does have some serious balls though, saving a girl by completely humiliating himself twice. Eita is…acceptable but by no means remarkable. (but then again, he does realize that everyone likes him)
  • Masuzu: Masuzu was the one who kept my interest for the entirety of the show. She’s that “perfect girl” that all the guys love and all the girls hate. What seems to be like a complete miracle for Eita turns into a rather spiteful, trollish ploy to stop getting guys from asking her out. Eita’s influence does grow on her and she does show a lot of vulnerable moments. That factors in to the whole, “Fake” thing she has going on. Whether or not those moments of weakness and appreciation is all fake is pretty convincing to say the least. Her blackmailing and fake personality was what kept me watching the show. The ice cold demeanor finally cracks at the end, and it was nice seeing her warm up for once in her life (but was that fake too?) Plus, the Jojo references, sweet christ. Jojo had itself an advertising program in an airing series, what perfect time to have the series animated.
  • Chiwa: If I could fix one thing with this series, it would be to remove Chiwa. She’s the typical childhood friend desperately in love with our main character, and the said main character can only see her as a sister type figure. Chiwa’s self entitlement to that status prompts her to do….nothing in particular to assert her dominace in the harem. Chiwa is essentially a useless character to me and I liked her the least.
  • Fuyuumi: Fuyuumi is yet another reason why I kept watching. While her arc was a bit dragged out (which only made me anxious to see how rushed they would make the ending) I liked her the most from the childhood friend crew. I feel like she’s the main rival to Masuzu (because she’s the only serious one in the group). She has a goal in mind and already has thoughts of marriage in their heads, she’s even delusional to boot.
  • Hime: I never took Hime seriously in the entire series. She gets like one episode of focus and it’s off to Fuyuumi’s arc. Hime’s delusions burn even stronger than Eita as she still hasn’t snapped out of her own little world. Instead of being an actual childhood friend, she rather forces herself into the mix. While I never saw her in serious light, she is EXTREMELY adorable.

In terms of the final episode, Mana’s encouragement for Eita to keep up the act ironically leads to more romance in Masuzu’s part. Eita’s aunt being the whiz here forsees the battlefield-harem end and suggests Eita to opt out. He agrees and checks on every girl. Eita’s solution for Hime makes him turn down his delusional character’s role but that empowers Hime even further. Then he tries to rip up Fuyuumi’s marriage contract, but she is able to get a blood mark of his fingerprint on it and does her thing for running outside. Chiwa however gives him a kiss and then Masuzu shows up…So in short, everyone’s flame is fueled up and ready for some more non-sense.


It’s a harem series, so there’s not much else to talk about other than discussing the characters. The premise did catch my attention though. A love relationship to fool everyone else sounded pretty interesting but then turned into a harem (what did I ever expect right?). Half of said harem was completely useless too. Chiwa is annoying while Hime, while cute, doesn’t serve too much purpose until she reveals to be quite the fanservice provider. In the end, it boiled down to Fuyuumi vs Masuzu but like most animes, it’s always the main cover girl who usually gets her ending. The comedy was varied due to most of the girls being…weirder than usual so that was something notable. The amount of parodies they gave off numbered around 4 series. While it may not be direct parodies, the series reminded me of (obviously) Jojo, Kaibutsu, Chuunibyou, and Haganai

I’ll give points for Masuzu and Fuyuumi for making this experience a bit more pronounced that other shows of this sort. I also really enjoyed the EXTREMELY smooth art style they used. Other than that…there’s really not much else left to say. It’s just another highschool harem featuring a regular highschool boy and a groups of girls liking him for god knows why.

Deciever Masuzu

It’s another one of those harems you see every season, it really depends (like always) on how you like the characters and for me, I think I’ll have positive things to say about this one (minus Chiwa). For a numerial value, I’d give it a 7/10 for Masuzu’s identity crisis

3 thoughts on “Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru Series Review”

  1. Hmm, a harem that tried to do something different. At least the girls with developed bodies are worth the eye-candy…but still not enough to make me pick it up.

    1. Congrats OG, you’re the 1000th comment
      Oreshura was just another forgettable harem in a “meh” season in my standards.

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