Date A Live Episode 4-5

Seeing as though how I’m covering the stuff from two weeks ago coupled with the stuff from last week, I decided that instead of just compiling it all in one post that will predictably move me back another week, I decided to just tackle the episodes and post them seperately.

So in the future, if I’m up to schedule, I will be using the Weekly Recap format, and as shown here: this will be the regular episodic style.

Genius plan no?
Genius plan no?

In this case, I was able to finish Date A Live a lot quicker than the rest. The reason behind that being Date A Live’s rushed nature. To be honest, DAL right here happens to the very few times I actually read the light novel before watching the anime (thats how far my love goes to Tsunako) and from that experience, I can say that the light novel is far superior than the anime (which honestly is not “too” much). The key point is of course the term “rushed” and the anime adaptation is without a doubt extremely rushed. From the looks of it though, I feel like we’re only going to get to the 3rd or the 4th spirit. Light novel adaptations tend to be less likely given an anime-original (usually bullshit) ending so at the very least, I can say I’ll be curious to see how they pull this one off.

Anyways, let’s move on shall we?

The Pictures for episode 5 are absolute shit in quality so they will be uploaded at a later time.

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