Music of the Week #80

Day late because…I’m not sure

Special Music

I will start tackling the Spring Anime once this week is over so be prepared for quick summaries for me to get back on track. Jojo and Maoyuu are due for series reviews and hopefully I’ll get to them by the end of the week. Well actually, just Maoyuu. Reviewing Jojo is redundant as it is an obvious fact that I LOVE IT. So 3 week recap and Maoyuu are in store.

Fate Extra CCC, Jojo’s All Star Battle, and Dark Souls II remain my most anticipated games. Until any of those ever come out in the states, I’m stuck with DotA 2. Not that it’s a bad thing. I’ve basically moved away from League for a while and returned to my roots as a DotA player.

Seeing as how I’m pretty unsocial around the anime blogosphere, I finally picked up a Twitter to re-enter the loop. If my confidence matters to any of you, please follow us (well, just me) on Twitter.

The beautiful tracks of Nujabes will be revisted later on so this will be his last track from him for now. I’ll be exploring songs by other artists until we reach Week #100 where we will return to our good old anime songs. This week is Counting Stars, enjoy