Music of the Week #78

Late but I was tired as hell

Special Music

Was too tired Wednesday to do ANYTHING while on Thursday, friends came over to play Brawl for like 10 hours and crash at my place. Currently just scouring the internet to learn/see/watch/verbs on ANYTHING related to Fate Extra CCC. Nothing more to say here that hasn’t been said a hundred times, gametalks are being worked on a slow pace while I busy myself with useless sh*t. Lucky for me though, I have series reviews this week and the next so woot

Music this week of course, once again from our beloved Nujabes. This week’s theme is Horizon

Winter Anime Week 9

Decided to pick up Mondaiji and Senran Kagura just for the hell of it. They’ll get series reviewed in a few weeks. I picked up a few Gintama episodes after seeing some more serious arcs show up. I swear, I hear Joseph everytime I hear Gintoki (used to be the other way around)

Nobume is so cute

Announcement: Maoyuu is not dropped, it instead will just recieve a series review.

Short comments but I’m already like 2-3 weeks late

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Music of the Week #77

On time this time

Special Music

Not too much going on at the moment, except I have a lot of free time this week so I’ll be busting my ass off playing Pokemon catching up with Weekly Recaps. Just need pictures and sum up Maoyuu and there you have it, a 3 pronged and delayed posts in a span of three days. I could post them in succession but eh, I’ll give that some thought. New Series are gonna start up soon, but all I’m seriously wanting to see is STARDUST CRUSADERRRS

Pokemon’s been dominating what little free time I have. Currently breeding some candidates for my team in Pearl/Platinum while hunting for a Ferroseed, Pawniard, Golett, and Axew in my BW2. I swear, I get every nature that isn’t the one I’m busting my fingers to get.

League of Legends is REALLY starting to bore at the moment, and I’ve resorted to actually buying some new champs. I picked up playing Dawn of War II Retribution again as well, there are still a few games in the public matches that I partake in once in a while.

I think I got my wants in Figures down, or rather, I have categorized them even more to either InstaBuy, Waiting for Paintjob, If I have some extra cash lying around (never). Will talk about that at later time.

Enough of that though, let’s get to this week’s music. This week’s theme is The Final View by the one and only Nujabes.

Western Animation: Futurama and The Luck of the Fryrish

A few months ago, I posted a piece detailing one episode from Futurama that really touched many peoples’ hearts. I mentioned in that post that I had one more from the same series that I wished to talk about (at this given point). Because of my busy schedule earlier this week, I was not able to post it on the day it was aired (March 11th) but it’s better late than never.


Today, allow me to tell you the great pieces of Western animation through the 10th episode of its 3rd season, The Luck of the Fryrish.

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Music of the Week #76

Busy Week, late-late posts are being written up when I have the chance.

And here they are now, roll em out

Special Music

The weekday was seriously killing me with stuff to do so I couldn’t get ANYTHING done other than get my studying in. So far I have Weekly Recaps, 2 planned posts, bunch of Gametalks, and thats mostly it. In terms of stuff going on right now, I’m still playing Rollercoaster Tycoon and got into Pokemon again. Breeding Skarmory is a bitch. League of Legends is more active in my list because Light’s been playing that a lot and recently has been my way of communicating with that lazy bum again.

Been hunting for eroge to play too, but thats for a later time.

Anyway people, here’s this week’s overdue music, and I’m off to write more stuff since I have a day off tomorrow

Mystline by our beloved Nujabes 😀 Let the calming piano and bell sooth your mind through the day.