Winter Anime Week 12

Last week before I go off on series reviews, which in my opinion are a lot more entertaining to do than weekly ones. Such is the path I’ve chosen, but oh well let’s get started


GO GO GO! AFTER THIS, IT’S JUST SERIES REVIEWS! Cept Jojo because that tags along with the Spring Anime Weekly posts now, WHERE THE HELL IS MY STARDUST CRUSADERS


Jojo Fabulous Bloodline

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Jojo is stuck in the most dangerous situation of his young life when he’s holding Lisa (unknown to him, his own mother) from falling while Cars slowly approaching him. Speedwagon and Smokey on the commentator’s booth try to get Stroheim’s squad to help out Jojo but our Nazi’s are having trouble dealing with the large number of vampires. Jojo attempts a kick but Cars effortlessly blocks it and begins his taunts. Jojo then announces that he as a plan and then he lights his scarf on fire, saying that the added incentive to the situation will force him to come up with a solution quickly (as if having his mother dangling above death and a thousand year old being with the intent of murder wasn’t enough). Cars lunges and tries to land a few quick strikes but Jojo swings the ropes to dodge them. Cars gets pissed as he feels he has less control over the situation than he initally thought and threatnens to cute Lisa’s rope himself if Jojo doesn’t stand still so Cars can just cut him at his leisure. Cars seriously warns Jojo that he’ll cut the rope but Jojo tries one last kick and Cars lets the ropes drop and our duo fall to their deaths…..or so everyone thought. Cars’ feet is tangled by the ropes and he immediately realizes Jojo’s entire plan. Jojo’s initial kick was to shorten the rope’s length and Jojo’s dodges was setting up the entire trap he laid out. The fire on the scarf was only there to divert Cars’ attention. Jojo then uses his scarf to (wtf) launch himself up and hit Cars with his most powerful ripple. Cars falls, and Lisa is hoisted up by Jojo and the day is won. Stroheim’s troops prepare to finish off Cars and Smokey inquires why Lisa kept her identity a secret.

Jojo Ultimate Being

Speedwagon then begins the flashback with Joseph’s father/Jonathan’s son Jorge (or George) Joestar and his wife, Elizabeth (Lisa). While Elizabeth was training with Straits, George moved himself up in the Royal Air Force. Back then, Straits and Speedwagon were sure that they wiped out the vampires when they destroyed the mask but they didn’t know of one survivor that hid himself and resurfaced in the Royal Air Force (disguised as the commander). George, who heard of the stories of the monsters, suspected the commander but was murdered by said commander before he could get any evidence. When news of this reached Elizabeth, she stormed out and killed the commander and was branded a criminal by the country. Speedwagon safely scurries off Elizabeth somewhere safe in hidden sanctuary. Elizabeth then becomes Lisa Lisa and entrusts Jospeh to Erina who requests Speedwagon to tell Joseph that his parents are dead. Erina and Lisa both wish for Joseph to never know about the ripple and the stone mask. Back in the present, Smokey is tugged by the heartstrings as he hears the tragic tale. That’s cut short when Stroheim’s troops ready a large ultraviolet cannon. Cars is about to be toast…..until he rears his head…with the stone mask and the red stone socketed on to its space. Everyone scrambles to stop the cannon but the light beams into Cars’ mask and the radiant light covers the area…

Cars doesn’t even an episode in his fight but what comes next will be one HELL of a struggle for humanity. As I immediately just mentioned, Cars’s fight lasted extremely short but a fight of trickery can only come to a close with even more dastardly trickery. Cars is defeated quite easily and is weak enough to be completely wiped out by the Nazi’s, that is of course until he puts on the Stone Mask. The other half of the episode consisted of George II (George I was Jonathan’s dad) Joestar and his tragic tale. The life of a Joestar must be tough as hell, he has nothing to do with ripples and he gets killed. The stone mask will bring no more harm and the legacy will be destroyed along with Cars….after another fight with the now empowered Cars.

Magi Smarts

Magi: Dunya charges her special beam cannon and Isaac stalls our team from disrupting her channeling. Hakuryu and Alibaba engage Isaac up close while Aladdin uses his spells. Said spells produce steam that envelops the battlefield, better or for worse, Alibaba and Hakuryu try to use the steam to their advantage but Isaac’s speed has them beat. Alibaba tries to fight Isaac off but before the critical blow hits Alibaba, Hakuryu sacrifices his arm to save him. Dunya fires off her magic spells but before we see its full effects, the scene switches to the fight in Sindria. All the 8 generals try to fight off the incoming invaders. If the sheer number of the enemies didn’t make it harder for them, a large miasma approaches the entire island. To be frank, things ain’t looking well. Back in our side, the spell that Dunya casted seemingly has destroyed our crew…but she finds out that she completely missed due to Aladdin’s light trick. Using the steam he used to moisten the area, Aladdin was successfully able to conjure a mirror image of themselves and nullifies Dunya’s attack. Dunya, after using her attack, is now in her regular form without any powers and Isaac tries to help her. Alibaba takes this chance to slice Isaac into pieces, but he gets back up..but eventually turns into sand. The fight outside Sindria turns around as some of the generals gain the upper hand in their personal fights. Alibaba rushes toward a dying Dunya and being near her, brings with her the black magoi. These transmits Dunya’s memories to Alibaba and he sees her past with Isaac and her status as a Princess who lost her royalty due to her kingdom’s take over of the magician’s country. The country of Musta’Sim becomes overtaken by Magnostadt, and the higher ups try to rid the old royalty’s bloodline. Her reason for working with Al Thamen was to restore her country, but now with that chance gone, Alibaba then stands to face the masked man, who’s name seems to be Ithnan. The latter prompts the prince to stab him with Amon’s sword but Aladdin tries to stop that from happening. Alibaba’s rage takes reins and he stabs Ithnan and both of them are now fully covered in black magoi. From the darkness, steps out a Black Djinn equipped Alibaba.

Magi The Past

Oh lord, they are detracting off from the manga faster than a cheetah with rollerskates. First off, Dunya’s memories are a lot more vivid and her time with Isaac is a bit more tragic in the manga. Hakuryu’s arm wasn’t cut off to save Alibaba, rather he got attacked and lost an arm (less dramatic but hey). Finally, Alibaba never succumed to Black Metal Vessel, rather the rest of the fight was continued by the members of the 8 Generals. To me, this and next episode is disappointing for me strictly because of the diversion from the manga.

Oreshura Fake Bonding

Oreshura: Everyone finally arrives at the beach and before the event starts, everyone decides to just have some leisure time. Honestly, there’s not much else to say but the girls had a fun time at the beach while Eita tries to divert attention away from the showstealing Masuzu. When the frolicking at the beach ends, Masuzu and Eita (the former in the shower) discuss how they can strengthen their ploy amongst the girls as the events from the last episode has them doubtful of eachother’s relationship. Eita tries to do this but thinks about the consequences of his actions he thinks about kissing her but doesn’t pull through with it, Masuzu however tries to get this done. Eita’s excuse prompts the girls to call it a night but they give our fake couple a pair of cellphone straps they have made. Eita visits a stunned Masuzu who see’s how much of a bitch she was to everybody, and realizes how everyone else turns to be a better person than she is. Eita suggests that she just comes clean, but even so, the pain she caused everyone else (mostly Chiwa) by taking Eita away gives her enough reason to come clean than bail out. Masuzu formally apologizes to Eita and promises him that she will stop the blackmailing act. Later that day, Eita runs into Mana and after a brief verbal spar, they sit down to talk. She apologizes for her sister’s behaviour but Eita responds with an understanding tone that his experience wasn’t too bad. Mana more or less tells that Masuzu does actually have a thing going on, as the only person she could ever like would be someone wh would go with her lies.

Oreshura Everyone Else

Obligatory swimsuit episode. Nothing special to see here. Oh wait, Masuzu NOT being a complete bitch? Oh lord what’s going on here. Other than the fanservice part of the episode, a plan to convince everyone else that Eita and Masuzu’s relationship being real turns into a guilt trip for the latter. While trying to pull off a convincing kiss, Eita backs out and the other girls give them cellphone straps. Masuzu then rethinks the entire situation and decides that her punishment is way overdue. Change of heart in an almost touching way, didn’t expect that from a regular beach episode. Big conclusion~ Eita will finally be released from captivity..or will he?

Haganai Rika's Eyes

Haganai NEXT: Rika overworking herself leads to a small illness and the movie is cancelled for everyone, seeing as how the experience won’t be the same if they don’t watch their film together. Rika is moved and almost begins crying and then she requests Kodaka to read a book for her. That turns out to be a BL book and Kodaka isn’t able to refuse puppy-eyes Rika so he proceeds on reading it. Days later, Rika finally recovers and unveils the movie which turns out to be complete nonsense but everyone enjoys their creation. Conflict appears when Yusa barges in the clubroom, demanding that it be shut down due to the club’s ambiguous goal and inactivity. Yozora retorts back sharply stating that them fooling around is part of the club’s goals to make friends and be more social. Yusa’s arguments get gunned down as Yozora retorts back with school rules regarding clubs, dressing rules (for Rika and Yukimura), and even defends Kobato’s placement in a highschool club. Yusa runs away but returns the next day and demanding to see their club moderator. While Maria is definitely a nun, she’s happens to be a regular girl in a nun outfit. Kodaka calls up Kate who more or less confesses that she only brought her here to watch over her (and dress her up because it’s cute). Sena however fixes that situation by calling her dad and the problem is solved, Yusa flees in terror after Sena threatnens her and peace is restored…that is until Sena brings up the marriage issue with Kodaka out of the blue and basically says, she wants to get married out of her own wishes. Everyone in the room quiets down in complete suprise and Kodaka is approached by Sena once more after he pretends he didn’t hear. Kodaka then leaves the room in a rush.


Haganai Confession Reaction

Let’s say you had no friends. Let’s say you joined a club to make some. You’ve finally made some real friends who you really care about. Then one day, a girl from said club confesses to you on the spot. Wil you just accept that one girl and ignore everyone else? To me, that was the situation Kodaka was in. Other than Rika taking the episode for herself, Sena took it back in the last few seconds. Yusa contends for 2 minutes of fame but she dies out with a wimper. Kodaka’s solution, while causing immense hatred from the fans, is sort of understandable for me. That being said, I’m not too keen on running away (cause personally, someone with Sena’s attitude is meh-sauce) but hey, what else could a guy do to keep everyone happy? The answer to that in the final series review

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