Music of the Week #79

Series review week is upon us

Special Music

Oreshura is done, Haganai just needs pictures, only Magi and Maoyuu need to be written up. Spring recap might be a bit more delayed due to me working on all this. For this week, expect one post per day. Haganai might be finished today if I’m not too distracted (goddamn you Imgur). Other than that, it’s a pretty standard review-rush week.

Been reading Date a Live (LN) and oh lord Tohka (the “main” girl) is adorable. I’ll have more to say when I actually talk about the first episode. The Fate Extra game talk is complete and holy lord is it lengthy, I’ll spruce it a bit more with pictures and release it around this week. CCC is out in Japan and I’m going crazy over on the spoiler forums. BRING IT TO AMERICA. Been playing Kamidori Alchemy Meister again and that gets its own Gametalk right after Extra.

That’s all for now folks, I need to get back to studying/typing

This week’s music is World’s End Rhapsody bu Nujabes. The music sampled is Betcha if you Check it Out by the Quadraphonics

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