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Music of the Week #355



The new season is fully under way and I don’t think I’ll be watching much aside from BnHA again, although I probably will make more of an effort to check out the new shows like Grand Blue, a comedy series I’ve been hearing my friend enjoy for the past couple years. Although, my policy with “covering” comedies will probably prevent me from doing weekly recaps. We’ll see what happens.

This week’s theme is the Jade Corridor, the theme of the outer, non-safe areas of the Phantasma past the Hermit’s Garden. While you wouldn’t be wrong to think that this area would be the new over-world theme, the Phantasma for better or for worse has a lot more “overworld” areas than just one so the Jade Corridor is not something you’ll be listening to for too long in the game, although it’s not a theme I’d mind hearing more.

Music of the Week #354


Go go go

Attempting to be on this week and I sure hope I follow through with writing this entire thing before I end up playing games all night and forgetting about it. The new season is starting up and, of course, the week I decide to bundle up BnHA’s episodes is when the series takes a week break so I’m just sitting here with nothing to cover as of yet. At least it looks like we’ll be going for a two cour of BnHA so I’ll have something to continue covering at the very least.

This week’s theme is the safe hub within the Phantasma known as the Hermit’s Garden. While empty in the beginning stages of the game, the area becomes populated by the non-active party members you are able to recruit as the game progresses. Considering how this is the last game in the Sky trilogy, an enormous cast of 12 characters who all have different dialogue almost every other sequence in the game’s progression and different interactions with who or who is not in the active party. The garden also has a bunch of other interactive elements such as a periodic healing font and library with all of the previous game’s book collections being available to read. It’s definitely one of my favorites and the pure density of dialogue branches had me forget trying to do all the combinations before the finale.

Music of the Week #353



All the free time I had went into celebrating a holiday so aside from the new season starting up, there’s not much else to go by at the moment. BnHA’s episode was mostly filler so I deliberately skipped out on covering last week’s episode since there wasn’t much to cover but it looks like the Provisional License exams will be covered but I have an inkling feeling that the start of the Internship Arc might occur before the 3rd season is finished. Seeing as how the gap between the manga and anime is shortened nearly every passing week, I doubt we’ll see a Season 4 anytime soon. Megalo Box will be finished hopefully by the end of the week. In the day I was late by, Jojo Part 5’s seiyuus were announced and I’m sad the ones from all those commercials aren’t coming back, here’s hoping for the best.

This week’s theme is the Recluse Cube, the name of the device that brings Kevin and Ries into the Phantasma. I honestly forget when this tune plays but it’s the theme that plays during the transition time from booting up the game and to the main menu.

Music of the Week #352


Let’s be early

I keep saying I’ll watch Woktaku these days but my plate has been pretty full keeping up my new life schedule. Maybe it’ll be revisited sometime in the future when I’m in desperate need of romcoms to watch. I think my romcom senses have calmed down after dabbling in some VNs recently so I guess I’m not exactly in the mood for those.

This week’s theme is one of the many themes that play in TitS the 3rd’s overworld, the Phantasma. Whereas the previous two entries of the series had you walk around the country of Liberl, the Phantasma is a lot smaller and feels more dungeon like than the open RPG style of the previous games. Finding out why Kevin and co. were brought into the Phantasma and why it has suddenly formed itself is true plot within the 3rd.

Music of the Week #351



Awkward timing and circumstance led me to completely forget it was Wednesday. The end of the season is approaching pretty quickly and I’m once again feeling that certain type of way when the season is close to ending. It’s nostalgic saying that because it’s been a while since I’ve been active like this in a while and I can only hope that it somewhat remains the same going into the Summer season, my usual time of year where I think there’s nothing for me to watch, or at least, cover in some capacity.

Also, holy shit Part 5’s anime got announced for October.

With a new picture and new 50 post mark, we switch on over to Trails in the Sky’s 3rd entry that’s a bit different than the rest. The spotlight has shifted from Estelle and Joshua and the new protagonist features Kevin Graham, a member of the church who is introduced in SC’s early chapters. The story takes months after the events of SC where all the characters we know and love have continued their lives in Liberl. Kevin is sent back into the country and is tasked with handling a mysterious device found beneath a chapel in Grancel. Kevin is reunited with his childhood friend and adoptive family member Ries Argent before they’re drawn into a strange world within the mysterious device and the cast members both primary and supporting are drawn into the world as they attempt to unravel its mysteries.

Music of the Week #350



DMC5 is announced and all I really care about that fact is that I can actually say that it’s real and it’s happening. I might have some issues with Neros new hairstyle and his odd new business partner but I finally have another game to look forward to again. Really not much else to go on from here, I mostly slept through E3 and only know that there’s like 3 big samurai games from companies I’m familiar with as well as Smash bringing everyone back.

We conclude the music spotlight for Trails in the Sky SC this week with its end credits theme, I Swear. While it’s not my favorite end-theme in the series, it’s quite a nice and uplifting way to send off the story of Estelle and Joshua as they continue their adventure while the rest of the enormous cast part ways to fulfill their own dreams. For the people who played Trails of Cold Steel, this is the song that the class sings during the school festival which is odd seeing as though the motif of Sky is the one popular song there instead of well, this.

Music of the Week #349



Money making is making me sleep in a weird sleeping pattern so I’ve been out of it for the past week. Still got Megalo Box and BnHA out in time while still keeping up with P5 the Animation which honestly hasn’t been all that horrendous now that they’re mucking around doing the slice of life stuff before they go and meet Makoto and go do Kaneshiro’s palace. Still haven’t been keeping up with Wotaku unfortunately so hopefully I get some time of clarity to catch up with that on a weekend.

This week’s theme is yet again another familiar tune using Trails in the Sky’s motif. This piece plays during the final moments before the credits begin to roll and while the climatic moment doesn’t exactly make the tension any less weighted, I still knew “that” wasn’t going to happen. In fact I was more concerned of the scene BEFORE this particular scene happened but unless any reader is familiar with the final moments of SC, all my whispers won’t mean jack.