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Music of the Week #190


Back again


ACEN is done and gone and I’ve got to find something to do with myself for the next few months. Whether that be Bloodborne, DMC4:SE, or a job, I pretty much welcome anything at this point that will eat up my time. Maybe I’ll get back into Pokemon but hot damn is the self-trading process slow. Jojo itself has surprisingly ended Vanilla Ice in two and a half episodes, so now it’s all nothing but DIO

We’ll be finishing off Demon’s Souls today with the final theme, One Who Craves Souls, that plays when you choose the “Bad Ending” and kill the Maiden In Black attempting to lull the Old One back to sleep. You become a part of the greatest demon and you continue this “dark age” of mankind.

Music of the Week #189


Off for the weekend


ACEN is a few days away and I’m getting myself prepared for sore feet and an empty wallet with its overpriced wares but it’s all part of the experience. Other than that, it will be an uneventful week waiting in anxiety but hey, this weekly post came late so I’ll probably have only one day left.

Either way, this week’s theme is the one of the two songs that play during the credits that happens after you choose the “Good” Ending, where you leave the Old One to be tended to be the Maiden In Black and it is lulled back to sleep. The art of souls disappears and peace is finally restored in Boletaria. Here’s Return to Slumber, I’ll see you after I go broke next week.

Music of the Week #188


Here we go


Jojo has its first 3 parter and Vanilla Ice’s name is already copyright-changed, no big surprises here since his name happens to be a more blatant/modern reference. Anyway, I vaguely remember Vanilla Ice’s fight being intertwined with DIO’s so DIO is nearly here and I pray to god that Part 4 gets green-lit.

Dark Crusade’s playthroughs come to an end as I mostly just wanted to pimp out all the commanders in wargear while having a bitching Honor Guard crew. My desire to play Soulstorm is substantially gone since I don’t need to play the Imperial Guard campaign in it anymore while I still want to play more Dark Eldar. Oh well, back to New Vegas.

This week’s theme is fittingly called Demon’s Souls which is the first thing you hear before you even start a playthrough as it is the music for the opening cinematic. Up until Bloodborne, there weren’t cinematic intros since Demon’s Souls and a crying shame that is because Dark Souls and its sequel have some good moments I would have love to see animated. I guess with their extended cinematic trailers and all, I guess they didn’t need those.

Music of the Week #187





I’ve been noticing my renewed interest in 40K because of my continued Dark Crusade playthroughs. The voice acting is superb while the snappy dialogue during the game’s more challenging missions are actually really nice. Was thinking of getting Soulstorm but I honestly find the air units absolutely unnecessary and even the two new races (of only one of which I’m interested in) isn’t worth it for me.

Other than that, we’ll head straight to the music here. Last week’s theme was what I considered to be the true final boss to the game while the actual final boss is this. Inside the Old One lies the TRUE King Allant that brought ruin upon Boletaria and he is but a shambling mess of a creature that can barely hold his own sword. He’s not challenging at all but serves as a reminder to what may happen to all of us lest be be consumed by our hunger for souls. After he is slain, his final words ring, “You fool. Do you not understand? Nobody wishes to go on.”


Music of the Week #186


Bit late



Got caught up with something last night and also had to study for a bit so I apologize for the delay. Speaking of delays, there isn’t that much for me to disclose since I haven’t had too many things to do. Classes are almost out and that also means we’re reaching the end of Part 3 soon. Hopefully Part 4 becomes green lit and I pray that they retain some of the VA’s.

Other than that, I’ve been playing more Dawn of War for whatever reason. Finally, in terms of stuff I’m watching, it seems that it’s only Oregairu S2 and DxD to laugh at it.

This week’s theme is that of Old King Allant, AKA, the False King. He’s the toughest and the only non-gimmick archdemon in the game and as many people call it, the true final boss. You might be thinking, there’s 5 areas right? Then what happened to the World 2 archdemon you may ask? Well the as intimidating as the Dragon God sounds and how amazing his arena looks, the only thing you need to for DG here is just evade his sight and activate two enormous ballistas. After that, he just lies his head on the ground for you to finish him off. That’s it. False King and his guard dragon is a lot more difficult. Allant has a diverse, quick moveset that has plenty of variations to trip you up. While the recent games in the series (mostly Dark Souls 2) was criticized for the 1 vs 1 dude in armor boss fights, Allant is one of the best fights the entire series will give you.

Music of the Week #185





I’m at a lack of souls either because of my inattentiveness or just not that many shows that I want to watch are airing. I think around Week 3 where the earliest shows have their 3rd episode are the latest times a new series could start off so I’ll be waiting til next week before I have a definitive list on what I’ll be watching for sure. But for now, nothing that new going on.

Let’s just move right onto the music here. Last week we were at the Storm King and we were at Maiden Astraea before. Similar to the previous 2 archdemons, the Old Monk is another gimmick fight that really varied in experience for a lot of people. Before I move on, I will have to say Tower of Latria (World 3) is probably one of the best designed levels in the entire franchise since I loved all the sectors. The Old Monk’s gimmick is that if someone used the online invasion item, they would replace the regular AI character boss and become the final boss of the sector. This could range from being easy to hard and I have acted as a boss a few times. Hilariously enough, most people actually die before even making it to the boss room thanks to the Mind Flayer mobs outside.

Music of the Week #184


Spring time


Spring season is going by but I find myself lacking in shows, guess I’ll have to wait a few more days before everything starts rolling out. I doub I’ll pick up anything to cover episodically like Jojo since most of them will most likely be comedy or be too wordy (I’m looking at you Oregairu). Also, I might not even pick a fanservice of the season show other than DxD, mostly so I can just laugh at it with my friends

Other than that, I’m just waiting to report. Hopefully will finish the Harem Roundup for last season.

This week’s theme is that of the Storm King, the archdemon for World 4, the Shrine of Storms. Something about archdemons and how most of them are all gimmick fights. In Storm King’s case, it is the mother(?) of all the flying stingray beasts that populate the area. You have to kill around 10 of them to make the Storm King near the ground as its constantly flying high in the sky. Normally, you would use a bow or some magic, but there’s an extremely likable gimmick to this fight that makes it memorable. Farther in the battlefield is a field of monumental stones that house a weapon called Storm Ruler. In any other area, the Storm Ruler would be an easily broken twig of a sword, but in this map only, the weapon gains a new effect. Using the strong attack button, the Storm Ruler can charge a concentrated wave of air and tear through the air. Just by presentation, Storm King was a great boss.