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Music of the Week #590

Down time.

I’ve finally caught up with the games I’ve managed to finish and now I’m about to start another pretty soon. Will probably be a while before I finish it though, we’ll see if I my Nioh 1 skills are still kicking at all. Apparently there’s talks about the Elden Ring DLC being real so I hope that’s true. I recently booted up my 2nd playthrough’s file and have no idea what I was in the middle of doing.

The Palace of Shadows is a mysterious place sealed behind the Thousand Year Door. It’s like the gate to an actual dungeon which feels completely enclosed but then around 75% of the way through, you open up to an area that has a tower situated in the middle of a small moat. This area always felt oddly tranquil after fighting your way through the palace’s oppressive halls and wouldn’t you know it, there’s a bigass dragon just a screen away.

Music of the Week #589

Nice and fast.

I actually finished Yakuza 6 in around a week and I just need to pull some pictures from my PS5 since the thoughts are still fresh. I have a couple more games to go through but I think I’ll be taking my time going forward. Yakuza 6 was just special because it was a lot shorter than I thought it would be.

The Palace of Shadows is the final dungeon of the game and what’s actually behind the Thousand Year Door and it feels like a whole different world in there. My younger self was too dumb to realize I could walk out of the dungeon because of how conclusive the action felt.

Music of the Week #588

Things are happening.

I’ve got two posts more or less ready to go, one’s going up tomorrow and the other just needs pictures. I actually have the pictures on my computer now so I can barely delay it without excuses. I have the desire to get these out now so I actually mean it when I say they’ll be done before the week ends.

This is one of my favorite themes in the game and “almost” makes up for the slog we had to go through getting here. The X-Naut fortress is revisited in almost every chapter interlude with Peach and some of the interior is even explored by her but exploring the level as Mario proper has this amazing techno theme playing. It dies down around the time you get to Grodus’ room and office but it plays right back up until you reach the end of the factory portion to have your last rematch against Crump and his mech.

Music of the Week #587

I actually wrote stuff.

I actually got games to play finally and I can move Elden Ring’s post up to be written unless I’m inspired to finish Ruined King and talk about it while it’s still fresh in memory. In the anime side of things I binged the entirety of Fufuu Ijou Koibito Miman. Don’t have “that” much to say about it to warrant a full post but that ending was pure season 2 bait. Speaking of those, I learned that Masamune-kun of all things is getting a 2nd season like 5 years since it aired. Crazy world.

The Moon is one half of your reward for suffering through the hunt for General White. It’s a neat little zone where you naturally jump higher with less gravity but your actual dungeon and my favorite dungeon in the game is settled in the background which you have to find your entry into.

Music of the Week #586


My holidays almost over but I have some material to work with for a bit. I’m pretty sure Nagatoro’s Season 2 comes out this Winter season so it’ll be nice to have something to watch again. I also, once again, discovered an anime that had just finished airing to binge so maybe I’ll write my thoughts on that in the near future. At least Stone Ocean’s done with too.

Fahr Outpost’s the last little town in the Thousand Year Door and it’s not all too noteworthy aside from the Frozen Soviet base feel of the whole thing. More importantly than its atmosphere is the utterly notorious nature of the critical path progression that is required to move on to the penultimate dungeon of the game. The hunt for General White takes you all over the game’s previous settlements hunting for leads but it turns out that in your wild goosechase, he’s one step ahead of you and asleep in his house in the outpost after you finish your trip.

Music of the Week #585

Real late.

Jojo is all written up and just needs the final touches, already sounds like a repeat of last week. The holiday laziness and family time really eats up any of my solo time. No real excuses beyond that and playing some singleplayer games finally. I really should finish up that Battle Chasers post even if I won’t have the photos I want to use. I’m certain I’ve said that line once before too.

Consider this week a double feature for being so late and not being able to post the Stone Ocean write-up as I had wanted. Grodus is the primary antagonist of the Thousand Year Door and I thought he was a pretty nifty villain, being the one serious individual in an army of hooligans who are mostly led on the field by Lord Crump. Grodus’ boss fight also confused young stupid me because I spent two turns tattling him and his summons and letting him prop up his shield. I realize just how terrible I was at this game looking back. Grodus’ theme however is a bit further down the line while his room’s theme is something we hear frequently as the end of chapter interludes featuring Peach usually start off with Grodus barking orders to his subordinates in his throne room.

Music of the Week #584


I got the Stone Ocean post ready to go but it just needs a couple finishing touches. A lot of distractions have been popping up between having some games to actually play. Hopefully I can manage this better now that my area’s snowed out to hell.

The Poshley Sanctum is the last stretch of Chapter 6 that provides a light puzzle before awarding you the Crystal Star. You’ve basically won the chapter at this point because you already beat the Smorgs and the Dark Boos are completely optional.