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Music of the Week #264


Easy week but somehow late. Go me.


Busy week “was” over but it also bled into this week and I can safely say I can pretty much relax all week. Been feeling a lot more tired than usual but I guess that’s just the residue from the sickness I had the past weekend. As a result, I just ended up spending most of time mentally exhausted and just consumed some videos and movies.

One important thing I forgot to mention last week on the Seth spotlight: His voice. Yuki Kaiji doesn’t the hold the most favorable light from me, even if has voiced Johnny and Koichi but he hasn’t really landed “that on role” for me to really like him. All that changed when I heard Seth’s voice and Yuki Kaiji actually used a seriously deep and distinctive tone that still gave him away as Yuki Kaiji but GODDAMN. Yuki Kaiji practically landed himself some serious respect and admiration for his work with Seth because he sounds downright menacing, a complete far cry from his usually typecasted voice roles.

Moving right along to our coverage of Under Night themes, we have Yuzuriha at the bat. For simplicity’s sake, we’ll just call her Yuzu. Yuzu shares a similar ancestry with Seth in that her own family descends from the Yato and like Seth’s own family, Yuzu’s ancestors abandoned their duties and decided to live separately and settled on a shrine. Yuzu, while broken away from the Yato’s traditions, upholds her own duties in the Hollow Night and goes around dispensing “justice” to evildoers. This has gained her some notoriety among the In-births, most notably Gordeau, who acknowledges her skills enough to not try and bother fighting her. Yuzu’s story mostly takes place because she found nothing interesting on T.V and decided to dispense her regular justice in the Hollow Night. Not too many others really have any story implications with her other than our main man Hyde, who apparently has known Yuzu for quite some time and shares some “incriminating” history in which he tries to apologize to her for.

Yuzu was entrusted with an heirloom blade that she affectionately calls Ayame-chan and like the other Yato-ancestry, has immense mobility. Yuzu is the resident katana-user who boasts one of THE largest ranged specials in the game. They’re not the fanciest specials ever but the her Iai technique is actually one of the more aggravating defense to pierce since it covers so much of the screen and sends you flying to the wall if you make a mistake. Coupling with her immense range, Yuzu’s main “draw” is her Stance gameplay which allows the player to Hold down a button after drawing and sheathing her blade to move across the screen with her teleport/shunpo, jump, feint a dash, or pull off one of the only dodge functions in the game. This makes playing Yuzu effectively requires you to master moving around during and after he combos to either set up for some serious cross-up and mix-up options on wake-up or pull some flashy combos. As for her normals, Yuzu can also utilize her long jacket to add to her moves as well as act as a counter. Also, she pulls an elbow as her jump light, she even yells it out too. I’m confident when I say that Vatista, Seth, and Yuzuriha are one of the hardest characters to play and I’m just fine playing Seth out of those 3, even if i naturally are inclined to play katana-users and Yuzu herself is basically Vergil’s daughter.

Music of the Week #263


Busy week is over


So I’m a day late since slight sickness and loads of work was piled on for me in the first half of the week. Basically got the rest of the week doing nothing so there we go, busy week is finally done. Been keeping up with the release of Blazblue’s final installment and been aching to get back into it but I feel that it would be counterinuitive to get back into Chronophantasma Extend since they changed a lot of things around with balancing and all. Seems to me that I’ve got new combo routes to drill into and at least 2 new characters to learn, it’ll be fun. I missed out on the chance to get the demo since I still don’t have a PS4 and have to wait til November to get my hands on it.

But I’ve got other stuff to occupy my time with, so let’s get into today’s coverage of Under Night’s themes. Seth is by far, the most distinctive member of Under Night’s already respectable roster. When I say that he plays like a speedy ninja like character that focuses on quick strikes and disorientation, no other fighting game character fits the bill quite as nicely as Seth does, he’s that awesome. Seth’s background is quite simple, his family was part of Night Blade who eventually took part in the clan’s schism. Seth’s ancestors seceded from their duties from Night Blade and Seth placed the burden on his own shoulders to utilize his inherited blades, the Eliminators, to end the curse of both Linne and her brother Kuon. In the meantime, Seth’s duty in day is that of a student who attends the same school as the other characters but at night, he is employed as a rather well-known assassin. On the Night Hollow night, Seth takes a break from his regular work and sets off to hunt down the one who wields the Insulator, as it holds the true power to kill immortals while his own Eliminators are similar in strength but apparently not suited for the task of killing immortal beings. This brings him the closest to being called a “rival” to Hyde but in his story mode, Seth defeats him, takes the blade, goes off to bind Linne to a tree, and end Paradox’s activities in the Altar to bring an end to the Hollow Night. In comparison, Hyde doesn’t even meet Seth in his story mode so I hope for something bigger in the future. Seth’s ending does however have its own issues because even after going so far to take Hyde’s own sword from him and tying Linne to a tree, he doesn’t even try to kill her and instead states that she should fully live her life as she is right now before accepting death.

Now Seth’s playstyle is probably the coolest factor about him but this also makes him quite the difficult character to play. Up along with Vatista and one other character we’ll get to, I can safely say he’s one of the toughest to master. First and foremost, Seth’s normals are one of the quickest ones in the game he has situational options with his command normals but they’re very rarely used other than the follow-up to his heavy. The first of Seth’s quirks is his immense mobility and every character that is affiliated with Night Blade, aside from Hyde, sport an incredible amount of agility. Linne has her characteristic double jump, dash-cancel after her projectile, and her evasive roll. Seth’s mobility comes from his obscenely fast running speed as well as being the only person in the game who can both air-backdash and fast-fall in the air. Whereas nearly everyone else is limited to one air-dash, Seth has complete freedom up in the air and even his default backdash on the ground sends him jumping up. His aerial game is also augmented with the crux of his playstyle, the Stitch orb. Seth’s only projectile has him send out a dark ball of energy that stays in position for a few seconds before shooting a projectile that has light tracking on the opponent. Hitting an enemy with this orb not only does decent damage but also stuns them for a lengthy time, allowing for more combo opportunities. However, these orbs can be destroyed by either hitting them directly or hitting Seth. Seth’s force function can make sure that they don’t break when hit. Seth also has two rushing attacks, one on the ground that has him tear across the screen which acts as a juggling tool, and his aerial divebomb that is his staple OTG and pressure tools. The most interesting move in Seth’s kit however, is his Confusion ability that has him either dash or jump towards his opponent and reappear either behind them, above them, or in front of them again. Using confusion on an enemy with hitstun has Seth’s actions lift them even higher with an additional attack, allowing for more attacks to be made. In the newest version, Seth can follow up from the air with a kick that automatically has him dash either behind or in front of his target after his fast-fall. All together, Seth’s fighting style paints quite the convoluted sequence of events that has Seth attacking in front of, above, and behind his opponent and when he isn’t styling on your ass, he’s dashing all around you to find an opening in true ninja like fashion. To top it all off, he’s got an unblockable set up with his orbs as well as a freaking command grab.

Music of the Week #262




It’s pretty annoying trying to get some reading done when you’re coughing up your stomach every few seconds. Such is my predicament but I have myself to blame for being too lazy to change from Summer to Fall shirts before I went to bed. At least I saved a few hours staying home and just getting work done in the comfort of my room without the 4-hour total transit time. Also had enough time to get in some fitting Under Night lobbies in. I’m confident in saying that I definitely got better with my playstyle in nearly all fronts, yeah, I actually block now.

Anyways, we’ll move on to our theme of week, this time is our token loli. However, like Linne, little Vatista is around a few hundred years old but was mostly asleep for it. She is what is called a Autonomic Nerve, living weapons created in the old ages to combat voids and in-births. Vatista was one AN who made it past the centuries and awakes in the modern age during the Hollow Night and sets off to deal with a disturbance caused by Paradox. On the way, she encounters our protagonist Hyde, who basically yells at her to wear clothes because apparently, AN didn’t wear clothes back then. Gotta wonder how their makers thought of them, but moving on, she does so and carves out a path to deal with the Amnesia leader and beats her to submission. At the end, Paradox wasn’t the source of a anomaly and Vatista decides to stick around awake for a little longer until the next Hollow Night. Hyde asks what she’s going to do and she just states that she’ll stand absolutely still for a month but Hyde decides to invite her to stay at his house for the time being.

Vatista’s looks might trick you into thinking that she plays like a Murakumo-type sword-caster fighter from the Blazblue series but she is anything but. While her wings do perform as blades, her primary “category” as a fighter is part ranged, as she has a lot of keepaway options. However, Vatista also performs extremely well up-close with her multi-hitting normals and close-combat specials. Her most interesting techniques are her crystals, where she can place up to three crystals in the screen and can “detonate” them with her own attacks to add to blockstrings or continue the combo for some devastating damage. She is along with a few other characters are one of the more difficult characters to master and why is this you may ask? Because her entire inputs are based off of Holds and Charges with an immense amount of discipline in timing and buffering is required to properly use her. She also holds two more special features being levitation for a short time and also being unable to apply “counterhits” on.

Music of the Week #261


Easy easy


Getting a bit busier as the weeks go by so not much else to say right now that seems appropriate. I’ve mostly revisiting my PSP to play through Patapon 2 cause I got stuck early in the game but I’m definitely having an immense amount of fun with it. I’m just curious and a bit irritated at how the guides I look up on Youtube show the players having some killer looking gear while my guys are just starting to get some good equipment. I’ve been mostly farming up materials and gear since I’m that sort of person who overthinks about the “optimal” formation and load out but this is one of those games were every playthrough ends up differently.

Anyways, we continue our coverage of Under Night’s soundtrack and we arrive at the 2nd non-human character in the game, Merkava. Once a human with some degree of control over his EXS, Merkava’s human form was transformed into a Void, which is funny to think about. Voids apparently wildly roam the streets during Hollow Nights but we actually never see what they look like and apparently, Merkava is unique and visibly distinct but we never know how. What we do know is distinct about him is that he still retains sanity and is able to speak through some means of telepathy. Merkava, like all Voids, hold no inherent EXS and feed upon others to have their fill. Strange markings known as Curse Commandments go through his body and these are called FLS (pronounced, False) that convert EXS into abilities, Merkava’s own ability being called Jormungandr. Merkava’s story has him hunting for some EXS and happening upon Hilda who is trying to ascend into a Rebirth until Merkava decides to crash in and eat some people. His story isn’t all that intriguing other than his constant inner battle to retain sanity but satiating his need to feed upon others. Something more plot-worthy of Merkava surfaces from Orie’s backstory where the latter’s parents were killed by “a void capable of speech” and Merkava personally couldn’t remember but knows that he is the only void he knows of that could speak.

Merkava is endeared by the community for his insane looking attacks using the extreme elasticity of his arms that reach nearly half-screen. Merkava’s immense versatility lies with his solid set of normals, special attacks that can easily be canceled into supers, as well as being hard to punish for their range, and just having a wide variety of options. Merkava’s unique ability is his ability to fly and this adds wonders to his initiation and wake-up pressure, as well as providing his only source of a projectile. Merkava is one of the more annoying ones to fight against because of his aforementioned range and the fact that he’s so mobile in the air and can practically follow up on all of his confirms due to his disgustingly long range. Well, at least he ain’t stealing my GrD like Gordeau is. Merkava’s theme gets special mention from me because it’s noticeable and understandably more distinct compared to the others with its alien-like synth blaring in the back.

Music of the Week #260


Fall Approaches


The season reaches an end and I’m stuck in a rather familiar position of having not much to say with the Summer season. Fall however doesn’t “seem” all that much but I at least have one series that I plan on giving a chance, you’ll see what that turns out to be when the time comes but I will try to get out my usual weekly recaps along with Jojo’s own segments. I’ve also been reading a lot more recently, be it books, articles, notes, and even light novels, a medium I didn’t want to associate myself with all that much. Summer’s lack of series for me to entertain myself with had me go back and see what series I thoroughly enjoyed and I think I’ll say more on my re-discoveries as its own post, been a while since something like that happened right?

Continuing our Under Night music showcase, we arrive at one of the more infamous characters in the roster. Gordeau is a famed mercenary fighter who was also former member of the antagonist group Amnesia, a group that aims to utilize the mass of EXS for their own uses. Gordeau proved to be an excellent fighter and gained the moniker of the “Harvester of Greed” but Gordeau left the organization in order to pursue another goal that involved avenging a death of a close friend by the hands of a member of Licht Kreis. Whether or not French Bread thought Bob was any sort of name for us to take seriously in this matter is unclear but in short, Bob was overtaken by his own EXS and tuned into a void and was promptly killed by a member of the Licht Kreis and Gordeau vowed to avenge him. But Gordeau himself can’t do this alone and he’s accompanied by another friend of his, Kei Asumi, better known as Chaos, who continues work in Amnesia as its tactician and they work in tandem to track down the Licht Kreis member known as the Crimson Knight. But snooping around for information isn’t Gordeau’s style so when he isn’t freeloading at Chaos’ house, he works nights as a bartender but when it’s time for the Hollow Night, he sets off to try and encounter his friend’s murderer. His part of the story is hunting down his former boss Hilda in order to try and stop another accident from happening again.

Not only does Gordeau look pretty awesome as all hell with probably the most “anime” style hair and the presence of his primary weapon, an enormous scythe that he can summon at will known as the Devourer. Gordeau’s EXS is called “Snatcher” and while not completely apparent with his weapon choice, it’s abilities will soon be apparent. Gordeau is considered one of the best characters in the EXE: Late version of the game with his scythe taking an enormous portion of the screen. His scythe-based specials revolve dominating screen-space and generally making life hell for you. His reversal covers at least 3/4ths of the screen and also doubles as an effective anti-air, one of his most famous moves. However, while an immensely powerful tool, Gordeau’s true horror with his scythe comes from his 236, the Mortal Slide and its chain of inputs. Mortal Slide also acts like an anti-air if far away but it’s primary function acts as a means to confirm any long range hit and pull you into optimal combo distance to further his damage. From there, there’s two ways to go about this: 1) Gordeau follows up in the air or 2) He pulls out his 2nd means of attacking that makes his already absurd advantage even more ridiculous. Gordeau keeps one of his hands in his pocket (let’s just stick with his left hand since that’s how the official art shows it) and it turns out that his concealed hand has some freakishly long nails that he can use for combat. Gordeau’s most optimal combo-enders utilize these claws for the move called Assimilation where he stabs these nails into the opponent and rips out their soul but in the context of the match, this equates to stealing the GrD resource. He can also use this move as a quick as hell command grab that doubles as a “reversal” of sorts if someone doesn’t bother jumping. Lastly, he can use these nails for his quasi-projectile where he yet again covers the screen with a tearing effect with his claws to attack you from range.

Music of the Week #259




Slight headache completely messed up my schedule to prepare this. Late or not, I’ve decided that to do what happens every Summer on this site and pretty much stick with Jojo. For anyone curious, I was planning on watching Danganronpa 3, but I felt that I would enjoy it infinitely more if I got into Danganronpa 2. I’ll save myself the experience when that finally happens. Mob Psycho might be something I get into later when I run out of things to watch and that’s honestly it. Handa-kun might be something down my alley but it’s only connected to Barakamon through the main character but I am contemplating on watching it just for Handa’s cute mom. We’ll see what happens and hell, I might even end up watching Qualidea Code just for one girl, take a wild guess who that might be.

We continue our Under Night OST showcase this week with the theme of the resident holy-knight Orie. Orie Harada (born Orie Valadier) is an executor for the secondary group of the series, Licht Kreis, an all-female order of purifiers (which is later explained to be Waldstein’s fault) that protect civilians during the Hollow Night. Orie’s own past involves the death of her parents by the hands of a Void that was capable of human speech and while she isn’t looking for the genocide of their kind, she staunchly upholds her duties in protecting others from suffering the same fate. For this reason, she is picked up by Licht Kreis and was given her rapier, Ruler, that harms ones with evil intent and also allows her to summon the blade’s spirit to assist her in battle. Orie happens to be the 5th ranked executor in the order and is sent to Japan along with her team of fellow executors to investigate the occurrences happening there. Orie and her squad keep their cover as students and Orie happens to be fairly well acquainted with our protagonist, Hyde where the two to reluctantly enter a fight with each other when they meet during the Hollow Night. Definite hints of romantic interests are present when we take a few other routes in mind. Thankfully, Orie’s main story in the game focuses on stopping Paradox and confronting the void capable of speech. However, she lets it live, as to better validate her vindication and get some real proof that it was the one that did it since it was apparently unable to remember it correctly.

Orie herself plays similarly to Hyde and Linne in that she has a very traditional but versatile gameplay. I hesitate to call her a shoto-clone because she doesn’t exactly behave like one since she has no inherent projectile. Instead, Orie’s gameplay revolves around her versatile set of normals and semi-longe range pokes with her rapier. She also has a large variety of kicks which is funny to think since she’s wearing a dress (albeit, a respectably long one) and more importantly, 15cm heels. Her most interesting portion of gameplay comes from the aforementioned blade spirit called Thanatos who holds an even bigger sword. Orie can summon Thanatos close by to cover her with either quick or heavy swings from either on the ground or in the air and adds to her block-string and cross-up capabilities. More scarily though is Thanatos’ ability to project itself away from Orie and act as a projectile at a given area, damaging everything in a circle around it. Overall, a surprisingly solid character who specializes in some good mind-games and spacing. If her theme’s title doesn’t really drill the fact that she’s a combat-nun into you, then I guess I should mention her EXS is based off her “purity”. No idea how that one works honestly.

Music of the Week #258


Always sleepy


Things aren’t exactly getting busy but for some reason, I can’t seem to find too much time to get anything done. I really need to work on not getting too easily distracted these days. Might have a series of posts talking about something I’ve been wanting to talk about but who knows, maybe it might happen, maybe it won’t. For now, it’s mostly Jojo and me still pathetically trying to catch up to some of this season’s shows and to be perfectly honest, it’s saying something at how I seem to have become so bored of them, both for me and the shows to lose my interest.

This week’s theme is Bad Surface, the theme of Carmine. Carmine is a 3rd year in the same school that the other characters attend, but he is more focused on the events of the Hollow Night. Carmine gained the ability he calls Blood Spike, the EXS of Lifeblood that weaponizes his own blood. Carmine, despite his appearance all over the game’s promotional images, is a rather inconsequential character to the overall “plot” of the series. Where organizations such as the Yato, Licht Kreis, and Amnesia exist, Carmine just goes around fighting people during the Hollow Night for the pure enjoyment of it and doesn’t bother with the conflicts between the organizations. Apparently, his abilities are prolific enough to gain the attention of a lot of people.

While looking androgynous and being voiced by Takashi Kondo, Carmine exemplifies the game of “pressure”. Even his theme, Bad Surface, oozes with certain aggressiveness that perfectly embodies what type of character he is, a bully. Carmine has the benefit of long-range moves (that is in no shortage in this series) but his specialty lies in the specials he utilize. Carmine’s specials consume his life and in exchange, it leaves a puddle of his blood where it lands and Carmine can activate this puddle with his specials, or re-position it using his Force Function, and use it as an extension of his attack, giving him good keep-away and constant pressure, oh, and he can have two puddles active at once. Even then, Carmine’s 236 input throws a multi-hitting projectile that keeps a person in place and even picking up downed opponents while he makes use of his array of normals that range from a projectile, anti-airs, and overheads that makes his pressure game one of the most nightmarish to defend against. To make things even better for Carmine, he can follow-up from nearly full-screen at the cost of a super and/or keep up his already impressive pressure with delay-able traps. This is of course, at the cost of his health, and a smart Carmine will maximize on every approach to get a lengthy combo in while you can pick out the bad Carmines who try to play “defensively” AKA, literally killing themselves. An important note is that Carmine can replenish his health with a quick grab or a command grab, giving him some leeway.

And goddamn, can Takashi Kondo belt out an intimidating laugh.