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Music of the Week #389


It’s time

My short vacation time is almost here but I’m just finding pictures for the FGO post while the DMCV one might take a bit longer since I’m still organizing my thoughts while going through DMD. Have a couple things to take care of in real-life despite said vacation time but oh well, I’ll be sure to try and divide my time up well with all the free time, not like there’s much to cover aside from Jojo and the two things I mentioned.

This week’s theme is a memorable one from one of the unexpectedly exciting scenes from Chapter 3 where the crew get involved in a friendly little competition. This scene definitely adds to the amazing sequence of events that Zero’s Chapter 3 is just chock full of that makes it one of the single best chapters in the series.

Music of the Week #388


Done but

So that FGO post is done, but I just need some images to throw it up when I get the chance. I also feel the utter obligation to talk about DMC5 in its own post since I need to organize my own thoughts on it after waiting for so long. It’s not like it’s gonna be that comprehensive or insinuate its that heavily flawed but just a few nitpicks coming from a loyal fan of the franchise who waited a good chunk of his life to play it.

Anyways, this week’s theme is definitely one that sticks out in my mind due to its primary association with the Founder’s Festival event that occurs in Zero no Kiseki’s Chapter 3. Zero’s Chapter 3 is bar-none the best Chapter 3 in the entire series and probably the strongest individual chapter overall with how it covers only 3 days worth of events yet has a ton of scenes worth remembering and one of the most movie-like chapter endings the series ever had. While you could say Chapters 0-2 were pretty formulaic and baseline-setting as any other Trails game, Zero’s takes the cake.

Music of the Week #387


This is a test

So my tardiness already gives away how busy I was this week but there’s two parts to this. First off, Devil May Cry 5 came out and I bought it at Friday and midnight and have been playing it since. The entire week before that was riddled with work and the likes so I could barely get anything out. Stressful times but it all paid off since DMC5 is absolutely fantastic, it’s easily the best gameplay wise out of any DMC game and the story is pretty fun but I don’t think it reaches the narrative quality of 3. One thing is for sure though, the fanservice levels are off the charts. Jojo is also doing a recap episode so no post for that. I’m not making promises but getting that FGO post I talked about since December might be the thing to do for myself this week if I’m not consumed into playing more DMC5.

Anyways, I’m late so let’s get right to it. Almost to play up that dramatic wait and fulfillment of DMC5, for me at least, take one of these build-up tracks from Zero.

Music of the Week #386



Life’s getting busy again but I do have some data to write some stuff about FGO the next chance I have some extended free time. My history with Fate precedes FGO so I’ll try and talk about something interesting coming from a person who’s been with Fate for nearly as long as it’s been around.

But I got work to do so let’s get to the point. This week’s distinctive theme is associated with Jona, one of the other savant children along with the playable cast’s own Tio, who regularly helps out the SSS on the technological side of things. While mostly a freeloader mucking about in a personalized Geofront maintenance room, his assistance will always be had when you’re forced to visit him and have this theme blaring in your ear.

Music of the Week #385


Part 5

Just been tired over the weekend and for the past two days for some reason. Have some Fate stuff categorized for some inevitable top x lists because talking about FGO-only servants might be interesting but aside from that, it’s the usual fare but with a lot more stress on my end outside of post work. Hopefully I keep it together.

This week’s theme is Revache and Co. the tune of the criminal organization that the SSS are primarily after for the majority of the game before further implications of how deep the seeds of “corruption” in Crossbell are revealed. The Revache Co. is also the introduction of the Jaeger groups Zephyr and Red Constellation, the former of which has an ex-member in Revache’s employ while the Red Constellation play a significant part in the Crossbell saga. Zephyr would come to its own prominence in the ColdSteel games.

Music of the Week #384


Less than a month

You’ll just be hearing me fawn over DMC5 until it comes out early in March, which only means that there’s less than a month left before I get to finally fulfill what I have waited for nearly 10 years. Aside from that, I’m finally caught up with last season’s shows officially talked about so now it’s time to focus my writing time in not only staying up to date with Jojo but getting to that other writing projects I wanted to discuss here. I’ll try and get to them once my schedule clears up again.

This week’s theme is closely tied to last week’s Mining Town of Maiz as the titular town’s maze and its dangerous outer areas play this foreboding little tune. Despite the first visit being rather benign, the sequel game’s foray into the forbidden parts of the mine really draw out the unique vibe the song’s instruments give. Much like Mainz, I loved it upon hearing it for the first time.

Music of the Week #383



Preliminary writing for Bunny-senpai isn’t just floating thoughts anymore so I really do feel like finishing it now that I started writing, I’ll try my best. I completely forgot about this but DMC5’s new demo is coming out this weekend and I can’t wait to play it again. Nero’s Split being R1+Back is awkward as all hell though, 10 years of DMC4 is not going to wear off easily.

This week’s theme is one of my favorites from Zero, a standout from my first playthrough where I immediately grooved with the tune. A number of the previous week’s tracks were from the roads leading out of Crossbell into one of four cardinal directions and the Mining Town of Maize lies to the north exit where you trek a considerably long distance through a mountain pass, a cave, and a couple more cliffs before inevitably being asked to traverse the titular mines the area is known for. Definitely one of the best sounding areas out of of the 4 locations outside of Crossbell proper.