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Music of the Week #178


Another week, another two posts for the site

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It’s that time of week again. Jojo is going to have one of its the most impressive fights of the entire series in a few weeks while nothing too amazing is going on in the sidelines. The harem show of my choice being Absolute Duo did a heel-face turn with fanservice episode that ends with a failed confession and then guns blazing murder. The rest of the harem series can be considered to be dropped at this point and I’ll give my opinions on them before Absolute Duo gets the guilty-pleasure chopping block.

I finally got a buddy of mine into New Vegas and I just started a new file in the PC version so who knows, maybe some Fallout material might show up. Also, the massive figure post is done being written and just needs pictures. It will most likely be done during the weekend. So see you then and take this song with you.

Note that I’m not going to post all the Boss Themes of Demon’s Souls and the rest of the Souls series because 1, that would take too long, and 2 not all bosses are memorable. However, I will give an honorable mention to the Phalanx, the first true boss of Demon’s Souls that actually makes you think a lot more than the 1st bosses of the Dark Souls games (I’m looking at you Taurus Demon and Dragon Rider/Last giant). Either way, I plan on retelling my experiences with the boss themes from now. This week’s theme is the theme of the Tower Knight and the Penetrator. The Tower Knight’s cutscene I saw in a review on TV (When G4 wasn’t garbage) drew me into the series and of course, I didn’t expect to meet him so quick. I was so terrified that I didn’t even notice the stairs leading up to the archers by the high walls and I just fought with him with the archers shooting. Granted, he’s not hard but I was completely shitting myself but somehow won in my first try. The Penetrator doesn’t really have an experience with me mostly because the section he’s fought in, World 1-3 is only accessible after defeating a majority of the other worlds bosses. He is however the first iteration of a co-op battle with an NPC as a knight named Biorr helps you.

I remember that the Penetrator actually has its own theme but somehow, the Tower Knight’s theme was re-used again. Oh well, here you go

Music of the Week #177


Once again

Demon's Souls

Another week, another music post.

Just another standard week with a bit more free time on my hands which I will most likely spend making that enormous figure post to sum up my year. Other than that, Jojo is trucking along with Mariah who happens to be the fanbase’s more beloved female villains. I’m not too surprised since she’s not the worst looking female villain we get and I honestly forget how Joseph and Avdol defeat her. Next week’s Jojo with Alessi is going to be weird as shit though.

The harems are actually starting to drop like flies with Absolute Duo being the only one I can tolerate. Fafnir I stopped caring about all together and the same goes fro World Break. Shinami Maou only stands because of the looks, but truth be told I’m getting tired of it already.

We’ll see who’ll make it to the finish line by the end of the season.

This week’s theme is the proper “theme” of the Nexus, aptly titled the Nexus. It only plays after you defeat a certain amount of Arch-demons and is a lot less calming than the Maiden in Black Theme.


Music of the Week #176


A day late

Demon's Souls

I was a bit busy yesterday and tired as all hell from my new schedule so I apologize for this being late. Then I look again and see nothing worth apologizing about since I actually don’t have that many news to share with you. Jojo is trucking along fine with it going back to more comedic things this week and the next while the Harem Squadron only has Absolute Duo doing anything worth mentioning while the rest fall on their faces. Kantai Collection had a death a few episodes back and now this week, the characters are in a curry-making contest. Go figure

With the Earthbound express over, it’s time to tackle one the more recent RPG’s with terrific soundtracks. This time, it’s the Souls series starting with Demon’s Souls.

This is the theme of the Maiden In Black, or as most people know, the first theme of the Nexus. I’ll see you all on the Weekend for the Jojo post while I’m also working on the Figure post for this year as well.

Music of the Week #175


Just another week


Just moving on with the regular stuff. Thing’s been peaceful since I only have Jojo to cover but there is Wonder Festival 2015 coming up this Weekend so once I’m done with the first set of exams, I might do an enormous figure post. Other than that, it’s just been regular progression while I have gone back to playing Dark Souls II’s DLC’s which have been without a doubt greater than the base game. Maybe I’ll save that talk for later since the comparison between the first and second Dark Souls have been done to death (heh) but we’ll see

Anyways, this is the last of the Earthbound nostalgia-ride so here’s the fanmade video singing the memorable tune with full lyrics and accompanying visuals. It’s guaranteed to make any fan of the game feel nice

Music of the Week #174


Back in Schedule


Covering a single series is really relaxing, especially when I’m pretty busy. Jojo is trucking along but you don’t need this post telling you that. If anything, I’m still watching the 4 harem shows of the season and I can that for now, I’m finding Absolute Duo the least horrific. To keep it simple, Testament is similar to DxD but from the light novel images, it’s trying its hardest to push the boundaries of how much sexual content light novels allow. It’s funny how the series does its damn hardest but more on that when the anime reaches its end. Fafnir has the same artist from Seitokai no Ichizon but damn, it looks terrible and once again pulls the tired cliche of “the only male with this ability”. Last but not least is World Break where our MC is average but the main girl just kills it for me.

The only saving grace Absolute Duo has is that it at least has some male character other than the MC that is relevant. The girls aren’t annoying as hell either since there is no token tsundere just yet. But either way, I can’t say I’m not enjoying these trainwrecks. I’ll look forward to scalping them once the season is over.

I’ll be finally concluding the Earthbound music weeks next week so this week will be the last track from the game proper and it is the Cast Credits instead of the actual credits. Something really hits me when I hear remixed tunes of past themes at the very end. That’s all for now folks, I’ll catch you with Jojo on the weekend.

Music of the Week #173


Change of plans


Jojo will be up by tomorrow and instead of the doing something special for the harems, I ultimately decided that instead of picking them apart each every week would leave little to say at the end of the season. So I’ll just have to bottle up all the laughter at how bad they are for the end of the season and let it all out in one burst.

So simply put, Jojo will be the sole covered anime for this season. I’m still currently trying to make ends meet so I leave you and hope you enjoy the Jojo for this week as every week, we get one step closer to DIO and hopefully Part 4.

This week’s theme is the familiar theme that plays at beginning of the post-game sequence where Ness and crew separate and Ness is given the last task of walking Paula back home. This is “Because I Love You”

Music of the Week #172


Back on my feet

Earthbound 5

Bahamut is prepped for tomorrow and Twintails will be next. The new season is already underway and the hilariously enough, only Jojo will be ended up being covered seriously. Why the word “seriously”? Because Durarara is quite literally too smug for me (plus I hate Izaya and I forget what happened at the end of S1) and the rest of the season is all harems. Jojo will be covered through its entirety. The harems however are going to be talked about as well. Not in a regular, recap like sense however. Instead, I’ll be comparing the 4 harem series as a single entity and just talk about how silly they are.

But before that happens, I have to go finish Twintails and other matters before the next few weeks end. Until then, enjoy what’s coming.

This week, we dive into the more disturbing pieces of Earthbound, the final stretch of land before confronting the root of all evil. Here’s Cave of the Past or its alternate title, The Place.