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Music of the Week #402


Been overworked these past few days so of course, I’m a bit behind on schedule. Completely forgot about getting pictures for Jojo but we’re all good to go now. DMC5 is still on the backburner due to said overworking but I’ll try to allocate my time between that and the upcoming seasonal reviews, which only has three series I’ll be talking about, maybe just two. I’LL FINISH DMC5’S POST BEFORE THE SUMMER ENDS

Moving straight along, we have another classic tradition of remixed renditions of themes from the preceding game getting a new coat of paint in the new entry. This week’s tune is another version of Scene of a Street Corner as Lloyd and Noel’s trip to Calvard has them return to Crossbell with all of its familiar venues and locations. Plus that car in the image isn’t just for show, revisiting locations now gives you the option to fast travel using the car instead of walking there or using a bus.

Music of the Week #401


I keep trying to write more of DMC5 but it’s been hard trying to find the time between my new schedule and trying to make the most out of my breaks. I’m still half-heartedly trying to S-rank all missions every now and then but boy do I have a specific complaint about how the game’s structure impedes continuous attempts at trying to No Damage certain missions. It’s either that or I try to farm a ridiculous amount of style from Royal Guarding everything.

As the new picture would suggest, the summer time welcomes Ao no Kiseki which is fitting because I managed to play through it last summer. Ao starts off tying up loose ends from the conclusion of Zero as Lloyd and Noel tag along with Arios and Dudley to track down a particular man who went and betrayed the trust of the SSS to as far as Calvard. Opening on a literally strong note, Ao’s regular fight theme is ever so slightly different from Get Over the Barrier and that distinction is noteworthy because most games in the series usually have a downgrade in common battle themes in my opinion, and this is applicable from FC to SC and as we will find out later, from Cold Steel 1 to Cold Steel 2.

Music of the Week #400


An unexpected accident made for a busy weekend and Monday so here we are. Not much else has really changed aside from last week but I did finally get through DMC5’s Hell and Hell Mode which gives a lot of insight as to what moves excel at. It’s still doesn’t excuse how I’m three months late to talking about the game but I’ve finished Nero and Dante’s sections and I am thinking about splitting the whole thing into separate posts since it’s getting rather big.

This week will conclude coverage of Zero no Kiseki’s OST and we’re at a rare point in the series where the first game of a saga isn’t alluding to a greater threat at the end of the first game, a series tradition at this point given the examples. The statement isn’t completely true since there are a lot of unresolved issues in the sidelines of the game and only the immediate threat is dealt with at the end of the day but Zero ends on a much more conclusive note than the cliffhanger endings present in the Sky FC and Cold Steel 1.

Music of the Week #399

Seasons wrapping

Even with all the strides David Productions have made in Part 5, my opinion of it has mostly remained the same and we don’t have much left until the final stretch in the month of June concludes by early July. To be fair, we’re already in Rome so the last stretch is already technically here, it’s just another level of “what” about to drop when we enter the last fight. I should probably start writing up my thoughts early.

We’re also closing in on our Zero spotlight and we have the game’s final dungeon music as our week’s theme. Final dungeons have had itself a wild ride through the games preceding this. FC was pretty poor despite the music, SC was acceptable since it had boss battles in between, but 3rd really knocked it out of the park by involving all your party members. Zero sits between FC and SC since the music adds to the tension but I might have asked for too much since the actual dungeon part of the final dungeon felt like it went on for a bit too long.

Music of the Week #397


General negligence and some annoying hay fever made me mess around over the weekend instead of getting that Jojo episode out. The episode is 80% exposition and set up for the penultimate “fight” so not much really needed to be covered. I’ll have it out before the next episode drops of course.

This week’s tune is the cross between the mystery and “eureka” sort of tone that plays during those scenes of uncertain times leading to a short conclusion. Definitely one of those tunes that you remember hearing a dungeon start out with or something that plays after you fight a certain someone and learn what their deal is.

Music of the Week #396


Got myself a couple months to myself now and I’m going to ahead and finally get this DMC post rolling. Been two months as of now but I still want to get these thoughts out there. Aside from those, I don’t have much else planned aside from maybe a couple FGO posts but we’ll just be going through the season regularly. Jojo’s recap episode gave me a lot of free time to finish my work last week so I’m a bit itchy to get to that DMC talk. I hope to be more active in the coming weeks.

This week’s theme is one of my absolute favorites from the Crossbell entries, standing in as the Crossbell equivalent of Silver Will. Inevitable Struggle first plays during the party’s first fight with Yin, a mysterious assassin employed by the Heiyue and in plenty of other plot-crucial fights which makes this an absolute blast to fight with. In a game with the comparatively least amount of big names involved in with your party, the “inevitable struggle” against much more powerful foes is par for the course for any JRPG hero, especially the Kiseki party. Soon enough, you’ll be wanting to shout fight lines and whisper ENIGMA KUDOU too. Take a listen to one of my all time favorite fight themes in the entire series, and one that’s probably the most played in my playlists from the series as a whole.

Music of the Week #395


This week has evidently been a busy week for me and this will continue to early next week. Thankfully Jojo is on yet another recap episode this week so I’ll be able to wholly focus on my work before I’ll be able to finally work on that DMC post. I’ll be off now.

This week’s tune is that “emotional” theme that plays during the heartfelt moments of the game. Be it the revelation of something set up by previous games or a moment between the SSS crew members learning more of each other, this theme particularly plays during the former part of a character who I’m not a 100% on but it was a touching scene nonetheless.