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Music of the Week #338


Faster than expected

So as soon as I get my Episode 7 coverage of Last Encore come out, the next episode was already subbed. Thankfully I’ll be able to get that out on time now that the delay has given me some time between these weekly music spotlights and weekly coverage posts. Spring is around two weeks away and I was actually able to binge watch another series this season, although it’s not something I would personally recommend but I was in the mood to watch something remotely romance-based so I settled with it. I don’t think it’s worth a full review but I might as well mention it here when the seasonal finales happen.

This week’s theme is a familiar sounding leitmotif that plays through multiple renditions throughout the series. Frequently utilized in transitions to more peaceful scenes, Feelings Soar with the Wind really bring back the atmosphere of the game whenever it plays.

Music of the Week #337



As you can already tell, Last Encore is taking ages with its subbing and the episode just released today. I’ll get that up in working order and hope that the following episodes hopefully don’t take as long. The Winter season is soon concluding and I have yet to even take a look at what Spring is going to bring. I vaguely recall BnHA’s Season 3 but aside from that, I have the faintest idea. At the very least, Last Encore’s weird ride will continue for more than a single season, it’ll be nice having multiple things to talk about again.

Let’s continue our spoiler-free continuation of Second Chapter’s OST. Funnily enough, I forgot this tune that came from First Chapter but since it plays frequently enough in SC, I decided to have this as a part of it. This track commonly plays in the sewer/underground sections of the game and it takes a bit to get the tune I remember it for. We’ll continue with some new SC tracks from here on.

Music of the Week #336



Aside from waiting for another day of subs, the post is already written up and just needs a bit of editing and some pictures. There wasn’t too much to cover so I was able to add a couple more insights regarding the previous episodes. I’ll spare you the repetition here and just let anyone who cares see for themselves.

As the new image would imply, we’re moving onto the the sequel for Trails in the Sky, aptly titled Second Chapter or commonly known as Trails in the Sky SC. The events of the previous game, as mentioned in the final dungeon music, directly carry on over to the plot points that were left unaddressed and SC is basically a huge 2nd Act whereas FC set up for everything to come hereafter. I could go on about how FC on its own was a quaint but undeveloped journey but SC exists to fulfill most things that FC wasn’t able to accomplish, and the two definitely cannot be seen separately as they are supposed to have been a single title. This week’s tune is that of La Locle, a training facility utilized by the protagonists at the start of the game.

Music of the Week #335



Season is getting closer to finishing and just as I thought, Last Encore is definitely going to have more episodes than most normal broadcasts. Works out fine just for me since I have absolutely no clue what I’m going to watch this Spring. Hopefully I’ll end up with at least one show aside from Last Encore. Not much else to say other than that, I’m at least keeping up with Last Encore so that’s an accomplishment after being late so many other times before this season.

This week’s theme will conclude Trails in the Sky FC’s OST with the track called Confession, which most notably plays in the game’s epilogue. This scene is one of the many reasons the games of in the Trails sub-series are known to have immense cliff hangers and I’ll just let the tune right without saying anything else. There’s another theme I could have covered in FC’s segment but it has a lot more meaning later down the line.

Music of the Week #334


Work work

The season is around halfway over now right? Fate Extra isn’t the only series I’m watching this season, surprise surprise. I’ve been watching one other show and I’ll most likely be reviewing that a couple weeks before Fate Extra finishes, although given its pace, I wouldn’t be surprised if it has another cour like most Fate adaptations. The other series I’m watching is something I wouldn’t normally watch but I guess I needed a break from the usual stuff, not that I watch too much anime these days.

This week’s theme is one of my favorites and it plays in the final dungeon of the game. However, it’s placement and overall tune of it all is really off-putting. While a fantastic theme that really puts on the “final dungeon” mood of the game, the harsh reality is that the final “dungeon” of Trails in the Sky FC is hardly a dungeon at all. There are no puzzles or obstacles aside from the enemies and all the gear you find are just late-game equipment. It’s a theme too good for the dungeon it’s used in and it’s quite a shame. There is, however, an explanation as to why this is. Trails in the Sky FC and SC were supposed to be a single game so this level wasn’t even supposed to be a final dungeon but the split made it so that it ended up as one.

Music of the Week #333


Mostly on top of things

Hopefully faster subs for Fate Extra is a constant. The series is all sorts of mysterious but like I said before, I’m not too fond of how easily done in Drake was but I can only imagine how well they can transition a very limited and restrained RPS fight onto the big screen, that’s probably why they bothered showing off Drake’s NP from the start. It’s a wild ride and I’m not hating it but I’m definitely weirded out by it. Not much else to say other than my revamped group review post is getting delayed further and further, oh well.

This week’s theme isn’t as special as last weeks as I think out of all the towns in the game, the last town is the least memorable in terms of music. Rolent, Ruan, and Zeiss were fantastic while I can’t say the same for Bose and Grancel, but at least the latter was pretty big to make up for its relatively less characteristic tune as far as towns go.

Music of the Week #332


Trucking through the winter

Fate Extra is really aching me not because of its departure from the game but with how slow it’s taking for the subtitles to be released for it. I’d trust my knowledge of the game and my basic understanding of Japanese speech to suffice but I would definitely be more confident with some subs because the adaptation doesn’t seem to be wanting to follow the game in the first place. That’s not a bad thing though, but I’ll talk more about it with Episode 2 which I actually already finished. See you then.

So, after the rather exciting adventure through Ruan which involved school plays, boat chases, and corrupt individuals burning down orphanages, the new region opened to be explored is Zeiss, named after the rather technologically advanced town at its center. The Zeiss chapter is also a quite memorable as it picks up on the developing plot points from Ruan and engages in more action, more backtracking, and generally more stuff being unraveled. It’s also a rather pleasant theme for such an advanced city, you’d expect a bit more grime and roughness for a city developing so fast. Without a doubt my 2nd favorite portion of Trails in Sky were in Zeiss, aside from all the aforementioned stuff about backtracking, was definitely a great memory.