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Music of the Week #277


Free time?


It’s tough to describe this feeling of anticipation I hadn’t felt in a long while for new weekly anime releases. Sure I felt something similar when Jojo was airing but there’s a difference between watching something I already know what’s going to happen in the adaptation and watching something completely blind. In my case, around half of these series have manga source materials which I can go look up and get caught up with. Masamune-kun and Demi-chan stand in these regards but both are relatively new so there’s not much to completely get ahead of. The former in particular since it seems that we’ll be getting a lot of the manga’s material in the adaptation. That leaves Seiren and Onihei, with the former being a completely anime original work while the latter is a TV Drama I probably won’t try to even find.

Anyways, we continue with Bleach’s 1st ending which I admittedly didn’t have too many chances to listen to because [adultswim] loves their openings but rarely lets the T.V versions of the endings play out, and if anything, it’s always just a credits slideshow instead of the proper ED sequences.

Music of the Week #276


New Spotlights


So I had Bloodborne in mind for the next music spotlights since I FINALLY had a chance to play it and Dark Souls 3 will soon follow. Then I remembered that this technically still is an anime site and I was holding this back for a long while because I wanted to time it with the series’ end. Obviously I miss that end and honestly, when they said it was “in its final arcs” way back when, I expected a few more months but that turned out to be a few more years. Anyways, I think it’s the best time for this since Bleach, along with a lot of other long running shounen series, have a great repertoire of opening and endings themes.

And arguably, the first opening is one of the best. I distinctly remember encountering Bleach on [adultswim] when it aired in its english dub and to be honest, the only former Big 3 anime series that I watched before Toonami was actually One Piece while Naruto and Bleach never really got to me until I watched in the states. Bleach’s intro was interesting to say the least and my fondest memories of it was during the time the characters I posted above were relevant before every spread had Soul Society, Arrancar, and Quincies predominantly taking up the pictures. Those were much simpler times when it was just a group of oddities instead of large groups of characters that were pretty much obligated to be showcased for a majority of the time.

Music of the Week #275




Got my hands on Pokemon Sun after months of anticipation and like every stat-crazy player, I spent at least 2 hours restarting the game on and off to try and get my starter to have a decent nature. After at least half the tries had natures that affected nothing, I finally pulled a great one for my Rowlet. A delayed way to start off something great but hey, I’m finally back into Pokemon after completely sitting out of Gen 6. Think the biggest reason for that one is because I want a Greninja with its hidden ability which makes me reluctant starting the game because I need to plan in advance everything to get it, plus, it needs multiplayer/online activities to even get it. As if restarting everytime, fishing for natures wasn’t enough.

Anyways, today is the last Under Night music spotlight in the near future unless French Bread somehow pulls a fast one on us and localizes a new version of the game for console release like how they did EXE:Late and give us westerners a chance to not only play UNi[st] but the next “iteration” of the series. But until then, this is the last one for now and while it isn’t as smooth as Cross Thought, I’m glad this made it in. Hyde and Seth are both connected toward Linne and the whole Night Blade/Yato story with Hyde’s weapon being the key toward freeing Linne of her immortality. As stated before though, Hyde wants to delay her death a bit and just learn more of what she knows while Seth, who is dead-set on righting the wrongs of the clan, wishes to free Linne. That being said, he doesn’t really follow through with killing her anyway by the end of his story. Seth’s weapons apparently have the opposite effect that Hyde has but we’ve haven’t been told exactly what that means. There’s definitely more to be done with these two since they’re the primary Red vs Blue rivalry, I hope for more in the future. I think that’s the other tidbit here today to discuss, the future of Under Night’s rather disconnected plot but overarching story where Licht Kreis, Kuon, and Paradox still have ways to go to tell us. I’m hoping for Erika Wagner, the main “antagonist” in Gordeau and Chaos’ story to show up next.

Music of the Week #274


Week vacation


Had an unexpected leave that had me unable to make my usual Wednesday post. I was able to finally enter the new gen and now am an owner of a PS4 and a nice 3DS XL so as if I didn’t have enough things to play, I finally am in an abundance of things to do to entertain myself. I’ll get into more detail on what games I intend to play but I spent the last 6 days beating Bloodborne and just shy of 3 items before I technically have everything for my trophy-whoring tendencies. And of course: Happy New Years

Anyways, I’m in a rush so let’s get this delayed music spotlight finished.

This week’s theme is the last of the individual character themes and it features the most recent addition to the cast: Mika Returna. Hailing from the squad of girls Orie leads, Mika is the team’s resident dumb brick of a powerhouse who fights with two enormous gauntlets that can also create explosions. Her EXS is classified as the ability of Fierce Advancement and is called Diesel while her gauntlets are called Pachibel Cannon and once you hear her theme, you’ll understand why this is. Like Phonon, there isn’t much to her story but Mika is around to help Orie in keeping Licht Kreis’ mission in keeping people safe during the Hollow Night.

Mika’s moves are similar to Phonon’s in a sense that a lot of her moves can be charged up. Where Mika lacks in range, she makes up for a some decent speed and her assortment of movement-based attacks such as her Missile attack where she propels herself in any direction using her gauntlet’s propulsion, allowing her to reposition or keep at her pressuring. Her Cannon is her on-hit grab that has her leap forward and grab the opponent and launch them in the air, allowing for further combo routes. Finally, she has her Tornado which acts as her reversal option.

Music of the Week #273


Maxin Relaxin


Got plans to finally enter the new gen with the PS4 and return to Pokemon with a new 3DS and finally get my hands on some RPGs that I’ve been wanting to experience. The latter also meant I should wrap up “loose ends” in the previous generations of Pokemon so for the past week, I’ve been breeding some decently natured Pokemon from Gens I-V so I can move on without looking back too many times. Currently, I’ve finished leveling up my Pokemons from Gen I through IV up while leveling the ones from Gen V right now. While I have X and Gen VI ready to go, I think I want to sink in my fangs into Sun and Moon the first chance I get.

Between that, I’ve been writing the other bits and parts of Rewatchables while I pray that Diamond is Unbreakable ends nicely with good quality and with a teaser for Part 5 because that happens to be Japan’s favorite part for some reason.

We kick off our foray into the most current release of Under Night, as of the time of this post’s publication at least, with the theme for one of the new two characters entering the playable roster. Phonon, real name Yoshiko, is one of the members of a special “club” of kids who’ve become In-Births and know of the Voids and the Hollow Night. Phonon however decides to set off on her own during one of these nights and “find herself” while also running into Nanase, her underclassmen and friend.

If Gordeau and Yuzuriha are described as having the largest ranged attacks of the cast, Phonon breaks into the game sporting the new standard for long-ranged attacks. Phonon fights with her mysterious whip that also doubles as her pet-snake and sports one of the longest pokes and normals in the game. Phonon’s EXS is utilized by the sounds of her whip’s crack and is appropriately named as Baroque Noise. Phonon’s specials keep her within the bounds of a “shoto” character with a projectile + aerial version, a combo extending three-hit attack, and a reversal where the attack originates at a set distance instead of being from Phonon herself. Her normals are the most interesting pieces of her kit as she sports the aforementioned range that makes it hell for anyone to try and escape or pressure her. Her 4B has her attack with a vacuuming whip strike that pulls the opponent in, her running medium has her doing an aerial attack while the running heavy is a wallbounce. Her aerial attacks are able to be charged, with one aerial attack being able to hit behind her and functions as a cross-up, and her sweep covers nearly the entire screen. If UnI[st] ever makes it out for the States, it’s going to be HELL fighting against her.

And goddamn is her theme catchy.

Music of the Week #272


Almost late


Been getting back into Pokemon in preparation for getting a 3DS by wrapping up getting all the Pokemon I fancied from Gen I to IV bred and semi-optimized. Once that’s done, I can work on my Gen V teams then fully move onto the 3DS era of Pokemon, which I already mapped out on which ones to use. Also lost my copies of Sleeping Dogs so I might as well look into getting another copy. All in all, it’s not going to be a boring time for me anytime soon.

This week’s theme means that we’re nearing the end of our Under Night music spotlight since it’s the opening for the Arcade version of EXE: Late[st] which features more balance changes, alternate colors, new maps, a new mechanic, and most importantly, two new fighters and themes. We’ll be diving into those in the coming weeks but we’ll just enjoy my personal favorite “opening song” for the series.

Music of the Week #271


Pretty close


Just a few more days until a month long freedom. Been mostly reading and playing some DotA on the side since nothing really interests me on the console. Actually that’s a lie since I’m playing Dark Souls 2 again since I made a new file to play as a Hexer while I accidentally deleted my Sorcerer build so I might as well replay the game with some emphasis on magic again. But there’s not anything else I’m doing other than that and getting more of the Rewatchable stuff being finished up. So it’s a rather uneventful week while I try to get other obligations finished before lazing off for around a month.

This week’s theme is something a lot of the newer, or rather, late newcomers to the Under Night series will no doubt hear the most or the least from its soundtrack. That theme of course is the Online Mode theme, a nice little techno-jingle that will either remind you that you bought the game a little past its online activity periods or prove itself a light in the darkness when a rare Lobby shows up. We’ll get on to bigger and better things afterwards so stay tuned!