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Music of the Week #380



Schedules have me all over the place but I feel like covering the third season of Date A Live, which looks as terrible as I had feared, will just be redundant so I’ll save that for the end season. Bunny-senpai still needs coverage but might just end up being something small due to time constraints. Even then, Jojo will be the only thing being covered this season so I shouldn’t have too big a workload but it will take a couple more weeks to get used to this new schedule. This weekend, at least half of it, will be a bit busy too but with a break on Monday I can definitely try to get on schedule again.

This week’s theme is tune that plays midday in Crossbell during many of the game’s events that will inevitably take place roaming the city. Like the other general Crossbell theme, this has more of a tense atmosphere going on that just screams something is going on in the background in the peaceful looking scenery.

Music of the Week #379


Back to the usual

The Winter season is here and I’m back on the saddle with this week’s Jojo and Bunny-senpai to talk about before I tackle all the new things, which to be honest, aren’t all that much to discuss. Date A Live somehow got itself a third season despite that wreck of a second season so expect very cynical and depressing realities of Light Novel adaptations. I’ll try to get those in order before I get too backed up.

This week’s theme is yet another overworld theme covering the outside regions of Crossbell city proper. A bit less memorable than the one before but I do remember this one where you were asked with going to one of the outer villages to the East as opposed to the police academy to the West, the Medical School to the South, and the Mining village and chapel up North.

Music of the Week #378



Merry day after Christmas everybody, hope everything has gone well for you. I don’t have much to say because my time is completely focused on being with the family so I’ll leave you all in hopes that you get some quality time with your close ones too. I will say though that the other weekly posts might come out a bit later than usual for the aforementioned reasons.

Following the jolly theme of the holidays, this week’s theme is one of the overworld themes leading out of Crossbell and into one of the four pathways leading out of the city. While the SSS’s activity primarily has to do with Crossbell, certain assignments have the outer areas of the city-proper to be explored and for the first time in the series, we have actual means of an in-world fast-travel system by means of buses that will take you up to a point in the overworld.

Music of the Week #377



Part 5’s OST dropped recently and hot DAMN is that main theme absolutely amazing. Out of Stardust Crusaders and Diamond is Unbreakable, I think Vento Aureo’s main theme is my favorite. The JOJO GOLDEN WIND chanting in the back really adds to experience. Some of the other tracks were great as well but I think the most standout one to mention, in context for the episode to drop this week, is Fugo’s theme which is downright terrifying to listen to. Hopefully we get to hear it play during the relevant scene this week.

This week’s theme is the seedy tune that plays in the back alleys of an otherwise clean looking town. Every city has its underbelly but the criminal underworld of Crossbell takes a slightly more side-ways form as the short but impressionable alley between the central plaza and the city’s entertainment district where a bar, odds shop, and the building the mob group Revache operates in. While the mob influence and corruption in Crossbell is a major playing factor, I wasn’t really able to believe the mob’s influence on a city that we explore so thoroughly with people so nice to be around. I guess it’s the unseen portions that really matter to be a bit rotten.

Music of the Week #376


Free at last

With a bunch of free-time coming my way now, I feel like tackling something new that isn’t just my weekly recaps. I realize I’ve said something along these lines a bunch now but what I want to cover does pertain to a pretty big and slightly relevant topic so I hope I can fully deliver that if I’m not too busy playing games. Speaking of, I got to try the DMC5 demo and hot damn, I’m already in love. I’ll go over that another time though.

This week’s theme is that of the main cast’s, the Special Support Section. As mentioned previously, they’re the newly formed branch of the police incorporating people of different backgrounds to form a “quasi-Bracer” section of the police to win back the trust and respect of the citizens of Crossbell from the Bracer Guild’s monopoly over public trust. The SSS’s development is a lot more forward compared to the likes of Trails’ cast aside from the your main duo of Estelle and Joshua. Since the first and second games had the party members swapping around until the final chapter, the integrity of the SSS and watching them grow through their daily life is quite a fun experience, which is unfortunately not the same for the future entries into the series despite the fact that a school environment would allow for such developments to take place, who knew.

Music of the Week #375


Almost there

It’s that sort of week so I was pretty busy to get this out on time. Jojo will follow as planned and everything else should be rightfully on schedule once I get this out. I don’t have much else to say other than I should probably get back to work so I can be around to post more later.

Thankfully, I have more to say about this week’s theme than what’s going on with the status of posts. Get over the Barrier! is the regular fight theme across both Zero and Ao and is one of the handful of motifs that is prevalent throughout the duology, and rightfully so. The common theme of Sky was of Estelle’s constant growth as a Bracer, be it becoming stronger to achieve what she wishes and to become more like her father and Joshua in terms of decision making and having that “sense” to discern things with more accuracy. The collective theme of Zero and Ao is getting over the proverbial barrier that inhibits the SSS’s power as at the end of the day, they’re a branch of the police. Power of course stands in the way of the group as well as compared to the cast of Sky, with their wide-ranging specialist characters from all corners of Zemuria and what we’ll see in Cold Steel with its rather crazy levels of power, the SSS are in most cases, very plain and grounded. Lloyd is probably the weakest out of all the MCs across the Kiseki subseries but that doesn’t detract from him from being a rather admirable character and his quest to cross those walls, be it of jurisdiction or strength, is a sight to see when push come to shove.

Music of the Week #374


The gauntlet

This week and the next is going to be a mad scramble to get things done but something in me says it’s all going to be under control. Not much else to say there other than a well-earned break is almost here. I can’t believe it’s already been 8 weeks into the season. I’ll be sure to have more interesting things to say next time when things heat up and die down soon after.

This week’s tune is that of the Geofront, the underground maintenance service-ways that sprawl into its own landscape beneath the city. The Geofront’s theme is recognizable to the people who went ahead to play Trails of Cold Steel as the exact theme play during that extra parts in 2. While it’s almost treated like some training ground, the Geofront is a pretty neat area considering how well its connected to the plots when particular areas of the city need to be covered and it shows off the workings of the site underneath buildings and the likes. It hammers home how technologically developed Crossbell is.