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Music of the Week #418

Change of plans

I said I’d cover Bokuben S2 but I think there isn’t much for me to say about the adaptation quality compared to the other two series that comparatively seem way more interesting to talk about. There won’t really be much to talk about unless the adaptation actually gets to the defining character chapters in this season, not like I’d make a one-off post for those but I’ll be still watching them anyway.

This week’s tune plays during one of the Bond moments that were introduced in Zero, where there’s basically an invisible counter noting which party member, be it male or female, you decided to take with you on certain events. Gameplay-wise, this only affects the Combo-Craft supermove but narratively, explores a given character’s story that you’re restricted to learning about once per playthrough. It’s this core concept of these bond moments that become the entire basis for Cold Steel’s gimmick  yet despite that, Cold Steel’s bonding moments are one of the game’s largest downfalls.

Music of the Week #417

Bring on the new season

So I completely forgot to mention that BnHA is having its 4th season airing among all the those I listed I was interested in last week. While the three previously mentioned ones will probably get weekly recaps, I don’t think I will cover BnHA because the Overhaul arc is exactly the part where I started thinking the series wasn’t going to peak like the All For One arc did. In that regard, I’m debating whether or not I should do my usual weekly recaps in a collective format at the end of each week or actually do individual reviews per episode, except now review the episode instead of simply summarizing them like I always do. We’ll see how each Episode 1 makes me feel but if I actually do shorter reviews in favor of critique like I should have been doing, this might go easier.

Anyways, this week’s tune is one of my favorites. In the Kiseki universe, nearly all inhabitants of the continent of Zemuria worship a single deity known as Aidios and the Septian Church that is its institution is a well respected organization throughout the land. A while back in the spotlight for Sky SC’s OST, we’re introduced to the organization of Ouroboros who have bad guys with numbered designations for their operatives. This is neatly countered by the fact that the Septian church has its own branch of secret good guy agents called Dominions. Turns out that someone in Ao is a Dominion all along and assists our beleaguered Lloyd, who at this point has gone through some incredibly tough circumstances, with a special airship called a Merkabah to act as their mobile HQ for the endgame, fulfilling the destiny of every JRPG to give you access to airship sooner or later. This week’s tune, so aptly named, is the theme that plays during your Merkabah rides.

Music of the Week #416

Back on things

I’m currently unsure of how many Case Files there’s going to be. Doing the double feature did tell me how we’re nearing the end of the season and how I wasn’t ever able to binge Tejina-senpai yet. For better or for worse, Fall 2019 seems like one hell of a season for me since we’ve got stuff like Bokuben S2, FGO: Babylon, and Azur Lane just to name a few. Bokuben will or more less have me question how far they intend to take the series since the really good chapters are farther down the line, FGO Babylon will mostly be me waiting for the finale, and Azur Lane’s original anime is going to be either a complete fucking disaster or be surprisingly palatable. I’m excited to find out all things considered. And wouldn’t you know it, Date A Live got green-lit for another season, god help us.

As of prelude of things to come, if Renne and her special friend didn’t surprise you, then the event this theme plays will probably cement the fact that the Kiseki series takes place in the midst of a technological revolution. If the switch from Liberl to Crossbell, even with just Zeiss, wasn’t a jump then the series’ future with Cold Steel still has much to show, even if the quality of its contents may not. Anyone complaining about mechs in this series need to remember that mechs were there since the 1st game.

Music of the Week #415

Things are becoming consistent in keeping me busy

Not too much to say. Darksiders 3 so far has been keeping my paranoia for RPGs about limited upgrade materials. Unlike the other two games, there are a ton of enchantments AND weapons you can slot them into so there’s a lot of decision-making to be had since materials are in high demand, especially fully upgrading them. Although, in all cases, the evasion-boosting one is probably the best bet. Is it as good as the first two? Well I might write about that later on once I finish it.

Speaking of games I finished, I feel like I should have posted this one earlier since it is a track in the game that also plays in the title screen. Compare it to Zero no Kiseki’s eponymous title screen tune and it wastes no time in establishing a different tone than its previous entry.

Music of the Week #414

Ah damn it

Wouldn’t you know, actual life outside of lethargy is cutting into the regular schedule. Case Files hasn’t even been written up yet but I should be able to get everything sorted out by tomorrow. I guess I can blame Darksiders 3 too for eating up my weekend.

So we’ll just mosey on with our music spotlight before I throw myself into more work. This week’s catchy ass tune is I Miss You, which is something I unfortunately have forgotten when it exactly plays but the worst part is that it’s at the tip of my tongue but I just can’t pinpoint which scene it was. Think it involved your bond-point partner or it involved Randy during one of his episodes where he decides to take matters into his own hands with his family being back around.

Music of the Week #413


I actually have a solid excuse this time: I got a new laptop and spent around two days moving everything and installing everything over again. The only gripe I have right now is that my earbuds pop every time sound starts up after there’s nothing playing. Reinstalling drivers doesn’t seem to do the trick, I hope I can fix it. El Melloi will be good to go right after this.

You gotta love it when a recurring motif gets a dramatic shake-up and there’s nothing as telling as the main fight theme getting it. Played in more emotional moments, I remember this theme being the time when Randy told Lloyd about his past and how his actions got an innocent friend killed by his reputation. For one reason or another, something about Tio and Elie never felt worth romancing while bro-ing it up with Randy just felt right, maybe it’s because it somewhat feeds into Lloyd’s brother being dead.

Music of the Week #412

Busy Busy

I feel like watching Tejina-senpai, I’ll probably binge it sooner or later like I always do when I’m rounding seasonal recaps. Aside from that it’ll just be the usual fare until we hit the Fall season.

This week’s theme is the mysterious tune of the Crossbell Marshland of Blue that is a boat ride away from the city’s docks. This part of the game has you investigate further into the mysterious events and rumors that pop up after the Orchis Tower incident is concluded. Yin, the mysterious assassin, whose identity is obvious, joins up with the crew to the end of the expedition.