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Music of the Week #347


Slightly on track

Persona 5’s latest episode was notably not as bad as the others were. Yusuke actually looked great and the series’ greatness already returns with just his casual and quirky presence on the screen. The fights weren’t complete torture to watch either so that was pretty nice. Still nothing I’d actually return to cover because it still just basically boils down to summarizing what the game did significantly better. Speaking of that though, I haven’t watched Wotaku since Episode 2 came out, I should really catch up to it at some point.

This week’s theme is the rather dramatic final boss tune of SC’s final climb. Merciless Savior has all the connotations its title would suggest and then some if the villain of SC’s story’s backgrounds says anything about him. What I just said could be spoiler worthy but it’s something you find out pretty early and as long as I just don’t bother mentioning who he actually is the better and easier this is. While the final boss fight is grandiose, it’s still nowhere near as difficult as Loewe’s fight so the entire ordeal isn’t as tense as it could have been.

Music of the Week #346


Can’t escape

Got distracted by VNs over the weekend so I’m a bit late to the recaps but I should be alright now. Somehow pulled Shuten Douji off of a ticket so FGO life is pretty entertaining so far, just hope that didn’t completely rob me of the luck I need down the line for the other servants I want. I’ll be back on schedule after BnHA.

This week’s theme is one of the more famous tunes in the Sky trilogy: Silver Will, the boss battle theme that belongs to Lieutenant Lorence Belgar AKA Loewe, one of the key antagonists in the story as well as one of the aforementioned Enforcers. The tune also doubles as the vocal motif to Sky’s openings. To anyone who might have played the series, you probably thought of a couple choice words to say about me when I didn’t have this featured any earlier as this theme plays as early as the epilogue of Chapter 2 of FC where Agate encounters Loewe and has a quick little fight with him. The theme always stuck out to be for the extremely catchy opening and the difficulty of the fight involved as Loewe is probably the hardest opponent you’ll face in both FC and SC and theme definitely grows on you as THE serious battle theme in the Sky trilogy.

Music of the Week #345


No surprises here

I sat around wondering to myself if I should really go through with talking about P5’s new episode because in the end, it just boiled down to summarizing exactly what happened in the game. Now that might go into every case about any adaptation’s work being a summary of its source material but the catch, at least for me, is that watching an animated adaptation of a medium offers something printed media can’t. In the case with videogame adaptations the logic used to apply there as well but only for so long as games became more advanced and cinematic. Persona 4’s animation somewhat worked because of the limited graphical ability of the actual game but when Persona 5 is involved, it already looks, plays, sounds, and feels way better than most anime. It’s not even an argument to say that P5 on its own is a way better anime than its anime will ever be and for some reason, I’m still watching it because I like the characters enough but I really can’t be bothered to just summarize an inferior version of the game every week. I’ll keep it in the sidelines so we’ll see how it goes from there.

This week’s theme is that of the last “dungeon” of SC that plays in the final ascent up the tower where you fight one of the Enforcers on each floor. My complaint about the “holding back” portion of SC’s villain roster thankfully takes somewhat of a break as they actually do go fully serious since this is now a matter of life and death and the culmination of their plans require them to stop the protagonist crew from advancing any further. In contrast to those high-octane and slightly difficult fights, the music featured in the titular Axis Tower is full of mysterious, techno vibes that fits the stage of where the final stretch of the game takes place.

Music of the Week #344


Still at it

I’m somewhat behind in Wotaku but I’m excited to see what BnHA and Megalo Box will have in store for me each week. I personally need to do more research if BnHA is going to be a two-cour deal because at the rate they’re going, they might get to the climax of the saga in around 10-ish episodes so I wonder if they’re actually going to go beyond that.

Similar to last week, the theme of the Enforcers is paired with their actual battle theme, Fateful Confrontation. One of the biggest weaknesses of the Trails in the Sky and most of the other entries in general is that the one of the more tiresome tropes of holding back is overly relevant to the series. Since the series shares a storyline there’s always something to set-up for the next story arc and a lot of the villains tend to “hold back” from going full power since there’s always more retain and reveal later on. Something of this nature occurs the most in SC and Cold Steel 2 and while SC all together is quite the ride, the rather formulaic events that feature the villains in question are definitely one of its weaker portions.

Music of the Week #343


Oh A-1

Persona 5’s animation worries me and you’ll be hearing that again soon before I completely drop that little description and assume that it’s just a given from here on out. I only hope Megalo Box doesn’t fall prey to too many animation hiccups in that regard. Not much else to really say other than the season is going strong.

To compound my hilarious worries over P5: The Animation, this week’s theme is the primary theme that accompanies the group of bad guys that act as the big scope villains in the Trails sub-series. While the games they show up in change and the composition changes in newer games, the key motif of the Enforcer’s theme is something many fans will recognize.

Music of the Week #342



The season is off to a rather great start, which shouldn’t really surprise anyone since Spring is definitely one of the better quarters of the anime year. Aside from the QUALITY gold mine P5 the Animation is making, I think I’m at least enjoying the opening for it. Megalo Box is definitely going to be a ride for me and BnHA’s Season 3 is something I’ve been hyping up since Season 2 almost a year ago. I’m also watching Wotaku but since I’m horrendous at writing things about stuff like that, I’ll save that til the end of the season.

One of the few battle themes on the spotlight that first plays during the protagonist’s examination with the Bracer Guild squad that you ran into a couple times in the first game. I mostly love the opening seconds of the fight but it’s still a pretty exciting theme that plays a couple times throughout the adventure.

Music of the Week #341


Here it comes

So Hero Academy’s first episode for the new season is a recap episode which isn’t too surprising but there’s no real need to cover that unless you wanted me to summarize the class just messing around in the pool. Aside from that, I’m still waiting for the rest of the season to start trickling down to start posting more but since BnHA wrote itself out this week, we’re just playing the waiting game.

This week’s theme plays exclusively during a segment in the mid-game where the protagonists and co. relax by the lakeside before a stakeout at the inn has them trail their mysterious enemies to a research facility on the other side of the lake. While not the most stealthy of approaches, the theme known as Infiltration definitely has the air of something sneaky before it goes techno halfway in. It even has a vocal version with a bunch of French but I’m not sure if any of you really want to hear a Japanese lady mispronounce a bunch of things to get in the way of the song so here you go.