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Music of the Week #573

And that’s that.

Well, I managed to get some stuff written up and now I have to look at our fall season. Tons and tons of continuations from before and I had to look through them all and was surprised at what exactly was getting extra seasons. BnHA passed by right damn quick and is on Season freaking 6. Spy x Family got itself a second season incredibly fast, Mob Psycho is getting another, Urusei Yatsura’s remake was something I thought already came out, Kancolle finally got its 2nd season, Digi Charat is getting a renewal, Molcars return, and Muvluv somehow got a second season. There’s a bunch more I didn’t mention but damn, that’s a lot.

This week’s tune somehow lines up with October as while Creepy Steeple was pretty creepy for identity theft reasons, Cortez makes you wonder what the hell he even was before he became a bag of bones. Somehow an infamous and bloodthirsty pirate turns out to be an okay guy so as long as you don’t try and grab any of his treasures. Of course, we find out that afterwards but his fight was pretty damn cool with how he’s got a bunch of weapons and phases. It almost reminds me of what the final boss is like.

Music of the Week #572

The weathers gone cold, I missed this.

I actually managed to get some writing done and will hopefully get them out before the week ends. Crazy to think Summer just went by in a flash like that. My favorite season in the year is Fall but that signals the coming end to the year and it’s been a big one for me. But what I’m mostly hoping for is to have something to watch for it.

This week’s theme is the very down-low tune of the Pirate’s Grotto, the dungeon for Keelhaul Key. While things get spooky deeper into the cave, it’s actually pretty relaxing if not for all the booby traps and cannons placed everywhere to bar your way. The tune is also mixing a bit of that ambiance when you’re hearing the constant waving and crashing of water that’s ever present in the stage. A big mix-up from Lavalava Island from 64 as this ones entirely themed around water and features the final paper transformation technique in the game, and understandably, the least used one in the form of a paper boat.

Music of the Week #571

The seasons coming to an end.

I am incredibly proud of myself as I saw how the season was coming to an end and I was able to not watch a single episode of Kanojo Okarishimasu and finally be freed from that horrendous rabbit hole of literally nothing happening. How in the world it got a 3rd season is beyond me. How the hell do people like this? I finally finished Stone Ocean Part 2 as well and I’m in the middle of writing up my thoughts.

As much as I love Chapter 5 of Thousand Year Door, it does have a bit of an annoying back-track streak. Is it anywhere near as bad as the Twilight Trail to the Creepy Steeple? Thankfully not. As you leave the shanty-town the crew builds to keep themselves safe, you get one screen of peace before getting into a single screen of avoiding Piranha Plants and Fuzzies before a light platforming section before you finally arrive at the bridge and a formation of rocks that hide the entrance to the chapter dungeon. Saving Bobbery and finding his beverage only takes around 2 round trips, and aside from the platforming segment being a damper on a quick sprint to grab a coconut or something, the paths aren’t that narrow either.

Music of the Week #570

Man, it’s already another week.

September is half-way gone and I’ve been busy that I haven’t been able to finish the back-half of Stone Ocean part 2. On the Jojo train though, All Star Battle R is out and I hear the netcode remains pretty much the same from before. More important to me however is the voice-work being squarely less enthusiastic than before, which disappoints me.

This week’s tune preludes the start of a chapter I actually really like. Keelhaul Key, much like the Paper Mario 64’s fifth chapter, is about a treasure hunt on a tropical island. The main difference being that of circumstance as your shipwrecked and are forced to find the treasure and a way back to Rogueport while in Paper 64, you were just on a leisurely jungle adventure in an island ruled by the Yoshi.

Music of the Week #569

Oh hey, something to talk about.

Stone Ocean’s 2nd batch of episodes dropped last week and I’ve made my way through half of the episodes. I’ll give more detailed thoughts on the episodes later but I feel like most of my complaints will be similar to the rest of the internet’s, the Netflix acquisition and batch releases are significantly worse in a viewing experience than weekly. At the very least, I think the quality has improved in a visual standpoint.

So after complaining about backtracking for like 2-3 weeks, we move on to a less stressful portion of the game back with Bowser where we join him for a bit of swimming. While the Mario’s musical repertoire for underwater themes isn’t as fondly remembered as say, Donkey Kong’s, I did always like the water theme and it’s renditions.

Music of the Week #568

I have to get better at this.

So I was reminded that Jojo All Star Battle’s updated version is close to releasing and I’m sad to hear that its online will be practically be unplayable as the original was. It’s a real shame because they actually made Prosciutto and Pesci as a single playable character which I’m completely for. Hell, they even got Ghihaccio in there too which means two of my favorite fights in the entire franchise got made playable but a whole lots that’s going to do when you can barely play online on it. Either way, I guess people who have a regular offline group to play with can enjoy it. I’m still bummed out that Weather Report hasn’t been brought over from Eyes of Heaven while I’m STILL waiting for Keicho to be made playable.

We’ve already talked about Doopliss but I really needed to reiterate just how much I disliked the backtracking in this chapter. I said that you were made to go back and forth the damn Creepy Steeple forest pathway at least 6 times, so at least 3 full trips so let’s count that right now:

  • The initial run to Doopliss.
  • Walking back to Twilight Town after Mario’s body is stolen.
  • Investigating the Creepy Steeple with Vivian
  • Finding the P in the room past the well
  • Walking back to Twilight Town to reveal Doopliss’ name
  • The final run back to the Creepy Steeple for the actual fight

Come the hell on. The least they could have done was to make the paths less narrow but I guess making you fight through a gauntlet of Hyper Goombas, Clefts, and Amayzee Dayzees was the whole point.

Music of the Week #566

A bit late.

It is absolutely absurd how fast August is moving. Not much has been really going aside from me trying my best to not get distracted and finding good uses for my time instead of just having something on Youtube play background noise for me to be passive to.

Creepy Steeple follows the same pitfalls of the chapter in general, it is a location that is visited many times, both for progression and for Trouble Center sidequests + recipe hunting, as it has a couple points of interest. As mentioned before though, getting to it is the most annoying part but at least it’s properly creepy all the way through compared to Gusty Gulch and Tubba Blubba’s mansion where it stops being spooky and becomes more desert town-ish.