Amagami SS + Episode 7 Review

Amagami SS + Episode 7 Review

SO, you say Nanasaki Ai’s arc was kinda down on the perv level? Well do I have something to tell you. Well….judging from the title you should have figured out what may or may not have aforementioned perviness. But fear not, cause I validate the fact that there are some scenes like that. My attempt at sounding sophisticated aside, lets get to it

Well hot damn, they skipped over Sae’s arc to give us Kaoru’s. I’m down with that, but does that mean Sae is next or the fan favorite Haruka?

Anyways, I’ve got a lot of stuff to do so lets make this quick

Episode starts off with an action scene. Kaoru is shown working as an announcer to a rendition of a Power Rangers/Sentai show. Junichi being one of the evil henchmen gets kicked and he decides to go off script and more or less screw Kaoru over.

This isn't even the best part..


 But before we see what happens after that mishap, we go back in time to see what led up to this strange eventJunichi calls Kaoru to show up to school earlier than expected of him for some reason. Kaoru finds out that he needs to draw a scene a little better for his art class. Kaoru decides to help but positions herself rather strangely and starts hacking away at the drawing paper.Is she doing this on purpose? However, a few people see what they have been doing and Kaoru goes to talk to one of her friends about that matter.

Kaoru happened to turn a little more…shy and basically stopped her attitude of hitting Junichi and all that crap back in first season. Her friend tells her that the two should get some alone time with one another. In other words, go on a trip. Kaoru brings this topic up to Junichi and he initiates daydream sequencing

Brought back to reality through Kaoru’s words, Junichi realizes that he’s dirt poor and they cannot afford the trip. So they decide to get a part time job for the both of them, what job?

Meanwhile, at Kaoru's

Well that mishap with Kaoru with the supervillain costumes, the two promptly get fired. However, they still get some money. After bickering over some limited time soda flavor, they find an ad for a bus tour that they decide to take. They prepare for their trip, and have a funny moment while talking to their respective friends.

So they race to their bus and they have a little “punishment game”. Basically, Junichi has a Pocky-esque snack in his mouth and Kaoru must bite off the chocolate part.

They’re still playing their games, oh these adolescents

The ensuing sequence gave me a few laughs and the couple are or more less discovered by the rest of the people on the bus. However, the two do not notice. The bus stops off near a store where Kaoru finds a section that is full of limited time brands of food.

They'll never see us again in that store...

She spends a ton of money on these and ends up buying a ton of bags. She takes them back to the bus and covers them up to avoid embarassment. The two decide to go eat at a restaurant for dinner. However, the bus driver sees the covered mountain of sacks beneath a blanket and mistakes the pile of sacks as our hapless lovebirds.

The duo find out that they are now screwed, plus Miya wouldn’t answer the damn phone. Well…at least they’re together right?

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