Western Animation: The Boondocks and “Riley Wuz Here”

Remember that time in the library when you were a kid? You were looking through books and shuffling them aside then your parents/teacher comes up and tells you that phrase that you would hear many times over, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. I want to talk about something you probably have never heard of if you’re an anime fan. That or you don’t live in the U.S.  So lets take a break from highschool kids getting blessed with either hot girls or superpowers. Let’s take a ride to the west, and talk about one of my favorite western animation

Yes, I realize this is an ANIME blog but I just HAD to talk about some western animation sooner or later. Other than the childhood classics that came with Nickelodean and Cartoon Network, I have one series that want to talk about today, and it is called The Boondocks. This day happens to be the 6th year since one of the favorite episodes from said show was aired.

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Amagami SS + Episode 7 Review

SO, you say Nanasaki Ai’s arc was kinda down on the perv level? Well do I have something to tell you. Well….judging from the title you should have figured out what may or may not have aforementioned perviness. But fear not, cause I validate the fact that there are some scenes like that. My attempt at sounding sophisticated aside, lets get to it

Well hot damn, they skipped over Sae’s arc to give us Kaoru’s. I’m down with that, but does that mean Sae is next or the fan favorite Haruka?

Anyways, I’ve got a lot of stuff to do so lets make this quick

Episode starts off with an action scene. Kaoru is shown working as an announcer to a rendition of a Power Rangers/Sentai show. Junichi being one of the evil henchmen gets kicked and he decides to go off script and more or less screw Kaoru over.

This isn't even the best part..

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