Music of the Week #20

Sorry for being so late everyone, I was busy watching a basketball game with my friends from school. Had a small shopping cart racing and hot sauce drinking contest, ah good times.

Anyways here’s the final Naruto song, Yura Yura by Hearts Grow, the 9th opening for Naruto. Which reminds me, exactly what the hell happened with openings going past 5-7. I mean Sasuke left and that leaves nothing else to do but train right? Oh wait, fillers, right. But I have to give this last classic opening some credit, looking at it now, it’s nostalgic (as I always say). Come on, watch the video, they look like school kids with questionable fashion senses instead of ninjas. I love the song and I also love the video, the change from shounen pumped up songs to this one kinda reflects the change the characters go through I guess. I love the fighting style in the opening as well, just bare fists and kicks.

Anyways, enjoy the last Naruto classic song and enjoy the picture above as well as next week it shall be 21st Music of the Week which means a new picture will take its place.