Music of the Week #18

Following Naruto’s 2nd opening, I bring you to the next opening song I really enjoyed. This is perhaps my favorite Naruto opening EVAR. It’s a good song by itself but nostalgia kicks in for me whenever I hear this song. Allow me to just paint the picture of that nostalgia. Naruto aired every saturday on Toonami back in the day. After every grueling and boring week of school, I had a game filled weekend awaiting me. Around every saturday at around 8-9 PM they would show it. My brother would be sitting down on the computer playing World of Warcraft while I turn off my games just to see this opening and sometimes the episode (I didn’t like the series too much but I always loved hearing the openings of songs). You know, there’s something about hearing opening themes on T.V and not on your PC that makes it a little…I don’t know, legit?

Anyways, as long as we are in the topic of mainstream manga, big news. Bleach is entering its final arc. Bleach has been active since 2001 and will probably end this year. Salutes to you Bleach, Tite Kubo, and all the characters who never got their swords released! Naruto and Bleach are close to ending while One Piece will continue to sail for many years to come. I wonder what series will be filling in that void. For that, after a few more Naruto songs, It’s gonna be Bleach month! Actually no, I’m still thinking on that. By the way, I will try to get Brave 10’s recap post up and as always, I will try to get Light it post too 😀

Anyways, Naruto opening 5, Seishun Kyosokyoku by Sambomaster, that plays during the Sasuke Retrieval Arc where that emo-bitch Sasuke decides to join a pedophiliac snake man and his bespectacled friend Kabuto. The first version is Japanese while the 2nd one is a Korean version I found. I like the two VERY much but the nostalgia factor of the original takes it this time around.