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Amagami SS + Episode 7 Review

SO, you say Nanasaki Ai’s arc was kinda down on the perv level? Well do I have something to tell you. Well….judging from the title you should have figured out what may or may not have aforementioned perviness. But fear not, cause I validate the fact that there are some scenes like that. My attempt at sounding sophisticated aside, lets get to it

Well hot damn, they skipped over Sae’s arc to give us Kaoru’s. I’m down with that, but does that mean Sae is next or the fan favorite Haruka?

Anyways, I’ve got a lot of stuff to do so lets make this quick

Episode starts off with an action scene. Kaoru is shown working as an announcer to a rendition of a Power Rangers/Sentai show. Junichi being one of the evil henchmen gets kicked and he decides to go off script and more or less screw Kaoru over.

This isn't even the best part..

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Amagami SS + Episode 6 Review

I’ve got a big post with pictures and a big post of text (related to games of course) planned right now. Short post as I have a few more planned stuff.

You won't be seeing swimsuits but oh well

So lets this thing started

Last episode, Junich was promptly kidnapped by his cram school so he could study more, leaving Nanasaki alone for their planned date. Sad Nanasaki is sad fanbase.  So while Junichi is studying away, Nanasaki works with her team to manage the school’s festival. They also do a rendition of Shakespeare’s classic, Romeo and Juliet with some more or less correct pronounciations.

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Amagami SS + Episode 4 Review


I am very sure you people won’t read the sidebar for the smaller announcements so here it is. I will covering both Brave 10 and Amagami SS + while Light has stepped down from covering Nisemonogatari (well, he hasn’t even started) he has decided to cover Area no Kishi and New Prince of Tennis. With that in mind, more information:

Basically Brave 10 will be given a recap post and I will cover it just like I have done with the other covered series. Amagami on the other hand will get a simpler post that doesn’t break down the entire episode. It’s a love story, I can’t capture that in still-pictures too well

So let’s move on

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Amagami SS + Episode 1-3 Recap

So in the end I’ve decided to cover Amagami SS + just because I love the characters…minus Sae of course, no idea why I don’t like her as much as the other girls. While I cover this, Nisemonogatari will be covered by Light assuming he’s not lazing off right now.

So while I munch on this nice plate of cake in front of me, let’s quickly recap this series.

I first want to start off by saying that this is baically a “second season” of Amagami SS released a few years ago. Amagami gave us something a lot of people liked, an omnibus style of going through each of the girls arc. Technically a harem but at the same time, it’s not. We saw the story of our hapless male protagonists get closer to Morishima, Kaoru, Sae, Nanasaki, Rihoko, and Ayatsuji. I also forgot to mention the stalker girl whom I have forgotten. Yes I realized that I didn’t stay consistent with naming the characters. Judging from the past 3 episodes, this series goes backwards, starting with Ayatsuji, then Rihoko, and so forth. Another difference is that the first Amagami had 24 episodes while Plus halved that to 12.

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