Amagami SS + Episode 4 Review


I am very sure you people won’t read the sidebar for the smaller announcements so here it is. I will covering both Brave 10 and Amagami SS + while Light has stepped down from covering Nisemonogatari (well, he hasn’t even started) he has decided to cover Area no Kishi and New Prince of Tennis. With that in mind, more information:

Basically Brave 10 will be given a recap post and I will cover it just like I have done with the other covered series. Amagami on the other hand will get a simpler post that doesn’t break down the entire episode. It’s a love story, I can’t capture that in still-pictures too well

So let’s move on

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Gametalk 2: Tenshin Ranman HGL and…Mass Effect

I’ve said many times before that if I was given a choice, I would have loved to own a videogame blog. But videogames are expensive, they cost at the lowest in new condition at $35 and the highest being $60. Games are expensive and I cannot play too much because I would run out of memory on my PS3 and I try to refrain from playing on weekdays to catch up on my studies. Anime and manga on the other hand is pretty free on the internet so I have no complaints there. Back in the days when there were 4 writers, not many of the other members played a lot of games or were not-lazy enough to write anything about them

Anyways today I want to just lightly talk about the two games I’ve been playing the most. Actually there are 3 games I’ve been playing a lot but only 2 have story.

The first game, Tenshin Ranman HGL (Happy Go Lucky)

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Music of the Week #17

If I ever got into Naruto during my younger years, it was definitely because of the opening themes that got me hooked. The same story could be said with my brother and his great love for One Piece. It first started out as awknowledging the theme song and eventually lead to him to scouring the internet to find every volume availible. Naruto I chose to do because out of the “Bigger” names in the manga/anime world today, it currently has the least amoung of songs I like. I guess I just stopped caring for the openings after Shippuden started.

In my very short opinion on Naruto, they should end it after this current arc. Also, WHY ISN’T ANYONE “NAMED” OR “SIGNIFICANT” DYING YET?

So the first song that got me into Naruto was by the 2nd opening, Haruka Kanata by the AKFG.

Carnival Phantasm Mini Review

It’s starting!

Awesome opening

I personally have never played Tsukihime, Melty Blood, or even Fate/Stay Night but that didn’t really stop me from watching this series and enjoying most of what it had to offer. Well, to be COMPLETELY honest, my brother has played Fate/Stay Night, I’ve watched the anime series (which from his words was crap compared to the game), I’ve read Melty Blood’s manga while I literally had no idea over Tsukihime while one of my friends told me its story. But like I said, I haven’t played the games, but knew enough of the source material for me to get some of the jokes. But I digress

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Amagami SS + Episode 1-3 Recap

So in the end I’ve decided to cover Amagami SS + just because I love the characters…minus Sae of course, no idea why I don’t like her as much as the other girls. While I cover this, Nisemonogatari will be covered by Light assuming he’s not lazing off right now.

So while I munch on this nice plate of cake in front of me, let’s quickly recap this series.

I first want to start off by saying that this is baically a “second season” of Amagami SS released a few years ago. Amagami gave us something a lot of people liked, an omnibus style of going through each of the girls arc. Technically a harem but at the same time, it’s not. We saw the story of our hapless male protagonists get closer to Morishima, Kaoru, Sae, Nanasaki, Rihoko, and Ayatsuji. I also forgot to mention the stalker girl whom I have forgotten. Yes I realized that I didn’t stay consistent with naming the characters. Judging from the past 3 episodes, this series goes backwards, starting with Ayatsuji, then Rihoko, and so forth. Another difference is that the first Amagami had 24 episodes while Plus halved that to 12.

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Music of the Week #16

A day late, mostly because I was busy yesterday with schoolwork.

Well usually that isn’t really my problem when it comes to this site but whatever, Light actually made a post regarding SOPA and PIPA (mostly for the funny pictures he found online).

So this week’s song is from what I regard as the funniest highschool comedy I have ever seeen. Cromartie Highschool is a highschool life that I would love to have. Minus the part where everyone is a dumbass at least. I mean come on, a school with gorillas, robots, aliens, horses, AND Freddie Mercury. How awesome is that?

Of course Danshi Kokousei is doing a nice job entertaining me as well.

The opening is a very nice song. Has the old feel to it.

Apparently my uncle was a gangster in his younger years back in Korea. He tells me that back then, gangsters weren’t the bullies that run around in this age. Instead they basically served as the “bodyguards” of the highschool students from other schools and as such, would fight against the rival school’s gang. A sense of honor was there back in the day, unlike today’s gangsters.

Light currently is still deciding what series he wishes to cover while I’m thinking to cover Amagami or Brave 10…I will try to get our minds set up by the end of this week. So expect a 3 episode recap post from both of us.