Music of the Week #19

I should have posted this opening BEFORE I posted the 5th opening for Naruto last week. Anyways, I plan on finishing the 11-20 music of the week with Naruto songs. So next week will be a Naruto song but that will be it for Naruto unless something from the series blows me away in the game it has left. Will it be from First series or from Shippuden? Well to be frank, the first series. Won’t tell you which one though

Well I will tell you this, no opening from Naruto tops the Fifth opening for me. It’s THE opening where my nostalgia can just break in my head and I subconciously reminisce the good old days. So anyways, I posted the 2nd opening and 5th opening. I als mentioned I should have posted this last week instead of the 5th opening. So it’s either gonna be 3 or 4. The 3rd opening didn’t air in America (I think at least) but yeah, I didn’t like it as much as the 4th opening. It’s a good song but I just had a chance to hear 4 a LOT more.

So obvious revealment aside, heres Naruto’s 4th opening, Go Fighting Dreamers, by FLOW (who you will be seeing a few more times)

Unfortunately, Youtube is infested with slowed versions, faster versions, HINDI versions, and not a single flipped versions. So instead of the opening video itself, just have the official (but low res) video. Sorry about that, let’s hope I found some better videos next week