Music of the Week #484

Ah, and my light vacation comes to an end.

Things are going to get busy again so I better prep up the Bayonetta write-up quick so I can get it out before I start taking forever getting something else out here. Still deciding between Yakuza and Sekiro but chances are, I might just get both anyway. While I still got some games to play on my PC, this faulty mouse needs to get replaced soon and I just alleviated by PS4’s controller problem so I’m stocked up on games until next year if I’m being generous.

We’re going out of order here but this is directly relevant to what I enjoyed about Toad Town. After Chapter 3, we exit the spooky woods and its creepy theme, which we’ll of course get to, and return to Toad Town. However, we notice that the theme is rather off, it’s ever so slightly higher pitched and faster. Chapter 4 is when the Shy Guys show up to cause trouble all over Toad Town and the services you were once able to employ become stolen and you have to go retrieve them from the Chapter 4 dungeon, Shyguy’s Toybox. I like how Toad Town becomes directly affected by this event and the music changes to match this chaos.

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