Music of the Week #481

Late but not late enough to be 2021

Happy Holidays to everyone and particularly Merry Christmas to those with that program. I personally don’t really celebrate Christmas in the usual sense because there hasn’t been a tree or wrapped gifts in my house for decades but the family still exchange gifts of some sort and we always treat the 25th as “the” day. Any way, I was late because I got sick early last week and couldn’t really focus.

This week’s theme is the battle theme for 95% of the all the fights in Paper Mario, a real earbugger that sticks with you evidently throughout the years. It manages to retain that atmosphere of a tense battle but still keeps itself whimsical and cutesy to its artstyle.

Music of the Week #480

Doin Doin Doin it well

I’m actually nearly done with the next post about what games I’ve been able to complete but realized that I would be better off if I spaced it out a bit more because I don’t think I’m watching anything this season either. Somewhere along the line the shift from anime to games happened despite my age-old explanation about how anime was cheaper to get into, but apparently not anymore if there was nothing I was interested in watching. So for now, I’ll wait a bit before moving on.

This week’s track is one of the foremost themes I hear in my head when Paper Mario is the subject. It’s not my favorite overworld theme of all the RPGs I’ve played but it’s definitely an ear-worm that’s simple yet effective. Nothing grandiose but a simple tune that reflects the conventional but massively entertaining piece of work Paper Mario is.

Music of the Week #479

With Kiwami 2 out of the way, I’ve got around 3 more games to discuss before I actually run out of things to talk about, and given my pace with things, it should take a decent amount of time if I’m not too busy playing said games. Like Yakuza Kiwami 2, I won’t bother summarizing too much of the plot so it shouldn’t take THAT long.

This next tune plays multiple points in the story where Mario meets one of the seven star spirits and is frequently reminded of his mission to seek out and save the ones remaining under Bowser’s minions. The beginning seconds of the track seem to incorporate some of the dialogue “noises” that the Star Spirits talking seem to make as well as the sound effect for their visions appearing to Mario.

Yakuza kiwami 2- okay, who isn’t korean?

This one didn’t turn out as long despite having been delayed for so long. I’ll also apologize in advance right now since I don’t have too many varied screencaps, but it’s telling when I don’t want to get new and appropriate ones to delay this longer than necessary. Battle Chasers will get its time in the limelight but I want to represent that game a bit better compared to Yakuza which has gotten its fair share of popularity in the past year.

Long time coming for this one. Now that I had some time to think Yakuza 2 over, I think I can make a seemi-organized recap of this. Yakuza 2 stands apart from 0 and Kiwami 1 by being released AFTER Yakuza 6 with its Dragon Engine and easily looks the part of having some incredible lighting, a new combat system, as well as destructible windows for you to scare shop owners during combat.

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Music of the Week #478

I had to settle for some new schedule changes now that I had too much free time and got wound up with that instead of writing more about Kiwami 2 and there turns out not much really needs to be written about it given that most of the story was in heavy spoiler territory given its notably silly plot so my usual exposition spiel wasn’t necessary. I’m just wondering if I’m forgetting anything.

Either way, I got my musics for this week and last week mixed up so we’re pretending we just booted up the game and take the time to appreciate the file select theme, which is just a cutesier version of the main theme. Hopefully I’ll get Yakuza Kiwami 2’s post out before next week’s theme.