Music of the Week #489

I actually wrote up Vanquish and am going to get started with another before Yakuza 3 HD’s writeup. Might forego some picture quality for expediency and get it out quicker. I have a lot to try and elaborate on the game after Vanquish so it’ll be a while before we get to the rest of Yakuza. It’s also better for me to space these out as much as possible before I get more burnout on the series.

This week’s theme is actually one of my first encountered tracks with Paper Mario as my first experience with it was actually on someone else’s file. Back during the magical days when Blockbuster was a thing, I rented the game to play and got my ass kicked by the Buzzard mini-boss.

Music of the Week #488

Late again

I’m real busy this week but I am working ahead so hopefully I’ll have some weekends where I actually relax instead of working ahead some more. I haven’t had the chance to start Yakuza 4 but I also haven’t gotten the chance to get any images for Bayonetta so it’ll still be a bit before we get to move on with the games.

While there was the Shy Guy situation in the game after Chapter 3, Toad Town also has smaller variations within itself during its regular period that plays in the small segments you visit. The Badge Shop, the flower garden, the docks, post office, fortune teller, etc all have a different version of Toad Town when you enter their area. Always helps to liven up the hub world which is one of the best things an RPG hub can do.

Music of the Week #487

Well that was quick

I’m late but I did manage to finish Yakuza 3 today so I’ll try and get stuff up to speed, hopefully before I start Yakuza 4. I should really get to putting my thoughts down but being busy makes it tough to find free time.

Anyways, this week’s track is one of the first big Boss Themes that I remember from my youth and while the boss fight itself isn’t all that difficult, I still remember back on it fondly. The Koopa Bros. deal impressive damage this early in the game but abusing the fact that they’re koopas can make them incredibly easy to single out and avoid being damaged. I still think they’re a TMNT reference.