Music of the Week #486

Yakuza 3 is off to a rather ridiculous start that I can only imagine will come with an equally silly end. I hear that 3 might be one of the weaker entries in the series before things pick up in 4 and 5 and then dip back down in 6. I do hear some decent things about the shenanigans of 7 which I am looking forward to getting to eventually, maybe this year if I can help it.

The first actual dungeon of the game and oddly enough, where you get your third partner before you even finish. I felt that this would make more sense if you were running a proper RPG’s 4-man group instead of just two. I don’t remember much of the interior of this dungeon anymore but I do remember it being pretty similar to Hooktail’s Castle in TTYD aside from the Dry Bones section and the Black Chest curse. A ton of stairs instead and that Bullet Bill section before reaching the boss.