Music of the Week #482

Happy New Year

I went and decided to delay the weekly post for this occasion and still managed to turn up late. Instead of some idle chatter though, I felt that I needed to address a couple things regarding the state of this site.

It’s pretty clear that I’m not interested in a lot of seasonal anime anymore, in fact I haven’t been keeping up with too many series to begin with. I’ve definitely been able to play more games these days so my aforementioned predicament of anime being more affordable than games reverse itself to my benefit. But not all is well because I have very few games to look forward to in the near future but still have a handful of older ones I want to get into. The anime portion of this site might become dormant for a while, at least until Jojo Part 6 and 7 get animated then I’ll gladly post about my excitement and cover that but for the time being, I just don’t foresee myself talking about anime for a while, unless I get the sudden urge to talk about what series I’ve been keeping around my external hard drive for rewatches from time to time. I’ve been saying for a while that this site has ceased functioning on being an anime site and has been a personal writing exercise for myself and it will stay that way until I decide that recording my thoughts just isn’t worth it anymore, at least not here.

This week’s theme is the mini-boss theme that plays frequently with the mandatory and optional boss fights around the game. It’s not my preferred choice but I do remember it alongside the unique boss themes and regular battle theme. A point that I completely forgot to mention was how much I loved Paper Mario’s combat system that actively involved the player to time their attacks correctly to deal more damage and mitigate damage kept strategizing an incredibly engaging part of the gameplay that carried over to the sequel and is easily a point that many Paper Mario fans want to return to.