Boku no Hero Academia Episodes 21: Advertising

A fairly quick episode that serves its purpose to get to the better parts.

There’s always those episodes in these tournament settings that we need to get out of the way before the real meat of it shows its face. I do appreciate that they included some of these, even if they weren’t the most entertaining, since they still add to the future developments between characters we’ll be seeing since this series actually maintains its character personalities.

The dueling event continues and we cover a multitude of fights featuring the ones who came out of the cavalry match. The first match has Kaminari face a member of the general course, Shiozaki Ibara who manages to counteract Kaminari’s full voltage and incapacitates him. The next fight has Iida facing off Mei Hatsume, the eccentric girl from the supporting division who was able to advance through Deku’s team. Iida is allowed to utilize an accessory to face off against Mei after charming Midnight with his immense sense of honor and duty to match the level of fighting spirit and bravery Mei showed to face someone that’s actually competent in a fight. The “fight” however just becomes and extended commercial for Mei to show off her products as well as her name to the higher-ups watching the event to convince them to place their faith in maybe investing in her gadgets in the future.

Yuuga and Mina face each other in the next round by Yuuga’s subpar combat abilities has Mina land an easy win after getting accustomed to the pattern of Yuuga’s stomach beams. Tokoyami faces Yayorozu and the latter is forced on the defensive when Tokoyami’s shadow’s speed prevents her from coming up with anything other than a shield to fend his attacks off. She’s so preoccupied that she failed to notice how she was deflected out of bounds. Kirishima ends up fighting his comedic other half, Tetsutetsu and they come to a draw after trading one too many even blows. Iida and Deku find Uraraka really tensed up in the waiting room and it’s revealed that her opponent will be Bakugo and Deku offers one of his notebooks on childhood friend’s patterns and mannerisms but she declines, stating that was able to come this far thanks to her friends and she would prefer to stand up for herself for once.

I was just about to say that half the episode was mostly Iida vs Mei’s commercial break but writing this again made me realize how fast these tournament brackets are moving and it’ll only be around next episode or the one after where we get the fight between Deku and Todoroki that will eventually blossom into a friendship that will be realized in the arc to come. Glad the episode was able to quickly go through the amount of fights that it was able to since the series has better things to show us down the road.

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